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Manhood in Black Americans

Price per Unit (piece): $21.60 (including 8.25 % tax)


The Black American male holds a very special position in human society. From the time of originating mankind, he has been peaceful, nonaggressive, social, and a lover of life.

Then his off-spring set up the most brilliant civilization and culture the world has ever known. Because of laying the foundation for all that is great in the world today,  he has been singled out by European males to be the object of the most vicious of the evil deeds in all of history—and for hundreds of years—and without just cause.

This book focuses on the effects experienced by African American slaves and their fragmented descendants at the hands of Europeans. The basic point is that all male slaves were put through a program designed to destroy their selfhood on the way to molding them into ideal robots devoted to servicing White men. Although most Black males are still recovering from the effects of culturally transmitted slavery programming, it is remarkable how well many have done against all odds. The subcategories of today’s Black American males are classified here and suggestions are given –especially to single mothers with sons—for rearing Black males into mature individuals.



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