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Books arrow Anger in Black Americans

Anger in Black Americans

Price per Unit (piece): $21.60 (including 8.25 % tax)

    Beginning in slavery, the worse anguish of Black Americans individually and collectively has been spiritual pain—a European induced interference in the flow of love into, inside, around, and outside Afrocentric people. It is more profound and of greater magnitude than rage (an inborn instinct for self-preservation) and all other forms of acquired anger combined.

    Chronic anger arose in African American slaves from the impact of slavery shattering their African Tradition world view--God, Ma’at, and nonaggression as their blueprint. From the rubble the slaves reconstructed and culturally transmitted a dilapidated world view which interferes with today’s struggling Blacks from being able to figure out how to rise above surviving.

    Three main points are presented to help Black Americans shed chronic, complex (generated by racism), and acute anger (stemming from normal and non-racism activities) while retaining rage and healthy anger (that which occurs for the right reason and at the right time):

  1. Detailed management of each anger category from a common sense, rational, and philosophical perspective;
  2. Options for reducing, stopping, and avoiding unhealthy anger;
  3. Ways for “preventing one inch of anger to save a mile of bad consequences”.

    Following the Sankofa bird concept—i.e. returning to the source of Ancient African Values as THE ANSWER for all of the problems of Black Americans.


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