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Managing Emotions

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Emotions are the purest and most integrating aspect of humanity. The worst emotions derive from, consist of, and/or cause thoughts of disharmony and unpleasant feeling tones.  The best emotions derive from, consist of, and/or cause harmonious thoughts combined with pleasant feeling tones.

As packages of vibrating but eddying energy, a few emotions are inborn; the rest are acquired. Though emotions are positive, negative, and bad, all are designed from the interaction of ones character and the monitored feedback from ones interpreted experiences with ones inner and outer worlds.

 Emotions dominating in ones mind and then publicly displayed are a reflection of ones human nature, ones socialization, and ones philosophy of life. Those emotions power mind activities and serve as springboards for thought. Resultant thoughts, in turn, generate like-kind emotions. Yet, both emotions and thoughts can be controlled by ones own mind committee.

“Managing Emotions” speaks to preventing, stopping, controlling, modifying, or shedding 116 bad or self-defeating emotions and passions as the first step toward fashioning a Masterpiece life. Etymological stories are used to aid expansion of ones lofty emotions and passions. Management suggestions, which have worked well for me and for my patients during a 40 year orthopaedic surgical practice, are framed inside the principles of Ancient African Values for “Right” living.

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