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Rational Thinking

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Rational Thinking is a step-by-step process of converting problems into reproducible solutions and/or converting disharmonious thoughts into a reasonable conclusion. A Rational Thinking structure resembles a skyscraper building’s underground foundation, above ground interior frame, and the exterior structure.
Rational Thinking’s ideal underground foundation is the Truth. Its above ground exterior is the solution or conclusion which interacts with the public. Its above ground interior structure is a mental Skeletal Framework composed of pertinent information--information compatible with and springing out of the underground foundation—and information fit together to harmonize “Cause and Effect.”
Its harmonized core is based upon interrelationships between the inner essences of whatever is fit together. For example, human beings think, feel, say, do, and appear as unique individuals. However, their inner essence is the spirit they share in common with all 37 billion people who have ever lived on earth and those yet to be born.
This book discusses the essential parts of Rational Thinking and explains how the Rational Structure is soundly put together to ensure surviving; to successfully handle serious business; to have fun; and to generate masterpiece thriving (i.e. getting what you want in life and not getting what you do not want).

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