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From Africa To Black Power

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ABOUT THE BOOK – From Africa to Black Power
The importance of color in the history of America can be more easily appreciated if one tries to visualize that history without the presence of Negroes.  The “peculiar institution” led to conflicting concepts as to the nature of man and society and to continuing wrangling over the admission of new states.  The thirteenth amendment ended the legal recognition of slavery, but in its place was born the “Negro Problem” which is still alive and vigorous.
Some of the major developments in the economic, political, and social life of America resulting from the color complex are traced in this volume.  
The author has drawn freely from the excellent monographs, articles, and books that have been written on various phases of Negro life and thought.  The main tasks of this volume are those of synthesis and perspective.  A liberal share of descriptive material has been included because of the possible limitations of library facilities where such a book might be used as a text.  Some elementary knowledge of American history is assumed.
It is hoped that the volume will be of value to the general reader, and to those interested in promoting interracial understanding, as well as to teachers and students.
Joseph A.  Bailey Sr.


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