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Afrocentric Critical Thinking

Price per Unit (piece): $21.60 (including 8.25 % tax)

Critical Thinking is an “Umbrella” term for a group of skilled mental faculty activities which discern the hidden; attend to detail, order, accuracy, and precision in thinking; and locate, explore, establish, and maintain the truth. At foggy mental cross-roads these skills fashion choices, decisions, or solutions.

By partnering with and orchestrating Rational, Common Sense, and Creative Thinking in order to assess and extract meaningful lessons of the past, Critical Thinking designs how those lessons apply in the present so as to predict and prepare for the future. Its objective is to produce what all people desire -- Safety, Security, Sureness, Stability, and Strength.

Mental preparation suggestions for achieving these “5Ss” are the aim of this book. Hence, Chapters herein provide thoughtful approaches, methods, and techniques for learning the proper:

Mindset (e.g. an eagerness to learn; a never ending curiosity; playfulness)

Mind position (e.g. think “Outside the Box” about Principles)

Mind assessments (e.g. know the Source; study all sides and all angles)

Mind scope (e.g. consider all planes of existence)

Mental orientation (e.g. Detective Thinking)

Mental skills (e.g. Analysis/Synthesis; Deduction/Induction)

Mind synthesis (e.g. discover Yin/Yang Interrelationships)

Mind focus (e.g. survey and troubleshoot Thought Structures)

Mind purpose—(e.g. do good, for the most people, over the longest period)


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