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Books arrow Special Minds Among Struggling Black Americans

Special Minds Among Struggling Black Americans

Price per Unit (piece): $32.42 (including 8.25 % tax)

The brilliance of Ancient Africans, the Supreme thinkers of mankind, derived from their highly perfected Right Brains orchestrating their highly perfected Left Brains. This brain/mind masterpiece was shattered by African American slavery and replaced in the Slaves with destructive new combinations, new arrangements, and new forms of Selfhood thoughts and emotions orchestrated by the “Alarm” (Instinct) Brain--and solely for the purpose of survival. These brain alterations, once established, caused difficulties for the afflicted in making choices, decisions, and solutions; made them susceptible to “Negro” Diseases and to premature deaths; and regarding academic learning. The combination of delusions, a make-shift religion, and inhumane treatment by the captors fashioned “Special” Minds and behavioral accommodations that enabled them to endure their hellish existence.

However, most patterns of thinking, emotions, and behaviors that stubbornly persisted out of slavery gradually converted into self-defeating habits in daily living and in the marketplace. Collectively, these habits—and 100 are discussed--in today’s struggling Black Americans constitute vicious cycles. What the struggling need in order to break up these vicious cycles and to rise above poverty includes shedding their delusions and stubbornness; establishing a sound Ancient African philosophy of life and worldview; and perfecting Left and Right Brain thinking skills (e.g. foresight, forethought) by critical and rational thinking.


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