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African American History
Item Title
Ex-Slave Survivals
History of Black American Juggling
Love Source of African Tradition
Motivation Proverbs from the Black Community
Components of African Motivation
The Afrikan Chair
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 4)
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 3)
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 2)
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 1)
African Mathematics Originated I-Ching
African Mathematics Developed Science
African Mathematics Developed African Philosophy
African Mathematics Funded Analysis/Synthesis
African Mathematics Originated Basic Inventions
Origins of African Abstract Mathematics
Classifying African Abstractions
African Abstractions in Mathematics
Peripheral Naming Problems
Shall We Call Ourselves "Black Americans"?
Shall We Call Ourselves "African American"?
Shall We Call Ourselves "Negroes"?
Slave Names in the Americas
Slavery Disconnections from African Naming Practices
African Naming Practices
Determination in JAB II's Ancestors
Spankings Coming Out of Slavery
Spanking During Slavery
Spankings of African Tradition
Permissible Disrespect Among Black Dude
Mouthing-Off in Black America
Whites Calling Blacks by First Names
Black American Poetry
African Poetry
Sojourner Truth
Frankie Manning's Lindy Hop
Causes Of Somali’s Piracy
Bias/Prejudices In Black History Research
Ex-Slave Peonage (Debt Slavery)
"Seasoning" The Slaves
Sippi Slaves Intimate Relationships
M.L. King, Jr./Obama Connection
Philosophy Of Obama's Success
Obama's Path To Success
Obama—An Ancient African Example
The Dominance Of African "Classics"
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