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General Cultivation of Motivation Print E-mail
The Western world defines "Motivation" by what it does -- meaning movement that arouses, energizes, and moves one into action and then keeps that action going. In general, this is correct. Yet, when applied to human beings the Western implication is that this movement comes from Emotional Energy, as opposed to the alternative of Spiritual Energy. That distinction is vitally important in how situations involving education, pleasure, sports, and conflict (e.g. war) are handled. For example, when Brutes are engaged in evil and sadistic acts, they are using high negative Emotional Energy as a means of generating "sick" pleasures. However, Spiritual Energy is never involved in causing pain and suffering. To summarize my interpretations of the brilliant Motivation concepts of African Tradition: a Divine Source produces (a) the Spiritual Motive Force. That Force contains the Motivation Power that sparks (b) something into an energy build-up (c) which, when under great tension, arouses something into Motivation Action. That action moves things (d) toward a pattern and (e) is the Pattern Result. Meanwhile, the Motivation Power in the Motivation Action heads (f) the pattern towards a Destination. When the destination is reached (g), the Motivation Process is complete. The entire previously discussed (Actions II to VII) Process --i.e. from (a) to (g) above, I believe, is what the word "Motivation" means.

From this Motivation Process it can be seen that Spiritual Energy is the key factor for tasks. It must be present; allowed to build up; and then to maintain itself. The process starts by having a sound Philosophy of Life connected to the source of Spiritual Energy. What worked for Ancient Africans was to have God as the Standard; Ma'at (Love in action) as their Cherished Values; and Nonaggression as their Power Approach for going through the maze of life. The second step is to select Desires of a "Win-Win" nature whereby the self-cultivating individual "lifts others while climbing." Third is recognizing that ones own selected Desire is vitally important to help make better a piece of the world. Fourth is to Keep your Word. Fifth is generating a great deal of energy inside Desire and Will. Once Will-Power is activated by Desire, Motivation Power drives one forward into the situation or into the withdrawal from it.

No Desire is truly strong if it comes from others. The stronger, deeper, clearer, and more frequently repeated the mental picture of what is desired, the greater will be the energy intensity placed inside Desire. Help comes from community support and a Life-skill coach (someone who has good work habits and patterns for living), but do not count on such help. Instead, Self-Reliance includes constant self-creations like the following. Step I is Visualization by picturing yourself overcoming obstacles on the road to reaching your goal.  Step II is Auto-suggestion (the constant Self-Talk of “I really want it”). Step III is “Acting as if” -- i.e. the belief and the actions related to “I already have it and it will soon present itself to me.” Step IV is to increase your “Willing Power” by magnifying the urge in your Desire intensity.  For example, create a special meaning for achieving something and then use notes on mirrors as reminders.  Step V is an Eagerness to get started, no matter how difficult the problem. My attitude is that the sooner I get started the sooner it will be over and the earlier it is handled prevents or lessens much of the complicating factors that always occur from waiting. Step VI is to be a light-hearted Perfectionist, paying great attention to detail so as to be flawless while doing an excellent job. Step VII Stay Focused and not give in to attractive distractions or to "taking breaks." Step VIII is Self-Competition: "How can this task be done better, faster, and more easily than the last time?" Step IX is to Work with a sense of Urgency. Step X, never take shortcuts.
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