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Among Ancient Africans great emphasis was placed on Desire being a link in, and the orchestrator of, the links comprising the chain of Energy Power movement called "Motivation."  They added that if an expected accomplishment is surrounded by emotional or sensuous influence, then that combination constituted an Emotional Desire (Amen, Metu Neter I: 257, 187, 153). Since Spiritual Desires were esteemed, in matters of serious business Ancient Africans had a long standing tradition of consulting Oracles (e.g. Ifa, Dilogun, I Ching); the Metu Neter (the oracle revealed in God's Word); and awakened Initiates so as to discover if their most significant Desires were in harmony with the Divine Will. And, if so, which part of the spirit (as symbolized by a "deity") is in charge of the undertaking. The reason for doing this is because when Desires have no higher power accountability, they are subject to the fetters (e.g. selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, lust) of man's Lower Self.

To explain how Ma'at processes or Emotional Energy Desires come about, Ancient Egyptians Groits resorted to the "Little Man" called Will. As a result of living inside its owner's skull--and after peeping out through its owner’s eyes and after listening through its owner’s ears--Will would decide how to process or react to incoming sensations and would make interpretations leading to a reason for taking action. Will would then choose a "Motive" (the "Why" within the human owner which starts motivation action and movement within oneself). After deciding if the owner wanted to go toward some pleasure, or go away from some pain, or simply keep things as they are, Will would next consult the owner's "mental committee." If that committee was of a Ma'at nature, Will’s Power would proceed to direct his/her owner’s behavior for good using Spiritual Desire; but if of a Brute nature, then Will’s Power laid a pattern for destruction using Emotional Desire. Put another way, like a puppeteer pulling the strings to make marionettes behave, Will “pulls the strings” of things inside the owner's head so as to provide the Motivating Power for the owner to take Motivation Action. If the source of energy driving the Motivating Power is from humans, that Emotional Energy may give good or bad results, if the task is completed at all. Yet, the best result will not be as good as when it comes from Spiritual Energy. If the source is from the Spiritual Motive Force, then its inherent Creative Process from the Spiritual Motive Force continues. In other words, that Creative Power, the energized motion from the Cosmic Motive Force, and the "Aliveness" present inside Spiritual Motivating Power combine to cause Spiritual Motivating Actions to keep things moving toward the Spiritual Motive's intended destinations (Action VII).

In short, the Creative Power inherent in Cosmic Consciousness brings about Events (changing reality). A Spiritual Cosmic example is that, according to today's science and as stated by Africans millennia ago, the Cosmos is still evolving into infinity and matter is constantly transforming from one plane of existence to another. And humans who stay connected to the Spirit Motive Force have the same capability. At birth, humans are over-flowing with Spiritual Energy. Such is indicated by their readiness and willingness to explore the unknown -- untainted by fears, doubts, worry, or fatigue -- and by the possession of complete confidence. Sure signs that one has tapped into the higher energy Cosmic world are: Curiosity (making one intensely interested in the unknown); an endless supply of Creativity; and high level "Aliveness." However, these features and capabilities are stifled in struggling Black youth because their Emotional Energy keeps them stuck in the status quo inside their Delusional World. Reproduced from Bailey: Unlocking Minds of Black Boys.
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