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About Museum

Movement Museum is virtual online formation of open setup; establish connection by sending us video of Your movement, in duration of 14 seconds maximum.

How to apply

1. record Your movement with camera, mobile phone... 2. upload it to any existing video or other servers 3. send us link or file


Until now, the collaboration with Movement Museum was established by:


  • Sonja Pregrad
  • Nikolina Komljenovic
  • Kate Marusic
  • Bruno Isakovic
  • Maja Marjancic
  • Nino Bokan
  • Nikolina Manojlovic
  • Iva Tkalec
  • Ivan Vrucina
  • Vesna Gloc
  • Marijan Jurenec
  • Maria Laura De Bardi
  • Aurora Kellermann
  • Filomena Canino
  • Domenico Catano


  • Improspekcije, Zagreb
  • NGO Dodir, Zagreb
  • Arusa Theatre, Zagreb
  • NGO KI, Zagreb
  • AKR, Berlin


  • Laura Potrovic
  • Boris Barta
  • Darko Jeftic

Programming and design

  • KI kreativne intervencije
Movement Museum - Move Your Musea


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