Open Source as a Strategic Business Enabler

Date: April 2011
Type: Case Study
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Overview: With open source becoming increasingly important as a business enabler for SAP over the last few years, the company recognized the benefits of automating its approval processes. Discover the business benefits SAP now provides through automating its open source software governance policy with the Black Duck Suite.

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Business Intelligence : Analytics, Business Process Management, Content management, Dashboards, Data Mining, Performance Management, Databases, Datamarts/Data Warehouses, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Data Quality

Development : Open Source, Windows/.NET, Web Development, Security, Mobility, Java, High Performance Computing, Embedded Systems, Development Tools, Database, Architecture & Design, C/C++

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Hardware : Virtualization Hardware, Windows Servers, Utility/On-demand Computing, Unix/Linux servers, Supercomputers, Peripherals, Macintosh, Handhelds/PDAs, Grid/Cluster Computing, Desktops/PCs, Data centers, Blades, Processors

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Infrastructure : ATM, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet, Frame relay, IPv6, Traffic Management, Network/Systems Management, PBXs, Printers, Remote Access, Routers, Switches, UPS, VPNs, WAN Optimization/Acceleration, Wide Area File Services

Internet : B2B, B2C, Browsers, E-Business/E-Commerce, E-retail, Google, Web Development, Internet Security, Search, Social Networks, Traffic Reporting/Monitoring, Web 2.0, Internet Policy

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Security : Security Administration, End user/Client Security, Encryption, Cyberterror, Attacks/Breaches, Application Security, Antivirus, NAC, Perimeter Security, Privacy, Vulnerabilities and Threats, Storage Security, Intrusion Prevention

Services : Telecom/Voice Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Services, Disaster Recovery, Systems Integration, Hosted Storage, Internet/Data Services, Outsourcing, Software as a Service, Hosted Applications

Software : Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture, Server Virtualization, Productivity Applications, Operating Systems, Open Source, Linux, Hosted Software/Applications, ERP, Development Tools, Databases, Database Applications, CRM, Business Systems Management, Integration, Application Optimization

Storage : Data protection, Disaster Recovery, Removable/Portable Storage, Security, Storage Fabrics, Storage Systems, Virtualization

Telecom : VOIP, Unified Communications, Voice services, PBXs, Internet policy, Presence, Collaboration Systems, Business, Regulation, Call Centers

Windows/Microsoft : Applications, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Company News, Security, Open Source, Operating system, Office Suite

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