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August 3, 1991
    Swami Denies Having Sex with Followers
    by The Associated Press, The Roanoke Times

  • Joy Zuckerman, an ex-follower who left Yogaville in December, said a friend told her the swami had made sexual advances toward her. After leaving Yogaville, Zuckerman started an organization for former followers of the swami called the Healing in the Truth.
August 3, 1991
    Yoga Guru Devotees Rally To His Support
    Richmond-Times Dispatch
  • "How can you call yourself a spiritual leader when you sexually abused me and other women in the community?" called out Susan Cohen, a Connecticut mental-health therapist.
  • She lived in the swami's ashram, or commune, in Yogaville in Buckingham County, but left last December after hearing stories of sexual abuse and believing that Satchidananda lived in plusher conditions than his fellow monks, she said.
  • "Help Stop the Abuse, End the Cover Up," and, "Hypocrisy at Yogaville."
August 2, 1991
    Ex-Followers Say Swami Demanded Sexual Favors
    Richmond Times-Dispatch

  • Some former followers of Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Yogaville, say he used his influence as a spiritual leader to persuade some of his female students to have sexual relations with him.
  • On the trip, Ms. Shapiro was taught to wait on Satchidananda. She learned to cook Indian food, to photograph his public appearances and to give him his twice-a-day massages. 'In Manila, he turned it from a massage into oral sex,' Ms. Shapiro said. 'I was very upset. He didn't want to talk about it. He said he knew best and I shouldn't worry about it.'
  • 'It's a terrible contradiction in yoga. Yoga is supposed to be open and dedicated to the truth.'
May 23-30, 1991
    Teachers, Students Abandon Yoga Institute Over Accusations
    by Eleanor Brown, Montreal Mirror

  • "Of all who are now teaching - one is loyal, the rest have left."
  • Cohen calls the swami's community a "cult." She cites his demand for unquestioning authority, vows of obedience, celibacy, and the routing of money to the institute.
  • Susan Cohen, now a full-time graduate student in social work at a Connecticut university, joined the New York section of the institute in 1969. Cohen calls herself a survivor, and says the supposedly celibate swami involved her in an "incestuous secret affair." She says the swami and his students work in a type of father-daughter relationship that leaves women confused and unable to say no, a type of "spiritual incest." Cohen says she gets phone calls from all over the country with similar stories.
  • Following his former secretary Sylvia Shapiro's accusations of sexual improprieties, the swami was quoted in the Village Voice newspaper in 1976 as saying: "Don't judge me, I am your guru. If you choose to believe it you can leave right now. Or, if you have faith, you can stay and continue in my service."

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