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90210 Casting Scoop: Hot for Teacher?

90210, AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae Grimes, Niall Matter Michael Desmond/The CW

It's one of our favorite TV storylines: a forbidden romance. And according to this casting scoop we just got a hold of, 90210 is brewing up its own little they-shouldn't-but-they-will love affair.

We just learned exclusively that Niall Matter (Eureka, Melrose Place) has been cast in a role that could lead to a "Hot for Teacher" situation...

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Matter comes to the lives of the 90210 ladies in the form of a handsome and charming professor at the university who takes an interest in one of the girls. And when we say "interest," we mean he'll probably want to do more than just teach her, if you catch our drift. He'll want her to stay after class for some "extra credit," if you know what we mean. We bet they'll find other uses for the lecture room, if you—all right, you get the gist.

Now here's where you'll hate us: We don't know which lady he's drawn to. But that's where you come in with your smart guessing and speculation. So help us out!

Matter's first episode is slated for November.

So which 90210 gal is about to head down Inappropriate Relationship Road? Scroll on down and let's start the guessing!

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