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"Unsinkable," some would say of this beautiful mammoth of the sea that had an ill-fated date with destiny. Experience this "never-to-be-forgotten" horrific drama played out on the high sea.

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Titanic Facts: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Titanic
Dimensions and Statistics, Safety Features, Luxuries and Accommodations, Galley Supplies, Survivor Rates and much more.

Titanic Chronology: A Clear Timeline of Events Related to the Titanic
What happened and when? A full and detailed account of the chronology around the Titanic

RMS Titanic
Information and interesting tidbits relating to the RMS Tianic taken from Wikipedia

Millvina Dean
Final RMS Titanic Survivor Dies at Age 97.

Titanic Passenger List
This is a list of all passengers known to be onboard the Titanic.

RMS Titanic Iceberg FAQ
How large was the iceberg that sank the RMS TITANIC? Where did the RMS TITANIC actually hit the iceberg? Other than the RMS TITANIC, what ships have struck icebergs?

MASK Used to Reenact Titanic Sinking

In December the sinking of the RMS Titanic was re-enacted in Carderock's Maneuvering and Seakeeping Basin (MASK). More on this reenactment within....


An International Appeal Effort to save the SS Nomadic. The last surviving vessel of the White Star Line + Information on the vessel taken from Wikipedia.

Immigration Laws in 1912 - Titanic
An interesting perspective from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services about the Titanic and its immigration procedures and perspectives.

Harland & Wolff
Information about the shipyard that built the RMS Titanic taken from Wikipedia.

Wallace Henry Hartley
Information about the Bandmaster on the RMS Titanic taken from Wikipedia.

Sister Ships
R MS Olympic: Another Premature Death?
The 'Olympic' class suffered for the most part unfortunate deaths; of the three liners, only two remained in service for more than four days; only one remained in service for more than eleven months. Britannic's sinking came a little less than two years after her launching, while Titanic’s death occurred less than one year after her launching.

RMS Olympic
Information taken from Wikipedia.

Titanic Commentary
Parallels Between the 9-11 and Titanic Tragedies
Hatred and jealousy was the root cause and precursor to the horrific tragedy of 9-11 and greed was the root cause, the precursor to the sinking of the Titanic that put luxury and speed ahead of safety and penny-pinching in material purchase and construction ahead of common sense.

Titanic (The Movie)
One Author's Take on the block buster hit by Director James Cameron and the meaning he took from it.

The Saga of the Titanic
Why such a compelling and enduring interest in the Titanic? Why even to this day has Titanic become in some circles synonymous with, ”colossal, disaster, luxury, greed, pride, invincibility, wealth, heroism, stupidity, mystery and intrigue?

The Carvers of the Titanic
Dreamers dream dreams and craftsman make things with their hands, hearts and tools. When dreamers and craftsman come together, visions take shape and objects of art and utility are created.

The Aftermath of the Sinking of R.M.S. Titanic
A Research Paper written last semester for a History Class at Mt. San Jacinto Community College by a student interested in the Titanic. (The Author received 92 out of 100 points on this assignment. Great job!)

The Final Seconds before Collision: 12 Part Series - INTRODUCTION

The standard account of the last seconds before the Titanic collided with the fatal iceberg derives from “Shipping Casualties (Loss of the Steamship “Titanic”)”, the report of the investigators who conducted the British Enquiry into the sinking.

Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3,
Part 4,
Part 5,
Part 6,
Part 7,
Part 8,
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11,
Part 12

Dr. Washinton Dodge's Account of the Wreck
San Francisco’s Assessor Tells Story of the Wreck of the Titanic from which he
Escapes After Thrilling Experience

Dr. Dodge: "Several Boats Lowered Only Half Filled"
One Doctors story Of Rescue and how he "Tumbled In” when told to.

On Collecting Titanic Memorabilia and Ephemera
This article written by a "First Class Collector" is a "must read" for anyone interested in collecting Titanic related material.

Anna Sophia Turja Lundi
3rd Class Passenger - Survivor of the Titanic Disaster. Great insight and stories as told by her youngest son and grandson.

Untold Story of the Titanic
A museum exhibit [Chicago] reveals what many don't know -- a black family was on board.

Titanic, or a Moral Deliberation
A great Dr. Sam Vaknin essay on the the greed and the lack of morality in the Times of the Titanic.

The Titanic Connection
Since the phenomenon of the 1997 hit movie "Titanic" the world, or the western hemisphere at least, has been enthralled with Titanic trivia and still thirsts, seemingly at an ever-increasing rate, for facts about the great ship operated by the renown White Star Line.

Historic Articles
How the Titanic Would Look If It Stood in Market Street
The April 17, 1912 edition of The San Francisco Examiner featured a front-page photograph to illustrate the sheer size of the sunken Titanic.

Titanic Captain Blamed For Wreck
Senate Committee Also Scores Captain of the Steamer Californian. COULD HAVE SAVED ALL. Praise for Carpathia Crew and Gold Medal for her Captain.

Local Titanic Headlines From the News: California
"Two U.C. Men Lost In Wreck of Titanic" , "Local Mining Man is on Titanic's Death List", "Herman Klaber on board the Titanic", "San Francisco Doctor not on Ill-Fated Ship", "Sacramento Pair in Passenger List"

White Star Offices Here Are Deserted
San Francisco Agents of Lost Liner Without News of Disaster

Current Articles
Raising the Titanic
The Utah Museum of Natural History and the LDS Church's Zions Securities are in negotiations to bring a traveling exhibit that displays artifacts from the famous sunken ocean liner into empty space this summer at Main Street's ZCMI Center.

Bogus Titanic Claims Shown
A telegram signed "White Star Line", dated April 15, 1912, with claims that Titanic was safe, goes on display to mark the 92nd anniversary of the tragedy.

LaRoche's - Haitian Family's Dramatic Story Onboard the Titanic

Current Television Specials


Rusticles Thrive on the Titanic
Tiny microbes are at work 3,800 m under the sea at the site of the Titanic shipwreck. The microbes feed off iron from the ship, forming icicle-shaped “rusticles.” Although rusticle formations on Titanic have been observed for many years, not much effort has gone into studying them.

RMS Titanic Expedition 2003
NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration (OE) is the program lead for all Titanic information. In June 2003, OE sponsored an 11-day research cruise to the wreck site aboard the Russian Research Vessel Akademik Mstislav Keldysh. The vessel is equipped with two three-person submersibles (Mir I and Mir II) capable of diving to depths of 6,000 meters; the depth of the Titanic is 3,800 m.

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Current Titanic Exhibitions

Montreal, Canada - Eaton Center
Eaton Centre This exhibition features over 300 artifacts, room recreations, and many personal stories of passengers.
Extended until August 30th

St. Paul, MN -- Science Museum of Minnesota
Complementing each experience are more than 100 authentic artifacts recovered from the ship's debris field. Including china used in the dining rooms to personal effects of some of the passengers, these artifacts add a poignantly personal touch to the experience that cannot be recreated anywhere else.
Now Open

Lisbon, Portugal - Espaco Rossio
Eaton Centre Continuing it's European tour, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will present a vast collection of artifacts dramatically rescued from the ocean floor.
Until October 11th

Idaho Falls, ID-- The Museum of Idaho
Complementing each experience are more than 100 authentic artifacts recovered from the ship's debris field. Including china used in the dining rooms to personal effects of some of the passengers, these artifacts add a poignantly personal touch to the experience that cannot be recreated anywhere else.
Until September 7th

Las Vegas, Nevada -- Luxor
Luxor Come marvel at over 300 authentic Titanic Artifacts discovered 12,500 feet beneath the sea - the final resting place of the world's most famous ship.
Now Open

New York, NY -- Discovery Times Square Exposition
Luxor Experience Titanic’s fateful 1912 maiden voyage and take on the identity of a Titanic passenger as you explore magnificent reconstructions of the Ship’s interior. Discover how the ‘unsinkable’ Ship met its fate and connect with the passengers and crew, as you view haunting personal artifacts recovered from the wreck.
Now Open

Atlanta, GA-- Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium invites you to experience the mysterious, tragic story of one of the most famous ships in history through the new Titanic Aquatic. This new Titanic exhibition brings to life the story of the fated Titanic through authentic artifacts and hands-on interactive experiences.
Until September 7th

Louisville, KY -- Louisville Science Center
Luxor Come marvel at over 300 authentic Titanic Artifacts discovered 12,500 feet beneath the sea - the final resting place of the world's most famous ship.
October 3, 2009 – February 15, 2010

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Titanic Wallpaper
Titanic Photomosaic
Titanic Picture and Photographs
Titanic Deck Plans
Sinking of the Titanic FLASH Animation
Saga of the Titanic Presentation - Dr. Ballard
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Titanic Wallpaper

Download this free Titanic desktop wallpaper image for your computer.

The Saga of the Titanic

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Titanic Photomosaic
Click thumbnail to view a wonderful "photomosaic" of the RMS Titanic!

This image was used with permission from Runaway Technology. Titanic-Nautical highly recommends Runaway Technology's photomosaic services. You can find out more by visiting Photomosaic.com

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Titanic Pictures and Photos

Pictures used with permission by the folowing:

* Wikipedia images have been released into the public domain by the copyright holder, its copyright has expired, or it is ineligible for copyright. This applies worldwide.

Photo courtesy of The Belfast Titanic Society   Photo courtesy of San Francisco Virtual Musem  
Photo courtesy of The Belfast Titanic Society    
The Father Brown Photographic Collection contains the sole collection of Titanic photographs taken during the Titanic's passage from Southampton to Ireland.To visit the site, Click Here. (Opens up new page)

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Titanic Deck Plans

Click on each Thumbnail to view.
© Encyclopedia Titanica (www.encyclopedia-titanica.org) 2003


"Saga of the Titanic" Presentation to Dr. Robert Ballard

The following pictures were taken at the Titanic Historical Society Gala in the Fall of 2005:

* Pictures were taken by Titanic Nautical Society & Resource Center

Photo courtesy of The Belfast Titanic Society   Photo courtesy of San Francisco Virtual Musem  

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Sinking of the Titanic FLASH Animation

Download Flash Animation (SWF)

To view from beginning, RIGHT-Click on Animation below, then LEFT-Click on "Rewind"

Animation by Alex Mann
© www.encyclopedia-titanica.org 1996-2002

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