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updated 17 September 2010


due to the nature of this site, visitors may become informed or offended
this site is designed to provide various resources from a conservative Christian perspective

(to provide readers with primary and secondary source material for research or dialogue)

many of the resource links (listed below) are from secular and non- Christian sources
quasi- Christian, pseudo- Christian, and non- Christian religions
(many resources are known to promote problematic, erroneous, and heretical teachings)




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Welcome to dialegomai! Please select your area of interest from the contents located to the right of this column.

After a long absence due to academic studies and work, dialegomai has finally been updated. All links have been checked. Dead links have been fixed with updated addresses or mirror sites where possible, or have been noted with the dead link graphic. Useful resources that I have not yet found a link for are highlighted with the link wanted graphic. If you come across links for any of these resources, please send me an email with the link. Thank you!

   To the right you will find the general contents of dialegomai. Information under several sections have been updated, corrected and clarified. Sections that were added years ago but were missing links have been updated with links or removed. Some sections have been added while others have been reorganised, merged, or removed in an attempt to make things easier to find. Some areas are still under construction. After this initial (major) update is released, weekly or monthly updates will follow.

   Due to the immense size of dialegomai, there have been problems offering its entire contents on several providers (including this one). To help resolve this issue, I only offer the contents here which will link you to the appropriate sections on dialegomai's main website.

Roger Schremmer
September 2010

dialegomai: online resources

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Roger Schremmer, B.A., M.Div.

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last updated in September 2010

(left column)

Biblical Resources: The Basics

Bibles (English, mixed)
Bible Software
Daily Devotions
Reading the Bible in a Year
Biblical Resources: Intermediate
Dictionaries, Cyclopedias, Encyclopedias
Historical Context & Commentaries
Dead Sea Scrolls & Papyri

Biblical Resources: Advanced
Ancient Language & Fonts
Bibles (Hebrew / Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic)
Lexicons, Grammar & Learning Guides (Hebrew / Aramaic, Greek)
Textual Criticism & Exegetical Resources

Apologetics (vs. Early Schisms & Heresies)
Writings of the Early Church (before 31 October 1517)
Apologetics (vs. Modern Schisms & Heresies)
Christian Apologetics (addressing quasi- and pseudo- Christian religions)
Apologetics (vs. Unbelief & Other Religions)
Christian Apologetics (addressing beliefs of non- Christian religions)
Creation & Science, et al. (Intelligent Design and Creationism)

Councils, Canons & Statements of Faith

Councils, Canons & Statements of Faith

Christian Denominations
Confessional Lutheranism (1530)
Church of England (1534)
Calvinism & Reformed (1536)
Baptists (ca. 1609)  

Miscellaneous: Useful Resources
Family Resources
Internet Resources


(right column)

English Language Resources
ESL Resources
Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
English Grammar
Academic Resources

Philosophy: The Art of Reasoning
History of Philosophy
Logic & Fallacies
Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

History: Past & Present
General Information
Ancient & Early History
Historical Context (Bible & Early Church)
Myths, Fables & Fairytales
General Information
Old Testament & Intertestimental
New Testament & Early Church
Other Ancient Civilizations
Fossils & Living Fossils
Interesting Finds

Other Side of the Fence
Pseudepigraphal & Non- Canonical Writings (before 1000 C.E.)
Modern Schisms & Heresies (beliefs of quasi- and pseudo- Christian religions)
Unbelief & Other Religions (beliefs of non-Christian religions)
Creation & Science, et al. (Darwinism & Neo- Darwinism)

Catechisms: Teaching the Faith

Christian Denominations

Eastern Church (326)
Roman Catholicism (1563)
Anabaptists (1525)
Arminianism (1619)
United Church (1925, Canada; 1957, U.S.A.)

Significant Issues

Alleged Errors