Ready, Set, DOUGH!

After months of anticipation, I am excited to share that I have registered a team to compete in the 3rd Doughman relay triathlon in Durham, North Carolina this May. Last year, a friend told me about this event but I missed out on it from lack of knowing just what it was. Now, after being featured on the popular Travel Channel program - Man V. Food, the Doughman has become a nationally known event that will again take place in downtown Durham to benefit local organizations that support the inner city community. The race is best described as a quadrathlon with four person teams competing in eating, swimming, biking and running events around Durham drawing its menu from local eateries that support the slow foods movement a.k.a. eat local. Eating locally grown, raised and prepared, fresh food is a passion of mine as is swim-bike-run and what better place to participate than my hometown of Durham.

Anticipating a strong group of athletic eaters for this year's event due to its national coverage and popularity, I've recruited three friends for my team that I feel will give us a shot at a solid finish in the race. While participating in the race and fund-raising for the Durham DIG program at SEEDS and Seesaw Studio; having fun is the goal but a strong team performance with bragging rights is my ultimate wish. With that said, you can look forward to future blog reports about my team "Foodicidal Tendencies" as we prepare for the 2010 Durham Doughman!

Doughman: Like the Ironman, but doughier.

UPDATE: June 15, 2010
Read my latest post on how the Doughman race went for my team and my impressions on the organization of the event.