Stephen Fry & friends on the life, loves and hates of Christopher Hitchens - IQ2 talks


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Uploaded by on Nov 22, 2011

IMPORTANT: This video will not be available to users in the UK and Ireland until February 20. Thank you for your patience.

In this historic event, Stephen Fry and other friends of Christopher Hitchens came together to celebrate the life and work of this great writer, iconoclast and debater. Fry was joined on stage at the Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall by Richard Dawkins and the two discussed Hitch's unflinching commitment to the truth. Hollywood actor Sean Penn was beamed in from LA by Google+ and, between cigarette puffs, read from Hitch's acclaimed work, The Trial of Henry Kissinger. Five friends of Hitch spoke via satellite in New York: satirist Christopher Buckley and editor Lewis Lapham mused on Hitch's prowess as a journalist. 'Like a pot of gold', said Lapham. Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie and James Fenton delighted the audience with stories of Hitchens as a young man. Rushdie drew roars of laughter when he recounted a word game invented by Amis and Hitchens where the word 'love' is replaced with 'hysterical sex'. Particular favourites included Hysterical Sex in the Time of Cholera and Hysterical Sex Is All You Need.

Watching the event with Hitch at his bedside in Texas, Hitch's wife Carol and novelist Ian McEwan provided an email commentary. 'His Rolls Royce mind is still purring beautifully', typed McEwan.

The event was watched live by 2500 at the venue, and by thousands more in UK cinemas and online.


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  • Goodbye, Christopher, and thank you for everything.

  • @bennythebearful

    bennythebearful is an anagram for complete and utter douche.

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  • Dawkins chair could have been more comfortably positioned.

  • Sorely missed.

  • posted in my birthday - thank you very much for this.

    Hitchens will never rest, neither will his work while people are still dogmatic and afraid of facing reality. It's pointless of saying RIP to man like him...

  • hysterical sex. i need to try it sometime.

  • Fry saying he is way out of Christopher's league. Well Fry if someone might be in that league.

  • There will never be another quite like Christopher Hitchens. A man of excellent wit, conviction and selfless determination to spread free inquiry and stomp out religious extremism, greed and lies.

    We will all miss you, Hitch. Thank you for decades of enlightenment, for teaching us to think for ourselves and to remember (and not be afraid) that the world is not all about ourselves.

  • Chris, go in peace my lad. You're fondly remembered.

  • I raise my glass to you Hitch, Cheers.

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