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Yoga is an art of discipline that was developed by an Indian Hindu named Patanjali. Yoga is originated in India over 5,000 years ago.

The word “yoga” derived from the Sanskrit word "Yuj", which means to yoke, and is typically translated as union, integration, attach, join, or unite. Thus, it is the union and integration of every part of a human being, from the innermost to the external.

It offers a way to have a union between your mind, body, and spirit. It aims for the great union of the body, mind, and spirit through a system of postures, breathing exercises, meditation. It refers to far more than these. In reality, it includes a wide range of disciplines designed to eventually bring the practitioners closer to god.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Ashtanga Yoga

The yoga sutras are the physical activities that focus on the body, meditation and the mind. Yoga sutras combine the yoga practices to provide an overall sense of physical and mental health.

The following are the eight yoga sutras to look at and learn a little about each one.

  • Yama - abstentions
  • Niyama - self-purification and study
  • Asana - posture or pose
  • Pranayama - breathe control
  • Pratyahara - sense control
  • Dharana - concentration
  • Dhyana - contemplation
  • Samadhi - veridical meditation

Other Yoga Types Which Got Emerged from Ashtanga Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga: Hatha yoga is one of the four main traditions of Tantra Yoga. It is the symbolic combination of active and passive energies, the opposites. Hatha yoga is sometimes also known as “forceful yoga.”
  • Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini yoga is considered the most powerful form of yoga. In Kundalini Yoga the creating and sustaining Sakti of the entire body is in fact and truly united with Lord Siva. It uses asanas, pranayama, and mantra. It is based upon Kundalini energy which is “one’s dormant spiritual energy.”
  • Bikram Yoga: Bikram yoga is a type of yoga, which includes a series of 26 poses performed in a hot room. Bikram yoga is also known as “Hot yoga.”
  • Vinyasa Yoga: These yoga classes cope with breath-synchronized activities. It is somewhat more vigorous than the hatha yoga and is more powerful.
  • Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar is also among popular yoga styles, which needs to practice with the body alignment. It is a moderate intensity style. There is very little focus on breathing exercises and meditation for starting levels.

Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga are numerous. The physical benefits of Yoga are: it strengthens, tones, and builds muscles, it improves flexibility, muscle joint mobility, digestion and elimination, heart conditions, breathing disorders, muscular-skeletal conditions such as arthritis, repetitive stain injuries, bad knees, tight shoulders, and neck.

Few more benefits of Yoga exercises includes: it develops postures; reinforces the spine; relieves back pain; increases stamina, blood circulation; creates balance and refinement; stimulates the glands of the endocrine system etc.

Yoga poses are also useful in curing disorders such as eating disorder, bipolar disorders, asthma, seizures, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels; and encourages weight loss.

Yoga practice is also advantageous to pregnant women. Pregnancy yoga helps women glide gracefully through the evolutionary process by providing an opportunity for inward reflection and healthy physical and emotional conditions.

Due to its numerous benefits and the pleasure resulting from its practice, prenatal yoga is widely accepted by every one as part of self-care during pregnancy.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation is one of the five principles of yoga. It is one of the essential yoga techniques in order to achieve mental stability and health. It has many poses, some of them being more complex. Also there are some simple techniques of meditation that can be used by people in their everyday life and also to combat everyday problems.

Yoga Equipments

Yoga equipments such as yoga mats, yoga clothes, etc, can be a great help for the people who want to practice yoga as they help the yoga practitioner get deeper into the yoga poses. Yoga is the way to unite the body, mind, and the spirit. (Massage Chair)

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