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Since the dreadful events of September 11, 2001, we have heard a string of lies. Lies, leading to other lies leading to more lies. Lies leading to death, leading to war and war again, and on the horizon another war. The release this week of the heavily redacted Staff Monograph on the Four Flights and Civil Aviation Security - which details 52 warnings of attacks by Bin Laden or al Qaeda to the Federal Aviation Authority between April 1 and September 10, 2001 - gives proof that there were indeed warnings. The fact that the Bush administration suppressed this information is damning.

This report comes in the context of other things that are known but have been largely overlooked by the corporate press. From everyone at the White House we have heard over and over that there were no warnings; that no one had ever considered that an airplane might be used as a weapon in an attack; that intelligence failed; that communications didn't work; that intelligence didn't work; that systems failed. Each and every one of those statements are lies.

Obviously a book could be written about the truth about 9/11, and several have been. I have been reading Michael Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" (and I strongly recommend that everyone read it). I also have been reading everything else I can find about the events leading up to 9/11. It is a story that stinks to high heaven and the more I learn, the more it stinks. There are just too many lies, too many cover-ups, too many inconsistencies. So let me share some of that with you. Some comes from Ruppert's book and some from other sources.

Create Confusion
There were numerous war games and terror drills occurring on September 11, 2001. These, at the very least, undermined response to the events.

There were at least five simultaneous war games being conducted on 9/11/01 and at least one terrorism simulation.

Vigilant Guardian: Simulated attack and defense over the Arctic

Vigilant Warrior: Simulated hijackings

Northern Vigilance: Simulated attack over Alaska and Canada

Northern Guardian: Unknown what exactly was being simulated

CIA & National Reconnaissance Office "plane into building" exercise

TRIPOD II: New York City simulation of a bioterrorism attack in lower Manhattan.

The NORAD and CIA/NRO exercises did several things. First, they drew potential military response craft out of the Northeastern Air Defense Region. Second, these drills "injected" false planes, and increased exercise targets on the screens of Air Traffic Controllers. One of the often repeated responses in the emergency was "Is this real or part of the exercise?"

I personally find it unnerving that the military can place false information on the screens of the nation's Air Traffic Controllers. This effectively means that someone has programmatic control of the entire system. If false planes can be put on the screen, then it seems likely that planes could also be kept from showing up on the screens (or that false planes could replace real planes on very different paths than actually are occurring).

The CIA/NRO exercise, also involved a simulated plane crashing into NRO headquarters in Washington D.C. It involved the local police and emergency response personnel, as well as the airplane simulations. Likewise, Tripod II in New York City, drew in emergency personnel as well as an array of city and state agencies.

Another level of confusion arose at the National Military Command Center (Ruppert and Flocco). There we had Navy Captain Charles J. Leidig taking his first ever watch as Deputy Director of Operations. He had been asked to stand in the night before by Brigadier General Montague Winfield. Winfield asked Leidig to take over for him at 8:30 am on 9/11/01 (10 minutes after it was known that Flight 175 had been hijacked). Winfield left (in the middle of a known hijacking) and did not relieve Leidig until about 10:00 am (Ruppert, 388- 391). Aside: Both Leidig and Winfield were promoted after 9/11).

NORAD and the FAA had been following the same procedures for hijacking and emergencies for almost 30 years when on May 8, 2001 President Bush changed the procedures. He placed Vice President Richard Cheney in charge of all Domestic Counterterrorism efforts (Statement by the President 6/08/01). This effectively centralized all response to Cheney - not to NORAD and other agencies. This dramatically changed the decision-making chain of authority. If the "system" failed in terms of military response, that rests directly in the hands of the Vice President. It also makes it likely that all of the various war games and drills occurring on 9/11 were also coordinated through Cheney.

Who Knew What When?
Well, we know that Bush and Rice had gotten the daily briefing about Bin Laden wanting to strike inside the US. They took that as a "historical" document. We also now know that the FAA had specific warnings, and we already knew that the CIA and FBI had been getting their ears burned with warnings. We also know that many of those warnings discussed - explicitly - the hijacking of aircraft. Therefore, Rice's testimony before the 9/11 Commission was a lie. Further. the Commission's conclusion that there was a "lack of vision" was also a lie.

We heard a lot about the failure of communications on 9/11. The record clearly shows that is not true. The FAA established a phone bridge with the following agencies within minutes of the first hijacking (Flight 11 at 8:14am): FAA Field Facilities, FAA Command Center, FAA Headquarters, Department of Defense, Secret Service (including Cheney), Donald Rumsfeld and the National Security Council among other agencies. The time of the bridge connection has shifted over time, but it was in the range of 8:20-8:35. It was clearly in place by 8:35 as President Bush was reported as stating he knew what was happening in New York before he got in the limousine to go for his Booker School photo opportunity (Ruppert, 383).

We also know from Richard Clarke, that Donald Rumsfeld was on the phone bridge by 8:45 (not after 9:00 as he testified before the Commission).

Therefore, everybody was apparently talking to each other in real time about real events within 15 minutes of the first hijacking, before the first plane hit the World Trade Center at 8:46am, and well before the second one hit at 9:03am.

We also have the deliberate postponing of investigating the events of September 11, and the hiding and destruction of evidence. The most bizarre case of evidence destruction (in my opinion) was the destruction of a tape made by six air traffic controllers immediately after the last plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Air traffic controllers at from the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center which had dealt with two of the planes, sat down and made a tape of what happened. For some reason, that tape stayed at the Center rather than being turned over to authorities. The a quality assurance supervisor destroyed the tape.

He/she did not just throw the tape away. Nope, he/she broken open the tape, cut it into little pieces, and then threw the pieces away in various trash bins around the Center. Kenneth Mead, the inspector general, stated that keeping the tape secret and then destroying it "serve the interests of the F.A.A., the department, or the public". To the best of my knowledge, the 9/11 Commission never interviewed those controllers.

What about those Hijackers?
According to a September 15, 2001 article in Newsweek, some of the hijackers may have trained at US military bases. According to the article, three had driver's licenses listing the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida; one (Atta) "may have been trained" in strategy and tactics at the Air War College, and at least one other may have received the language training at Lackland Airforce Base. Hmm.

So What Does This Look Like?
Well I guess it depends on whether one believes in coincidence or conspiracy. It you believe in coincidence, we have before us an unfortunate string of events. If you believe that we have moved beyond coincidence, then at the very least we have the classic "inside job." Assuming the terrorists were terrorists, then they knew that all this craziness was going to happening on September 11th and "took advantage" of the situation. Who told them? How did they get that information? Why did Bush change a procedure in which agencies were well versed, and which worked just fine? Why did everybody lie - including the 9/11 Commission? Why didn't they resolve the timing inconsistencies? Why didn't they challenge the "who would have guessed" in the face of so many warnings - that were in their possession? Why didn't they challenge the "communication failure" knowing that there was no communication failure?

Supposedly we are "safer" now. How in the world can anyone feel safer with the information that is readily available?

That's History. What Difference Does It Make Now?
Well let's take a quick look at what has flowed from the lies.

- We haven't addressed the real threats to the United States, nor have we made changes that would protect us from those threats.

- We invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the government.

- We invaded and occupied Iraq (justified by an extension of lies); resulting in the total destruction of the infrastructure of Iraq and the death and injury of many of its citizens. We have also turned Iraq into a terrorist "magnet and training ground."

- We have lost over 1600 and counting US troops, and have casualties in the tens of thousands. The Afghans and Iraqis have lost many more.

- We have eroded the protections of the Constitution of the United States (for safety's sake).

- We have created a whole new infrastructure of control called the Department of Homeland Security.

- We have alienated much of the world with our actions, and with the taint of torture have violated both federal and international law.

- We dramatically weakened the economic structure of the United States with a debt approaching $8 trillion dollars, and record trade deficits.

- We have changed the policies of the United States to one of a rogue nation - restarting the nuclear and "weapons of mass destruction" race; and with the official policy of preemptive war.

- We are threatening to overthrow an growing list of "tyrants" and "axis of evil" nations.

- We have launched the war without end with all the consequences of that.

One lie leads to another lie taking us in the directions that lies always lead - a bad end.

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