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Development Tool for Mac OS X and Vista

Cross-platform Runtime Revolution now allows Mac users to create applications for Windows Vista.

Cross-platform development solution, Runtime Revolution, has been updated to allow Mac users to more easily create applications for Windows Vista.

Runtime Revolution 2.8 for Microsoft Windows Vista and Mac OS X has been released and is being made available at no charge to existing users who maintain a maintenance plan.

This release specifically improves applications that target: Microsoft Vista Home Basic, Microsoft Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Vista Business, and Microsoft Vista Enterprise. These include correct, native appearances for menus and menu bars, pop-up menus, buttons, fields, scroll bars, tooltips, little arrows and the Vista file selector dialogue.

The updated development environment also supports Vista's security features, including support for its new signed installer process.

Both Windows and Mac OS X (Universal Binary) versions of Revolution also include: new image resizing options, improved interaction between task bar and application back drops and a selection of general improvements.

"Even if you aren't shipping for Vista today, you need to be able to show your product has a place on the newest operating systems to remain competitive. Direct engagement with our customers means we are able to ship short-term updates and ensure their selection of Runtime Revolution is a competitive one," said Kevin Miller, CEO of Runtime Revolution.

The Revolution 2.8 update is available for Revolution Studio (US$399) and Revolution Enterprise ($999).

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