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LJ users generate slang like crazy, and use it freely in support requests. This is primarily user slang; for Support slang that isn't in here, check the rest of the Support Jargon category too.


Some communities' maintainers have instituted rules that prospective members fill out information about themselves either before or after joining. See Communities Misc. on handling requests like this.
userpic. This use for all userpics is deprecated because an avatar is specifically a picture intended to represent you, and userpics are not always intended to be representative of the user who's using them -- they also represent moods, topics, things the user just likes, and more.
Sometimes users use "ban" and "suspend" interchangeably. In support requests, Support only uses "ban" to mean "ban"; spoken, sometimes people get a bit sloppy. See also 'permaban'.
Sometimes ban. (Note: some users may not understand that banning someone doesn't defriend them.) Sometimes is a request for disallowing particular people from seeing public entries. That will never happen. Sometimes means 'killfile'. There's a suggestion for that.
post the same entry to more than one location at once. There are a number of variations on this, including
  • post the exact same entry everywhere
  • link back and forth to all the other duplicates (can either just involve links to the journal or community in question, or involve editing to add the links once all the entries are posted)
  • link to one master entry where the comments are preferred
  • post with comments disabled to all but one location, and link to the location that has its comments turned on (disabling comments is against the rules of some communities)
  • make one entry with the full text, then post everywhere else with a summary/headers and link to the master entry (often used in conjunction with disabled comments and the fake cut)
A colored stripe, with or without color-tinted images, displayed in support of a cause, generally on the profile. In addition to the "cause" colorbars, there are the "X is Love" (original: Marriage is Love) rainbow colorbars. Support is Love.
Usually short for lj-cut, sometimes short for friends cut. "Cut that" is a request (or demand) for an lj-cut. "Cut you" is likely to be defriending rather than physical violence. (Sometimes.)
remove from friends list. Seems to be used on LiveJournal more than 'unfriend'. Likely to have a more value-neutral connotation than 'unfriend'. More likely to be what I did to you rather than what you did to me.
defriending amnesty
a social contract that declares that someone won't be hurt or angry (or at least won't act hurt or angry or cause drama) if defriended.
Users may use "deleted" and "suspended" interchangeably. Support uses "deleted" only when the journal was deleted from within the user account. Users can also use "deleted" to mean "defriended".
Edited to Add, rather than Estimated Time of Arrival.
fake cut
A link (usually to another journal entry) that is formatted to look like an lj-cut. <b>( <a href="link">Read more...</a> )</b> Some users will use "fake cut" to refer to any link, but this use is deprecated.
A custom friends group or the act of locking an entry to a custom friends group. Generally used in contexts of entry security rather than filtering the friends page, as this is the more common practice. "Is he on that filter?" "I'm going to filter this."
flist, f-list
Friends list. This can either mean the friends page or the users on the friends list. Occasionally it is also used to mean the people who will be reading the entry on their friends lists, as in "Help me, Flist-wan-Kenobi!"
Members of the friends list.
flock, f-lock
Friends-lock, the security setting. Does not always mean specifically "friends"; can also mean "custom filtered", "private", or "members-only". Also the social contract that goes with revealing information non-publicly: "You told everyone about that? You broke flock!"
1. a person who is an actual friend. 2. Someone on their LiveJournal friends list. 3. Verb. The act of adding someone to one's LiveJournal friends list.
friends cut
Either a mass defriending or an lj-cut, more likely a mass defriending.
  • Header images in styles.
  • Fic headers.
When people post fanfiction and the like, they generally do this with a short section at the top, often in a format prescribed by the community they're posting to, which includes the author, title, and other pertinent information. This is generally in a short block at the top, is left-aligned by default, has a bold or strong description of each item (author, title, fandom, characters, spoilers, pairing, rating, warnings, disclaimers, etc.) and after each item, unformatted text filling in the answers for this particular piece. Typically fanfiction is then hidden under an lj-cut or a link to the entry that has the piece in it appears.
usually a userpic, although depending on context it could be one of the little graphic buttons like the 'add memory' button which is a heart and a plus.
jump, after the jump
The equivalent of behind an lj-cut on other blogging platforms.
Not LJ-specific, and LJ doesn't have a real option for this. The ability to near-completely ignore the presence of another user on the site, at the minimum neither seeing their own comments nor their community entries. Some fancy styles-stuff will suppress comments from a user, and there are browser-side add-ons that will do things like that too, but nothing that's officially supported.
The whole look and feel of the journal. Compare theme and style.
any self-replicating unit of information.
On LiveJournal, things explicitly called memes are likely to include:
  • quiz results
  • surveys to be filled out and posted (with or without specific instructions on naming people who should also fill out the survey, e.g. "Tag 5 people...")
  • "___ meme"s which instruct people to come to a specific entry to do something in the comments, and spread word of the event in their own journals. (Any individual event of this type may have easily-copyable HTML to make spreading the word about it easier, but this is not required.)
    • A "friending meme" would instruct people who wanted to make friends to comment there and look for likeminded people.
    • A "fic meme" might ask readers to give writing prompts on a theme declared by the original entry, write responses to the writing prompts, and thank the people who had written things.
    • A "love meme" is for saying kind things about people.
Some users use "mod" interchangeably for both "maintainer" and "moderator", even though both roles have different permissions.
mouse, mice
An anonymous user or users. (A-nonny-mouse.)
Terminated: all accounts suspended, and invited to never come back. Abuse policy: Termination evasion
Official Support Style uses this in the context of "to post an entry or comment" only. Users will use it for that, plus will refer to an entry or comment as a post as well. A "top-level post" is an entry, particularly in a community.
sock, sockpuppet
an alternate account, generally for the purposes of hiding one's identity or a relatively anonymous account with little personal information. Used for interacting anonymously (to avoid the halo effect, making searching less easy, avoiding enemies that know one's regular account), trolling, appearing to be a second person bolstering the main identity's argument in a debate (this is where the name came from). Not often used of accounts that have a public link to their main account. Occasionally also used of roleplay accounts.
Even though Support use is only for the basic style, and not everything on top of that, popular use involves style for the whole look and feel of the journal. Compare layout and theme.
Users may use "deleted" and "suspended" interchangeably. Support only uses "suspended" when the Abuse Prevention Team has suspended the account.
tag, tagging
Can mean the tags that go on entries. Can also mean informing another user that it is their turn to do something, as in playing tag: "I tag foo, bar, and baz to fill out this survey." Can also refer to the Facebook-style ability to mention someone's name and notify them that they have been referred to, or the Facebook-style identification of a person in a picture. Or taking a turn in a role-playing game. Or a short piece of (fan)fiction intended to go right after another, longer piece.
Even though Support use is only for the theme layer(s), popular use is for the whole look and feel of the journal. Compare layout and style.
Too Long; Didn't Read. Not LJ-specific.
Remove someone as a friend. Apparently identical to 'defriend', but seems to be used more in reference to Facebook than LiveJournal. Seems to be used more for what you did to me ("He unfriended me! The nerve!"). Carries connotations of perhaps also severing a genuine friendship (rather than merely severing a specific online tie), perhaps because of its connection to Facebook, where you are unlikely to unfriend an actual friend (Facebook started as nearly pure social networking and retains that focus) particularly as you can ignore obnoxious/high-volume/tl;dr people in your news feed but still retain Facebook friends status.


A smiley-face. It is often eyeless, and the number of )s denotes the amount of enthusiasm.
friends tape
The literal English translation of the Russian phrase that refers to the friends page. You may see this in support requests from Russian users.
The Russian word журнал is rendered as "periodical" or "magazine" by some translation services, thus some users who translate their support requests from Russian to English may say "in the magazine" to mean "in the journal".
translate, as rendered by some automatic translation services and dictionaries.
A transliteration of ЖЖ, which is the Russian equivalent of 'LJ'.
Yandex: search engine.
ЖЖ, Живой журнал, ЖыЖа
LJ, LiveJournal, a blog at LiveJournal.


Other websites running LiveJournal code or old LiveJournal code (clones), and websites running heavily modified LiveJournal code (forks). Specific support is not provided for other websites, however, in the course of what LiveJournal Support does support, sometimes one does need to know a few things about them, like what someone means when they say their syndicated feed from GJ is down.

GreatestJournal. No longer active.
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