Accessing Creative Flow with Zen Yoga

Every soul is born with a desire to create. Art is expressive, it unlocks and reveals our unique Self. Art can bring about profound healing on all levels of our being and unlock inner dimensions of untapped power.

Art is good for your soul.

We know this because whatever art form we practice, be it painting with acrylics; sculpting metal; turning wood; chanting; dancing;   photography or playing a musical instrument, there are times when we  enter into a zone or flow where our mind and body become one. We move beyond thought, and our physicality becomes a vehicle of pure expression in the present moment.

This experience is usually accompanied by a feeling of release and or bliss.

Accessing Creative Flow allows us precious moments of just being. This is what we aim to achieve and happens naturally when we practice yoga and meditation regularly. Zen Yoga is an art, and can be practised to open up a channel for Creative Flow.

Many artists periodically experience obstructions or blocks which inhibit creative flow. This can be extremely frustrating and can often lead to a deep dissatisfaction with life, a state of being which can negatively impact our self worth. These blocks need to identified and shifted. They have a propensity for creating struggle and disharmony in other areas of our life, such as our home environment, relationships and our health. This is why regular practice of Zen Yoga is beneficial for artists, but it is not exclusively beneficial for artists…it is for everybody.

Every being has a reservoir of unrealised potential. The way we live, breathe, dream and express ourselves physically and mentally is an art form. Every body is an artist in his or her own way.

Following this post I will be introducing some of Zen Yoga’s artists, sharing their art, views and experiences of accessing creative flow through their personal practice of Zen Yoga.

Peace, bliss and unhindered creative flow,

Elfeya Hoopes


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Poetry of Yoga


Today is a good day. How will you spend it? Within this lifetime, we will never again experience another day like this one.

Today is 11-11-11, it is the only day left in this millennium when there is only a single number contained within the date. The mirror of One within eleven providing a moment of attunement to the underlying pulse of Unity.

Today is also the launch date of The Poetry of Yoga.

Poetry and Yoga… as inseparable as ocean and sand. Together they create a mirror glass reflecting the enlightenment inside of us. Yoga turns us inward as we discover the graceful flow of our bodies interacting with breath and spirit; poetry channels expression outwards, pouring in the shape of words onto paper. Letters bend as a yoga asana, creating paragraphs with our lives. Feelings unravel in the form of sentences buried deep inside.

HawaH, Creator & Visionary, The Poetry of Yoga

While most celebrated mystic yogi poets have long been deceased, The Poetry of Yoga is a platform for a new body of work reflecting on how yoga continues
to shift the landscape of human consciousness and civilization. A book anthology of modern-living poetic voices  sharing their existential expressions.

Living master teachers and writers from around the world were asked to contribute poetry to the project which is successfully building momentum to revitalize the ancient tradition of yoga poetry.

Our own Aaron Hoopes was one of the yogis asked to contribute his words. His poem Too Busy to Relax is one of the many inspiring poems contained within this beautiful anthology.

Every copy purchased will benefit the peace education work of One Common Unity.

The Poetry of Yoga e-book and The Poetry of Yoga paperback  can both be purchased through Lulu.

The inspiring video trailer for the book is available for viewing at

Please share these links with all your friends and social networks!

If you love The Poetry of Yoga, Volume 1, please submit a review and ratings at the purchase site. This will help move the book up in the publisher’s rankings and make it more visible to the world.

May all blessings rain down on you on this auspicious day!

Elfeya Hoopes

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Still Your Mind


Just as when the waters of a lake are calm, everything is reflected accurately. However, if we should throw a pebble into the lake, the reflecting surface becomes disturbed. These disturbances create distortions.

So too is the lake of our mind disturbed by the little pebbles and huge boulders we throw into it in the form of turbulent worries, thoughts, ideas etc. When our mind is still, clear and controlled, the Self is easily visible. We no longer feel like a stranger to the person we really are. A feeling of inner peace arises, the conflicting issues and burdens we have been carrying around, begin to lighten up.

There is tremendous pressure, tension and expectation being placed on us by ourselves and sometimes by others in playing the game of being who we project. Ordinarily, in the course of our lives we become estranged from ourselves and we construct a superficial understanding of who we are.

Who “I” am is reflected through the use of our mind. The disturbed mind – the mind which creates worries, stress and distortions; and the mind of enlightenment – the mind which allows us to experience peace, joy and clarity… are the same mind.

Discipline of the mind will bring about calmness, resulting in peace, happiness and a fully integrated personality. Essential to a still mind is practice. Too see and experience our difficulties on a deeper level, gets us to the core of our hurt, fear, anger and our pain. There are many airy-fairy, quasi-spiritual approaches which can temporarily make us feel better. Self-help books are a dime a dozen. Many of them attempt to reduce common sense into a ‘formula’ that when applied to an individuals life circumstances, will positively and permanently alter his or her life.

Rather than seeking to feel better or escape our pain. Why not make our primary goal one of peaceful residing in the ordinariness and discomfort of everyday life?    Of living an authentic life, as opposed to the substitute life that so many of us are accustomed to living.  Let’s Be better.

A still mind through the practice of meditation helps us to deal with the difficulties of daily life. Whether it be something as minor as being cut off on the road or something larger like depression, grief, self-doubt, relationship troubles or illness. We will still feel pain, get hurt, angry, disappointed, fearful…but we will relate to all of this differently. Authentic spiritual practice allows us to experience in joy or in sadness, in peace or in total chaos, a deeper connection to God (that which we call “I”).

The practice is always the same:

Be present. Be here and now.

The next Zen Yoga precept to be summarised is Nourish Your Body.

Wishing you stillness and peace,

Elfeya Hoopes

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