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Arm Yourself With Knowledge  Let's face it, the thought of having a Caesarean Section can be pretty frightening.  If you are like I was, you pretty much skip the Caesarean section chapters in your pregnancy books.  After all, how could a Caesarean happen to you? ...(Article)

Caesarean Prevention: Is It Possible?
In today's society', Caesarean Sections have become common place. With the increasing rise in labor inductions, use of fetal monitoring, and a large percentage of doctors refusing to educate their patients on VBAC, this should come as no surprise. For expectant moms, this realization can be frightening....(Article)

Breastfeeding After a Cesarean In the United States, nearly one in four births is a cesarean birth. Many of these cesareans are unexpected, so it is a good idea for the expectant mother to become informed and educated about the procedure before her baby arrives....(Article)


March 30, 2004

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