Alexis Marron, Chicago Teenager, Found Dead In Mexico

Alexis Marron

GUSTAVO RUIZ and SOPHIA TAREEN   12/28/11 07:21 PM ET   AP

MORELIA, Mexico — An American teenager who was found dead on Christmas Eve in Mexico had gone to see his girlfriend the day he died and didn't tell relatives, perhaps fearing they wouldn't let him go, according to Mexican prosecutors' documents obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

The charred remains of 18-year-old Alexis Uriel Marron of Rolling Meadows, Illinois were found along with the bodies of two friends in the trunk of a burned-out car in the western state of Michoacan. The car belonged to one of the friends.

Two uncles identified Marron through crowns on his teeth and clothing that hadn't burned, the documents said.

The prosecutors' office said the car holding the remains of the three young men was found Saturday on the side of a rural road in Michoacan, a Mexican state that has been plagued in recent years by violence linked to Mexico's drug trafficking trade.

Prosecutors were looking into robbery as a possible motive because none of the three men's possessions were found in the car. But the area has also been the scene of bloody turf battles between drug gangs. The Knights Templar and Jalisco New Generation cartels are believed to be active in the area.

Marron was a U.S. citizen, according to the documents, but his family was from a town in the area called Quiringuicharo. The relatives said Marron, a suburban Chicago high school student, arrived in Mexico on Dec. 3 to celebrate the year-end holidays and was staying with an uncle.

He left the house on Dec. 23, wearing a blue checked shirt, with the intention of visiting his girlfriend, who lived in the neighboring state of Jalisco. Another uncle said he called Marron Friday afternoon to tell him to collect money his father had sent him from the U.S.

Marron replied that he was on the road, and the signal was bad, according to the documents.

When he hadn't returned later in the evening, the family began to worry.

"I thought that he had gone without telling us for fear that we wouldn't give him permission," Jose Avalos Reyes, one of the uncles, told prosecutors.

The cousin of one of the other victims said he called Marron's girlfriend. She told him she had been expecting him and his friends but they had never arrived.

Family members reported the disappearances to local authorities and the charred remains were discovered the next day. The uncles told prosecutors that Marron did not do drugs.

Word of the death spread quickly to the Chicago area, which has a large population of Mexicans and Mexican Americans with roots in Michoacan. Family members were shocked, calling him a good kid.

Friends set up two memorial Facebook pages, a YouTube picture tribute and held a memorial Tuesday evening. Dozens attended in the Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect. They carried candles, flowers and balloons. Some quietly prayed in Spanish.

He was remembered as an athlete, a positive person who was always smiling and loved spending time with family.

Marron's cousin, Daniela Zendejas, told reporters that she considered him to be a brother. "He loved his nieces. And he didn't have time to get to one of them, to see her grow," she told reporters. "And now he's gone."

Another memorial was planned for next week when students were scheduled to return after the holiday break to Rolling Meadows High School, where Marron was a student. They were urged to wear red, Marron's favorite color.

"Wear red to remember our friend ... RIP Alexis Marron," one of the Facebook tributes read. "We are also all meeting out by his locker in the morning, bring pictures if you'd like or post notes or anything you'd like on his locker. We will all come together in remembrance..."

The U.S. State Department said the agency was working with U.S. Embassy officials to get more information. Mexican Consulate officials in Chicago said they were aware of reports of Marron's death and were ready to help family if requested.

The other two victims were identified as Mexican men aged 21 and 24. All three were from, or had family in Quiringuicharo.

Earlier in December, two other bodies were found in a burned-out vehicle on the same stretch of road. The victims have been identified as two Mexico City residents, but there was no immediate information on the motive in those killings either.


Gustavo Ruiz reported from Michoacan and Sophia Tareen from Chicago


MORELIA, Mexico -- Mexican prosecutors say teeth and clothing remnants were used to identify a suburban Chicago teenager whose charred remains were found on Christmas Eve in western Mexico. The bodie...
MORELIA, Mexico -- Mexican prosecutors say teeth and clothing remnants were used to identify a suburban Chicago teenager whose charred remains were found on Christmas Eve in western Mexico. The bodie...
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...all things in moderation...
1 hour ago( 2:28 AM)
Are there others who are as tired as me hearing about the insane violence in "drug cartel country" in Mexico? Is there really nothing more effective in stemming this flow of innocent blood?

But there is one thing I want to add here, because I do not lay the entire responsibi­lity for this tragic situation entirely in Mexico. The appetite for illegal drugs is huge and uncontroll­ed...and that ravenous, killing appetite is sourced in our own "beloved" USA...if our society were truly well adjusted and happy, not needing drugs for recreation of relief, then the violence attached to the manufactur­e, sale and distributi­on of said product would dry up. Yes, Mexico's law enforcemen­t is compromise­d and corrupt. But our American culture is pretty "effed up" too.
2 hours ago( 2:12 AM)
We should have a wall with no opening across the border, thse is absolutely no reason to ever gop to Mexico, It would solve illegal crossing ointo our country, and stop Americans from entering such a unsafe, unstable crime ruled backward country, not even safe to drink the water
1 hour ago( 2:47 AM)
Large parts of this great country once belonged to Mexico before we stole it from them.
1 hour ago( 2:48 AM)
Once upon a time I would have had a more optimistic response, but now I just have to agree with you. Build a wall around it and let them all kill each other.
2 hours ago( 2:08 AM)
So we are winning the War on Drugs. If we just stay the course for another 30-40 years, invest another trillion or 2, imprison a few million more of our fellow citizens, and keep the huge profits available to the drug cartels...­victory will be ours.
2 hours ago( 1:51 AM)
I love Mexico but I will not go back for a long long time. And I realize parts of the US are violent as well and I am staying away from those areas as well. These gangs in Mexico and the US are organized, well armed, well trained and violent as all heck. Too bad, Mexico was pretty safe 20 years ago.

They need to legalize drugs and enforce border security. But I know those things will not happen.
1 hour ago( 2:23 AM)
Sounds like your ENJOYING THE STUFF !!!!!!!!!!­!!!!
46 minutes ago( 3:05 AM)
No,,they don't have to legalize drugs,,,,,­,,,,what they have to do is execute those who manufactur­e drugs and distribute in the USA and anyone caught and convicted of bringing illegal drugs into the United States automatica­lly executed.
This kind of thinking would end the war here. Mexico is more of a threat than any Middle East country.
2 hours ago( 1:47 AM)
Horrible that human lives were lost. However, this points out that the family is from Mexico and that he was an American citizen only because he was born in the US. We gave him a free education and the family free social services. I am over 60, but I think most of Ron Paul's ideas, such as this one to not allow citizenshi­p based on place of birth, that parents MUST be US citizens in order to have him enrolled in US schools, despite the DREAM act and other such nonsense. Send the parents back to Mexico and let Mexico spend the money to solve this crime. It is their problem, not ours.
1 hour ago( 2:34 AM)
I didn't see where it was stated that the parents were not US Citizens. Yje boy was a US Citizens and therefore it is up to the US to investigat­e along with the Mexican authoritie­s. I happen to be in favor of the Dream Act. Have you read it?
42 minutes ago( 3:09 AM)
Your effort to politicize a tragic event is disgusting­, to say the least.
In addition, citizenshi­p based on birthplace is a Constituti­onal right. The TP attempts to include parental birthplace is nonsensica­l--- many of our founding fathers, your own ancestors (assuming that YOUR parents were born in the US) and current citizens would not meet such a criterion. If you don't like this criterion, it's not too late for you to move to another country. The Constituti­onal definition of citizenshi­p is unlikely to be changed within your lifetime.
2 hours ago( 1:46 AM)
Mexico motto....M­urder, Murder, kill
2 hours ago( 1:41 AM)
Why are Mexican crimes so horrid? Mexicans in the USA are so peaceful and gentle. Wtf?
1 hour ago( 2:22 AM)
Have you been reading the news: man dressed as Santa kills five, man kills little girl and dismembers body, and on and on. We have our slaughter here too.
3 hours ago( 1:16 AM)
possibly stopped for a drug deal on the road ? and ambushed ? would like to know if any history of drug use among these three young men ..
I edited my micro-bio but it didn't edit me back!
2 hours ago( 2:11 AM)
Their families said no, but does that mean they deserved this death? Drug dealers don't murder their clients or they wouldn't have any left. It's so obvious, these kids were robbed & murdered.
1 hour ago( 2:40 AM)
3 hours ago( 1:10 AM)
Didn’t read it all, couldn’t. Disgusting and tragic. Seen Mexican justice at work and wonder is it a failure in progress, ‘guilty until proved innocent’ and ‘defend yourself while jailed ‘. Really? I don’t live in a country with this ‘wise’ tradition, and would protest if I did. Nobody trusts Mexican police anymore. Shame! Fix it!
San Francisco native
3 hours ago(12:59 AM)
Condolence­s to his family. Mexico is not what it used to be. These drugs should be made legal, to stop the violence.
3 hours ago(12:57 AM)
hey they set up a mine field down in the park lets go take a walk and see if we can get blown up ! stay away from troubled areas and maybe just maybe you won"t get hurt ! hey i got a blue shirt for xmas but i am not going to wear it in east LA
3 hours ago(12:45 AM)
Sorry for the victims and their family.
Why all this hue and cry!
It is a small incident.
How many innocents Americans are killing by Americans in Muslim countries?
3 hours ago( 1:12 AM)
not as much as muslims are killing other muslims all over the world, with a love of killing wommen and children by those muslims. But then that is their way isn't it after all.
2 hours ago( 1:37 AM)
Dear Jack, leave us alone what ever we are,
think about you, seen above ugly incident.
If you are good reader then study your own history, barring killing of millions of Muslims,
how many Christians and Jews have been butchered by you white skin people?
Do you know recent time 'gentleman­' Hitler of Germany?
2 hours ago( 1:52 AM)
Take a good look in the history books, read carefully and don't miss the parts where it mentions how many Americans were killed by Americans over the years, then read on about how many foreigners have been killed all over the world by Americans, then tell me whose way it is, kind of like the Pot calling the Kettle black !
3 hours ago(12:42 AM)
Do high schools in Chicago let out for Christmas before dec. 3?
Richie MuadDib
loves to be censored
2 hours ago( 1:21 AM)
Speak for yourself.
2 hours ago( 1:41 AM)
That's so the kids can go somewhere safe and be alive for the holidays.
3 hours ago(12:29 AM)
Also in the USA people get killed. In the States many people had entered to schools and shot a people killing them. Violence is not only in Mexico, also in the USA. Probably they killed under different circumstan­ces, but still is violence.
4 hours ago(12:16 AM)
Now this drug violence is spreading to Honduras and Nicaragua. All due to certain people in this country who want their heads to spin for a little while and escape their own reality...
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3 hours ago(12:59 AM)
I guess you think everything is America's fault.
3 hours ago( 1:07 AM)
I have an idea. Rather than have the drugs smuggled into this country, why don't we send the drug abusers down THERE?