Not a Disaster: the Stock Market

The tsunami striking Japan was definitely a disaster, and in Hawai’i we’ve had damage that is disastrous on a smaller scale. But one thing that hasn’t been a disaster since the tsunami is the stock market.

The market had spun itself somewhat downward in late February and continued that through early February, but as of now–March 29, 2011, so with about a week’s worth of trading to go–the market has done just fine and dandy.

The Vanguard Total Stock Index Fund (VTSMX), the index on which the majority of my model portfolio depends, is up–a measly 0.974%, but up. Additionally, the Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund (VGTSX), which would seem more vulnerable to a natural disaster in Japan, has also been down, but just a hair–0.56%.

So far, the tsunami which did tons of damage to the islands of Japan has done about none to the markets.

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