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As a pacifist, I truly hope that Humanity will find peace within my lifetime.  If not, then I hope this document will survive me to where Human beings do find peace, and that this document will play a role in the discovery and development of that peace.

In this document, I use logic to analyze what I call "the big picture":  how can we all get along, find happiness, not harm each other, and live peacefully upon this planet?  I use logic to guide my reasoning in finding the answers to these questions.

Note that The Logic Of Surak does not imply that any "supreme being(s)" do or do not exist, and thus does not imply atheism nor agnosticism.  It is my belief that The Logic Of Surak is equally applicable to people of all faiths, to agnostics, and to atheists.

And please remember:  Ozhika -- palik t'kau ri shaht.  (Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.)

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