Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue!

Are they stuck at the corner of “Walk” and “Don’t Walk”?

by Billy Roper

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Name The Jew

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Name The Jew

The Occupy Wall Street herds are a mixed lot. Many of the protest’s organizers were originally allied with the ‘Anonymous’ group of hackers. As an outgrowth of the ‘Black Block’ anti-racist, anti-establishment, anti-corporate left wing consortiums of a decade ago whom I and others in the White Nationalist movement fought in the streets from D.C. to Boston to York and all over, they are decidedly leftists. However, along with that liberal anti-elitism comes a sympathy for the Palestinian cause. Additionally, they can’t criticize Wall Street or corporate media or the banking industry without criticizing Jews, by definition. What that has led to is, in isolated but growing areas of their multi-city protests, a vocal naming of the Jew. It remains to be seen whether, in hindsight once America goes down, these and subsequent protests will be seen like the Stamp Act and Intolerable Act protests of the predecessors to our Founding Fathers are seen, today. One thing is certain, however: people from every end of the political spectrum now object to the status quo. Everyone hates the rich. Everyone¬†distrusts the controlled media. Everyone resents the banking industry and the Federal Reserve. We all would like to “occupy Wall Street”. More and more people are willing to name the Jew.

Who wants to occupy Pennsylvania Avenue?

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