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HomePage locked

home page locked, wiki will be entirely locked soon backlinks print
similarslides5 comments
This page is now locked due to persistent spammer registration and editing, and this wiki will be entirely locked shortly. Discuss the future of the domain on, or on

This is your wiki

If you use any version of Protel, this is your wiki.
Write something!

This is a public wiki available for the use of the Protel user community. To edit pages, users must be registered and logged-in. Until help resources are in place, email abd[AT]lomaxdesign[DOT]com with questions. Or if you have wiki knowledge, and the time, edit this page to make it more user-friendly.

Proposal: Shut-down with replacement.

I have a number of tiki-wiki installations, and maintaining them has become cumbersome, because of spammers. This site is being used to create educational pages regarding Protel, and that could be freely done, in an environment that is cooperatively maintained by a large community, at Wikiversity. I will create a page there, at, to be used to provide most of what this wiki could have provided. After allowing some time for comment, my intention would be to shut this wiki down to new posting. We can discuss what to do with the domain name on Wikiversity. Suggestions welcome. --Abd, June 2, 2011.

Meta: this wiki and related wiki


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