WTF Episodes

Episode 8 - Caroline Rhea / Matthew

Caroline Rhea had her own national talk show. But did she get to talk about threesomes with Marc Maron? Hell no. That’s what the internet is for. Also, Marc tells a story of an occurrence that got him a wee bit closer to believing in God. And Matthew has some self-awareness issues. WTF x 8 = This Episode.

Episode 7 - Nick Griffin / Marc’s Mom / Sam Seder

Warning to all men: None of your secrets are safe when Marc sits down with fellow comic/divorcee Nick Griffin. They’re sharing their pain and dishing the dirt on how guys like them really feel about relationships. Plus, Marc tries to get technological advice from his mom. And, on the heels of Marc’s Whole Foods crime, we’ve got more law-breaking courtesy of an unexpected guest. SEVEN!

Episode 6 - David Cross

Allow comedian David Cross to make you laugh with stories about the birthing of his new book, I Drink for a Reason. Let Marc and Matthew make you blush with stories about colonics. And, permit Marc to make you gasp with stories about the most shocking member of his apartment building. It’s Episode 6 and there’s no turning back now.

Episode 5 - John Oliver / Dr. Maron / Matthew

The Daily Show’s John Oliver tells Marc why the British think they’re so cool. We’ll also find out what he’s doing on NBC’s new series Community and why he’s finding it easy to stay funny in the Age of Obama. Plus, Marc calls his Dad to get advice about his future, Matthew and Marc have a texting problem, and Marc looks deep within his soul to find his inner xenophobe.

Episode 4 - David Feldman

Emmy-winning writer David Feldman, veteran of “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Dennis Miller Live,” shares some WTF moments with Marc, including being called a racist, realizing how dumb America has gotten, and falling in love with podcasts. Plus, Marc shares some of the secrets that got him through his divorce and he cops to an embarrassing addiction. Episode 4! Not to be confused with Episodes 1, 2 or 3.

Episode 3 - Patton Oswalt / Lawton Smalls / Matthew

Patton Oswalt! Lawton Smalls! And our first sponsor! WTF?!?! Marc is joined by his old friend Patton Oswalt to talk about Patton’s starring role in “Big Fan” and about the nature of obsession. And speaking of obsessed, delusional conservative Lawton Smalls calls in to tell Marc what’s going on in the obsessive world of right-wing nutjobs. Plus, Marc reveals what he’s been obsessed about lately, and it’s delicious. Also, more fun with Matthew. All this and our first sponsor, POW!

Episode 2 - Jim Earl / Matthew Weiss

E! What the f#@! is E!???? Marc finds the answer to that question in the most embarrassing way possible. Good thing he gets to cheer himself up with a call to his old friend and co-host, Jim Earl. Plus, some movie talk about Inglorious Basterds and The Hurt Locker. It’s Episode 2 - Just like Episode 1, only second.

Episode 1 - Jeff Ross

A great first guest for a great first show - The Master of the Roasts, comedian Jeff Ross. With his new book set to hit stores, Jeff and Marc talk about the finer art of the comedic roast, as well as how a roast led to one of the worst nights of Marc’s life, and how one of the worst night’s of Jeff’s life was salvaged by Tom Cruise.

Also, in his WTF moment of the day, Marc tells us how an act of crime led to his liberation from Whole Foods Market.