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Smoke Without Fire: The Electronic Cigarette

Chris Williams had been smoking for forty years.

"I thought I would never quit. I had tried many expensive products to try cut down or stop - nicotine gum, the nicorette, patches - and nothing had worked."

Like many other people, Chris tried nicotine cessation therapy to quit smoking. However, what's not displayed on the packaging of nicotine cessation aids is their very poor 5% long-term success rate.

In the end Chris, under pressure from his family, found a solution to his problem - and it didn't involve quitting.

An alternative to smoking

The electronic cigarette contains nicotine, but without the associated tar, tobacco and combustion found in cigarettes.
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Home Remedies For Skin Burns

Have you ever had skin burn? I think everyone have experienced having skin burns at least once in their life. But would you know what to do or the remedies in case someone just did?

Keep in mind; don’t apply anything on it right away. Run your skin burn under running water of slightly cool temperature for at least 20 minutes first then you can do these helpful tips.

DON'T put ice on it or it will make it hurt and even worse after you removed it from the wound. It also does harm to the skin area surrounding the burn.
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Lift Your Mood The Natural Way

Depression is a serious matter that needs to be attended. All over the world, millions of people suffer from this debilitating illness. And because people lack information regarding this condition, they tend to disregard it; thinking that this disorder is just a normal occurrence in a person’s life, which will eventually go away. But there is more to it that meets the eye; an unattended and disregarded depression can ultimately lead to suicide! Sadly this debilitating state chooses nobody. No one is safe from being affected by depression. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, influential or a commoner, young or old, male or female.
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Unleash The Beauty Of Your Abs!

Do you ever think of what you would look like if you had six pack abs? Well, you are not alone! Because there are a lot of people who also dream of having a flat and well toned midsection. It should make sense because having well toned abdominal muscles is a plus factor for men and a sign of discipline and determination. The reason for this is that a great looking midsection involves strict dieting and an unshaken determination to reach your desired result however difficult the task may be. Indeed it is the ultimate sign of fitness, because a well-sculpted; but not too ripped midsection is an awesome sight to behold.
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Partake A Glass Of Wine A Day To A Healthier You

Eating the right food has been regarded as an effective way to ward off diseases. Much so, it has been regarded as a potent one at that. These days, things have changed. From the food that we eat to the way we treat diseases. Recently, pharmaceutical drugs have been taking over as magic pills in treating diseases. I thank the medical society in their effort to constantly think of ways to treat diseases. But let me pose a question to you all; has it occurred to you that in one way or another, your lifestyles may have caused the condition you have right now? Let us not forget that fruits and vegetables are nature’s magical agents of battling diseases.
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Know What To Do When You Need To

It is important to know how to give first aid, particularly to life-threatening situations. Examples of these are choking, excessive bleeding, drowning, poisoning and the stopping of ones breath or heartbeat. A first aid is what a person can do to a wounded or sick person, or on any immediate situation that involves life threatening matters, before the doctor arrives. The aims of first aid and emergency preparedness are: To keep the person alive; this counts for life threatening and immediate situations/cases. Another is to stabilize the condition of the person, and lastly, to relieve any pain, discomfort and most importantly, anxiety.
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So Do You Want To Be A Living Canvas?

Tattooing is an expression of the self and is usually a permanent form of body alteration. To some, they consider this as a jewel which cannot be removed. It is in this art form that they are happiest. Moreover these body art are representations of their past experiences/chapters of their lives that they want to remember. To some tattoos are expressions of their love to that particular person. Art comes in various forms, it can be through paint, multi-media or ink. And in the form of ink, the canvas is most recommended, and the human body used as a canvas is the most obvious place for a person who wishes to express his/her personal emotions.
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Alternative Treatment And Care For Insomnia

Millions of people around the world are suffering from the condition called sleep disorder. This is a condition that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. Normally people with sleeping disorders have one of the following symptoms; a tired feeling even when the person just woke up, and waking up on very early hours of the morning. Another symptom is, waking up during night time and having trouble when going back to sleep and the most common is the inability to sleep at night. All of us have experienced this sleeping disorder at one point of our lives, though there are times that this disorder is linked with overwhelming feelings over a certain person, normally this is associated with emotional feeling like that of infatuations and post excitement feeling over the opposite sex.
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The Healthiness Of Sex

Sexual intercourse is a sweet gift that offers the most pleasurable and sensual experience to couples. This is a gift to the physical needs of the couples that only a couple has the right to enjoy. This gift was created in order that an individual body, be viewed as one, and wipe off the weakening effects of the days work. Normally in a sexual act, men have the tendency to take control. They are the person responsible for a woman’s sexual satisfaction. Indeed there are a lot of print materials regarding sexual tips; but did you know that there are more to it than just sexual satisfaction? Boosting your immune system is certainly the last thing that you would think, if you’re on the mood, but, good sex offers a good amount of health benefits and more.
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Bionomics – The Solution To Any Work Related Discomforts

Ergonomics has evolved from a humble office arrangement to a more diversified state – Bionomics! Yes we have learned that the merging of ergonomics to any of mans daily activities is of great benefit, because it gives us ease of work as well as peace of mind because of the proper arrangements of the tools that we use. But as Man does not stay on the same corner, no we are never the stationary kind, in fact we also go with the tide, we constantly think of ways to better improve our way of life. We keep moving forward. Thus this newer version is born! The difference between Ergonomics and Bionomics is that the focus is not only limited to the physical environment alone; it also focuses on the proper management of the body as well.
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