Java 3d Viewer

"Relatively Realistic Realtime 3d Engine"


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    (eg. not Windows 3.1 or Apple II systems ).


  Java Applet:   Imaging 3d Viewer

Rotate the object in the left window by draging the mouse over the drawing ( with the left mouse button depressed ).

Click or double click on the object name to change objects.

The program can read from arbitrary URL's, however your browser's secrurity manager may and probably will prevent you from doing so.

This is a security feature of Java and your browser and not a fault of mine or my program.

If you have a slow connection complex objects will load slowly.

This program can read multiple object file formats inluding .obj, .nff, .off, and (a few simple VRML) .wrl file types.

Note :   Only the ".off" and ".nff" files can be rendered as solid at this time.

All other models are limited to limited to wireframe rendering currently.

Last modified 11/13/97 and is actively being modified and upgraded.

This applet was developed for, and tested on all the major software platforms,
    and each of these companies, they want you to know   . . .

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