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Monday January 2nd, 2012

Rocketry in the News..

* NASA Plans Capsule to Take Humans Into Deep Space  [2011/05/24]
* SpaceX Reveals The Falcon Heavy, The Most Powerful Rocket Since The Mighty Saturn V  [2011/04/05]
* Iran claims launch of turtles, rodent into space  [2010/02/03]
* NASA: Good night moon, hello new rocket technology  [2010/02/01]
* NASA scrubs launch of Ares I-X rocket  [2009/10/27]

Random Cool Stuff..

1994 Phoenix New Times HPR ArticleIn 2008 I re-discovered an old article on HPR that appeared in a September 1994 issue of the Phoenix New Times paper that I kept. This was how the site owner learned “high power rocketry” and groups like Tripoli Rocketry Association and Reaction Research Society even existed. I recently scanned in the article for your enjoyment!

Phoenix New Times article (8.5"x11", 150 dpi, 6.7MB)
Phoenix New Times article (8.5"x11", 300 dpi, 27.5MB)

The Webmaster's Liquid-Fueled Rocket Motor Project

Small Rocket Motor InjectorI designed, and started building, a liquid bi-propellant rocket motor back around 1995 - 1997. Recently I finally got around to scanning a bunch of stuff and posted my calculations, designs, reviews, CAD drawings, and some photos of the project.

Someday soon I hope to finish the rocket motor and test fire it, we'll see. I was actually thinking of “open-sourcing” the project with the hope of enlisting the help of others with machining skills and equipment, vehicle design and recovery ideas, and maybe even someone with a place to test it in Texas or a nearby state. Then we would publish all of the design information and data we end up with and make it all available on the web.

» Click here for more information on my liquid-fueled motor project Content (more coming soon) is adding more suppliers, organizations and clubs, software, and links all the time. To date we currently have..

163 suppliers
162 organizations
37 books
207 web links
43 software applications

Also just added the ability to search books, and if there is only one result the book details page will show instead of a list. Saves a click, and sacrifices page views for your convenience! (More search capabilities are currently under development)

Also, please check out the Google ads shown in the right column, and if one or two catch your eye please click on them and visit the sites. The nickels and dimes those little ads bring in (and yes, it amounts to nickels and dimes each day) help offset the web hosting and bandwidth costs for keeping live on the Internet. The webmaster/developer is not independently wealthy, so every little bit helps. And there's some cool stuff over there! :)

As a Matter of Fact, I AM a Rocket Scientist (T-Shirt)

Rocketry SWAG and Cool Stuff..

Soon rocketry related news will appear here on the front page. For now please check out our rocketry related t-shirts, hats, mugs and other swag. You will not only be the coolest kid on your block, you will be helping to keep FREE as it has been for over a decade now!


How to Design, Build and Test Small Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engines (Book)In 2003 I created an Adobe PDF version of the Leroy Krzycki's classic old book “How to Design, Build and Test Small Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engines” complete with the actual diagrams and equations scanned from the original text.

Recently I also created a hardcover book version, 8.25" x 10.75" and 71 pages with a glossy cover, available now from for only $23.53 which covers printing and production, along with a downloadable PDF version for only $2.50.

» Search Ranking

Everyone once in a while I check a few search terms on popular search engines to see where comes up in the results. I used to do it to show potential banner advertisers how their ads would be better found and viewed on this site, but now just post the results for fun. Check it out here!

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