Ellowas Gallery

I decided to upload Ellowas’ gallery from Darknest to my site. His movies are here and I think his pictures also deserve a spot here as well. Below I have quoted his last post on Darknest. He has stopped and no one has heard from him since this post. I hope this clearifies some of the questions you might have, for example why he doesnt make new movies. However I might add one more movie which isnt one of his tests but a movie just like the others there is on my site.

Well … time to clear a few things up, I guess :|

First of all sorry for not replying to the postings here and to the people, who wrote me PMs. I dunno why, but for some reason from time to time I feel the need to take some distance to this “identity” of mine … sometimes it also feels like I’m answering the same old question for the hundredth time and eventually I reach a point, where I don’t bother replying at all. That doesn’t apply to every PM I got lately, but I think you get the idea … when I get bored with something, I tend to leave things and people, that are related to it, behind for some time. It’s stupit, I know, and certainly it’s unfair to some people, but as I said: it’s how I roll, I guess :X

So yeah, I haven’t quite felt the need to make some porn lately and I still don’t do. To be honest, I’m not even sure when and if I’ll continue updating. But to straighten things out right here, before any misunderstandings come up: I don’t think I’ll quit for good, as I’ve just put way too much work into my models, to simply give them up. What I mean to say is, I’m not working on anything right now, I don’t have any plans on working anytime soon and should I decide to update again, I can’t guarantee that things go back the way they were, including regular updates, commissions and all.


To see his gallery simply navigate to the gallery in the menu bar or click the logo below:

Nars Gallery

There are a few new pictures in Nars gallery. Though as his English isnt the best he will not do frontpage posts but you are  welcome to chek his gallery now and then for new updates even though there might not be new frontpage posts about it.

Merry christmas

Merry christmas from us here at Azerothica. We hope you will all have a lovely christmas holiday and some christmas presents of things you want. Now since it is christmas I thought to create a picture that suits the season as well as giving my site a sort of more suiting theme as well.

Nars Gallery is back

Nars added his gallery back. You can find his large gallery by clicking the logo below, enjoy :)

Nude Patch for WoW 4.3.0 released

The azerothica nude patch has been released for WoW version 4.3.0. It should work for both EU and US wow clients.

Download section

A download section has been added to the site. From there you will be able to download the nude patch I use for my Azerothica game, in world of warcraft itself. Do remember, use at own risk.

Whorecraft preview picture gallery

As my site has been re-wamped ive uploaded all preview pictures on 1 page, it works pretty well with the new gallery system, even the .gif pictures works.

Lints gallery – updated

Updated!  Full gallery available.


Site content, the missing stuff

As you all know by now the site has had a re-wamp and this means that all artists have to re-create their gallery however, instead of me having to do all the work, each artist can now log on and set up their own gallery themselves (I still make artist users for galleries manually on purpose). This means that if you dont see your favourite artist, you should ask him/her to add their content to their gallery.

Lints Gallery

Another new screenmanipulation from lints, this time it’s a hetero picture between a human male and a human female, its actually his first hetero.