Team News | 02.01.2012

Team NetApp is a official wildcard candidate for the Giro d’Italia

Team NetApp is applying for a wildcard for the Giro d’Italia 2012 (5-27 May). Race organization RCS Sport will award four wildcards, there are 13 other ProContinental Teams in the running besides Team NetApp.

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Team Blog | 21.12.2011

Andreas Schillinger: Lanzarote part two

Hi Guys, Now our training camp is already over. The ten days on Lanzarote just have been terrific and we had a blast. After the day of the photo shoot we went back to our usual training. For me it has been one of the best team training camps I...

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Team Blog | 15.12.2011

Andreas Schillinger: Training on Lanzarote

Hey Guys, Today you will get my first report from Lanzarote where we're currently on our first training camp of the season. Most of us arrived in Playa Blanca on the 10th of December. After our first dinner together we all got a good night's sleep...

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Team Blog | 07.12.2011

Enrico Poitschke: Off to the training camp on Lanzarote

Team NetApp's first training camp is just around the corner, and I'd like to divulge a few "big secrets" about how to prepare for a successful season.

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Interviews | 06.12.2011

Co-sponsor BORA introduces itself

Team NetApp will be supported by another strong partner at the beginning of next year. BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, which is based in Raubling in Upper Bavaria, has been developing range ventilation systems and marketing them in Germany and Europe...

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Team Blog | 01.12.2011

A physical therapist doesn't give only massages all day!

Hello, My name's Veronika, or Vero for short, and I'm a physical therapist for Team NetApp. Today I have the opportunity to write a little about my work with the team so that you can get an idea of what a typical race day is like. But what do I...

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Team Blog | 29.11.2011

Mechanic Jens Kunath: Bike maintenance recommendation for the winter time

Bike maintenance recommendations for year-round riders and those taking a break

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Press Releases | 28.11.2011

Team NetApp signs Matthias Brändle

Twenty-two-year-old Austrian rider Matthias Brändle will reinforce Team NetApp next season. He is the seventh new rider to sign on. Brändle is transferring from Team Geox - TMC to the German ProContinental team.

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