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Ensuring and Assisting U.S. Industry's Compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention
Department of Commerce, Herbert C. Hoover Building, Washington, DC

  • NEW Notice of Inquiry regarding “Schedule 1" Chemicals: Impact of Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) on Commercial Activities Involving “Schedule 1" Chemicals through Calendar Year 2011; Impact on Adding Salts of CWC “Schedule 1" Chemicals to “Schedule 1;” and Impact of Declaring Production of “Schedule 1" Chemicals as Intermediates

    BIS is seeking public comments on three separate issues relating to Schedule 1 chemicals:

    (1) to collect information to assist BIS in its preparation of the annual certification to the Congress that is required under Condition 9 of Senate Resolution 75, April 24, 1997, in which the Senate gave its advice and consent to the ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention;

    (2) to collect information that would assist BIS to evaluate whether salts of certain “Schedule 1” chemicals should be added to the list of “Schedule 1” chemicals; and

    (3) to collect information that would indicate to BIS whether any “Schedule 1” chemicals, or salts thereof, are produced as intermediates in the commercial production of some other chemical.

    BIS reminds the public that the CWC, CWC Implementation Act, or CWC Regulations have potential impacts on commercial activities whenever Schedule 1 chemicals (e.g. nitrogen mustards) are intermediates in the synthesis of other chemicals, not just when the Schedule 1 chemicals are end products. Comments are due to BIS by January 9, 2012.

  • NEW CY 2011 “Change In Inspection Status” Form (CIIS Form) for Unscheduled Discrete Organic Chemicals (UDOCs) due by December 15th.

  • Submit a “Change In Inspection Status” Form (CIIS Form) to TCD by December 15th. IF your UDOC facility is currently declared and subject to inspection based on your CY 2010 Annual Declaration on Past Activities (ADPA) or UDOC "No Changes" Certification and IF it will not produce by synthesis more than the inspection threshold (i.e., 200 metric tons aggregate) of UDOCs in CY 2011.

    Also, if your UDOC plant site shutdown or ceased declarable activities during CY 2011 and did not produce by synthesis more than 30 metric tons on an individual PSF chemical or 200 metric tons aggregate of UDOCs during CY 2011, you may submit the CIIS Form to notify TCD of the change to the status of your facility. TCD will notify the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to ensure your plant site is not selected for inspection during the first three months of CY 2012 prior to submission of the CY 2011 ADPA.

    See TCD’s publication on the CIIS Form for further background information on this requirement.

    Submit your CIIS Form to TCD via Web-DESI or mail or carrier to the following address:

    U.S. Department of Commerce
    Bureau of Industry and Security Treaty Compliance Division
    14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Room 4515
    Washington, DC 20230

  • State Parties to the CWC. Click here for a complete list of CWC States Parties.OPCW Web Site ]

  • Interactive Pre-Inspection Briefing (PIB) Template: The PIB template has been updated to reflect current operational practices. You can download the PowerPoint template and customize it to your facilities activites in preparation for a possible inspection. Powerpoint Presentation ]

  • Web-DESI - Submit your request for Web-DESI access via fax to 202-482-1731. E-mail your questions on Web-DESI to: vog.cod.sib@isedbewcwc

  • Global Chemical Industry Compliance Program (GC-ICP): A handbook to assist companies in determining if their chemical is subject to declaration/reporting under the CWC and other administrative elements, such as corporate commitment statement and recordkeeping. [ PDF ]

          Ensure an effective treaty compliance system by:
    • Assisting industry towards compliance with the CWC.
    • Maximizing the protection of confidential business information.
    • Minimizing burdens and costs to facilities.
    • Seeking equitable international implementation.

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    Electronic Declarations
    and Reports


    Web-DESI is a user-friendly, time-saving tool available for submitting CWC declarations and reports via the Internet.

    BIS Bulletin CWC-002: A Quick Guide
    Chemical Plant
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