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    Symbol of WellnessLive A Dynamic Life!

    Life DynamiX is a social network that empowers people through innovative health and wellness to embrace their life's potential.

    The complimentary community provides a free health course, and e-books. These materials enhance wellness and better enable its members to make a positive difference.

    Our vision is of a planet where we all prosper in one another's brilliance. We contribute to this goal by providing educational services at no cost and a platform for compassionate wellness minded individuals to unite. Please join our quest to make a difference by joining the wellness community at Wings For All. Together we will make this beautiful world a better place!

    Naturally Happy - Coming Soon To A Health Store Near You

    The mind requires a variety of nutrients to function properly. Without these vital nutrients it can be a challenge to feel good. Life Dynamix provides a healthy solution with Naturally Happy. Naturally Happy is a whole food supplement system designed to help you feel your best.

    Click here for more information about this natural remedy for depression.

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    Featured Post

    Dog Helps Save Cat

    Theyre about the same size and look a bit alike, with similar coloring, although Chloe the 22-pound pug is almost as broad as shes tall and Willow, a Siamese cat, has longer legs and is, well, more willowy. Sometimes 7-year-old Chloe even deigns to chase and play with Willow or puts up with the 1-year-old felines rubbing and licking her. But the bond between the pets of Amanda and Ron Bjelland grew even stronger last Thursday. ...

    Steven shares this important message of wellness.

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    Featured Post

    Come Closer To Your Dreams Through Yoga

    IS there a way you can make your dreams come true? It does not matter where you come from, what you do, where you were born or how many troubles you went through during your lifetime. We are entitled to have a dream, to follow it with all our heart and believe in its possibilities. ...

    Deepa shares this important message of wellness.

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    Favorite Quotations

    Posted by Jessica Loehr in Inspiration ..Life is what you make it, and I always make it the best it can be!! ..A mother is GOD in a child's eye. ..If GOD brings you to it, He will bring you through it ..The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ..Real love is believing in someone until they can believe in themselves. .. Click here for the rest of Jessica's post.

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    Featured Post

    Keeping Your Mental Health Together When Everything Is Falling Apart

    Everything that happens to us is happening because there is something to learn from it. We have to learn to watch for the signs, we have to learn to look to the universe for guidance. We have to learn to accept what is happening to us and remember that if we just let go, if we just surrender, we will find the places we need to go, the people we need to meet, the life we are meant to live...

    Dreamyvee shares this important message of wellness.

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    Featured Post

    There Is Good News Too

    As a determined world citizen, I embrace the new paradigm that is to come. This is one where borders come down, where race is understood as the bodys reaction to its position on the earth and the mind's reaction to its own experiences. Greed, power, fashion and fear will no longer be a driving force. It will be compassion, confidence and sustainment of the planet. As we crawl into the drivers seat, to take charge of our own future, we are simultaneously uniting in harmony, understanding and awareness. The process has already begun...

    Jason shares this important message of wellness.

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    Video Message of Wellness


    Scarlett shares her message of wellness.

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    Featured Wellness Photo Shoot


    Click Here to see some of Jess's photos that will be in the Arizona edition of the Wellness Messenger magazine.

    Featured Cause

    Horse Rescue

    Thanks to your support, the neglected horses rescued in November are well on their way to a full recovery. Less than two months ago, more than 80 horses were living in horrific conditions on a Bradyville, Tennessee farm -- many of them unlikely to make it to 2010. But, thanks to tireless efforts by numerous organizations, volunteers, veterinarians, and animal lovers like you, these horses enjoyed a happy holiday season.
    Life Dynamix shares this news.

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    A Message From The Founder Of Life Dynamix

    Wellness For A Better World!
    We are dedicated to making a difference for a better world by helping people feel better and spreading the message of wellness for the greater good!

    Health - Nature - Compassion - Vegetarian - Spirituality - Green Living
    We promote compassionate wellness that is not only healthy for people, but all life and the planet as well.

    Life Dynamix is a Dynamic Mix of life enhancement concepts for Dynamic Living. We focus on the little changes in lifestyle choices and behaviors that make a big difference. Through a synergistic blend of empowering strategies in mental mastery, healthy nutrition, advanced fitness, toxic free living, and bio energetics Life Dynamix helps achieve this enhanced state of living.

    Enhancing The Ability To Access Healthy & Healing Energy
    Life Dynamix concepts enhance the ability to access healthy energies. These frequencies rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. The more we access these nourishing energies the healthier we will feel, act, and respond. Pure love is a destination that our soul seeks and Life Dynamix will help many unite with this healing magic. When people feel better they are generally kinder and more compassionate to others and the healthy energy generated from one individual has the potential to indirectly touch thousands of hearts.

    To magic & possibilities...thank you for visiting!

    Your Friend,

    Life Dynamix Health and Wellness Disclaimer
    Before implementing any changes in physical activity or diet, consult with an integrative medical physician, a doctor who specializes in both naturopathic and conventional medicine. The intent of the life enhancement information and wellness products contained within this site are to increase your energy, fat loss, health and happiness. They should not replace your doctors counsel. If any information is contradictory to your doctors advice, we recommend getting a second opinion preferably from an integrative medicine physician.
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