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Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS)
Canadian FLDS polygamists Bountiful, British Columbia
Latter Day Church of Christ, The Kingston Clan of Utah
Church of the Lamb of God, Ervil LeBaron
Apostolic United Brethren, Allred Clan
The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Later Days, James Harmston
Orson William Black
Tom Green
Alex Joseph, Utah
Addam Swapp, Utah
Other individual polygamists
Polygamy and the Law
History of Mormon/American polygamy
General Information

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS)

Follower says he was expelled from FLDS for violating Warren Jeffs' sex ban
FLDS: Following a 'prophet'
Buildings go up at YFZ Ranch; complaints filed to TCEQ
Sheriff, county attorney halt standoff in polygamous community
'Give away children's toys and don't have sex with your wives': Paedophile preacher Warren Jeffs re-writes rulebook for followers from prison
Warren Jeffs demands polygamists' support from prison
Judge again rules state should pay $5M in polygamous trust costs
Ex-polygamous sect spokesman convicted of contempt
Utah drops case against polygamist sect leader
Polygamist ex-bishop gets 10-year sentence for Jeffs marriage
FLDS: Ex-president avoids prison
Former FLDS leader pleads no contest to bigamy in Texas
With Jeffs in prison, non-profits see small exodus from FLDS faith
Police help plural wife of Warren Jeffs flee polygamous community
Warrant issued for Warren Jeffs’ former bodyguard
Neighbors Upset With Polygamist Compound
More young people leaving polygamous sect, aid workers say
Warren Jeffs files handwritten motion for new trial
FLDS building in South Dakota and Texas
Investigator warns: Keep eye on Pringle FLDS
Mistrial declared in polygamous trust trespass case
FLDS neighbors complain about noise
Texas appeals court upholds conviction against FLDS man
Warren Jeffs to be housed in solitary Texas prison cell
Would-be prophet of polygamous sect signs letter condemning Jeffs
Second polygamous town official charged with misusing public money
Renewed battle for control of FLDS
FLDS officials indicted
Sleazy rider: Photos show polygamist Warren Jeffs on the run with his favourite bride... riding on a Harley Davidson
Jeffs' grip on polygamous church likely to remain
Polygamist Warren Jeffs gets life sentence plus 20 years
Harsh rules, sex assault described inside Jeffs' sect
Warren Jeffs’ own documents turn against him
Nephew alleges Jeffs raped him, claimed it was ‘God’s will’
Jeffs to remain president of FLDS Church, commerce officials say
Judge orders AG to pay nearly 5m to accountant overseeing FLDS land arm
Pictures of polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs 'kissing and cuddling' girl, 12, he is accused of raping shown to court
Colorado City still FLDS stronghold
Feds working Colorado City corruption probe
Polygamist leader, in court outburst, says is persecuted
Polygamy Power Play
For the FLDS faithful, Warren Jeffs' trial brings a choice
Texas Game Warden Got Peek Inside Polygamist Ranch
Warren Jeffs: From capture and conviction to reprieve and Texas trial
Jeffs brother says daughters at risk for polygamous marriage
FLDS polygamists 2.1 million behind on property taxes
FLDS compound pays overdue property taxes, starts road improvements
Neighbors, county want FLDS to repair road damage
Neighbor concerned about polygamy, child welfare
Partial Ruling In Fight Over Utah Polygamous Sect
Support for Jeffs' rival resulted in eviction, FLDS member alleges
Boxes of books feared burned in FLDS town recovered in Cedar City
Despite book burning, organizers resolve to create library for FLDS communities
Man battling for presidency of FLDS cited for trespassing
New court docs reveal 1.7 billion pages of evidence in FLDS case
Utah judge hands control of trust to FLDS leaders
Speaker opens eyes to suffering of women in polygamist cults
Court hears Jeffs recount polygamous marriages to 12-year-old Canadian girls
Treasurer: Polygamist sect past due on taxes
Polygamous elder moves to oust Jeffs
'The Primer' helps decipher the world of polygamy
Colorado City chooses new mayor
Polygamist group has compound in South Dakota
Utah takeover of FLDS property trust ruled unconstitutional
Jailed Warren Jeffs retakes FLDS presidency
Accused FLDS Teen Rapist Gets Slap on Wrist
FLDS man pleads guilty to sex charges in marriage to his cousin
Tearful testimony on polygamy reveals much
Funeral fuels flames of religious divide in Colorado City
FLDS: Three pay visit to Jeffs in jail
Utah high court: Polygamist leader can go to Texas
Boy sent to Bountiful at age 14
Warren Jeffs to government leaders: "repent or be destroyed"
Judge Orders FLDS Leader Extradited to Texas
Jury gives Dutson 6 years, 10,000 fine
Bountiful timeline
FLDS TRIAL: Jurors hear from former FLDS member
Psychologist Testifies in FLDS Sex Abuse Trial
FLDS: Jurors return guilty verdict
Colorado City denied return of seized items
Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Allen Glade Steed
Sheriff's office investigating Colorado City police activities
Utah Supreme Court: FLDS challenge too late
Hildale councilmen hike tax; accused of not paying own taxes
Hildale town council raises property taxes 237 percent
Utah guv signs extradition request for Warren Jeffs
Utah court reverses polygamist leader convictions
Tensions in Colorado City / Couple claims arrest was religious persecution
A.G.: FLDS discriminated against disabled man
Arizona Attorney General Sues Two Cities Dominated by Polygamous Mormon Sect
Man Says Polygamists Tried to Rid City of Perceived 'Tools of the Devil'
Silverdocs: A Conversation with Sons of Perdition Filmmakers Jennilyn Merten and Tyler Measom
FLDS TRIALS: Jeffs gets 17 years in assault
FLDS member found guilty of child sexual assault
Judge dismisses Ariz. charges against Warren Jeffs
Polygamist Sect Members Get Prison on Bigamy Charges
Investigators say fire officials used funds for personal use
Warrants claim misuse of funds in polygamous towns
Two Years After Raid, Polygamist Sect Leaders Are 'Nervous'
FLDS fighting to keep documents out of land trust case
Member of Texas polygamist sect sentenced 75 years
FLDS Trial: Jury finds Jessop guilty
FLDS TRIAL: Jessop letters read in court
FLDS TRIAL: Rangers detail raid on YFZ Ranch
FLDS TRIAL: 99 percent chance Jessop fathered child, experts say Girl said to be 15 at time of alleged sex assault
Woman sues FLDS leader
Lost children of polygamy
After five years, Shurtleff says sides farther apart in polygamous property saga
Utah AG Issues Ultimatum to FLDS Over Trust
FLDS member going to prison for child sex assault
UEP's year-end report outlines challenges
Jury gives FLDS man 33 years
FLDS: Daughters married off, jury told
FLDS: Keate guilty of child sex assault
Firsthand account: Former FLDS member tells of her time inside the sect
New documentary explores abuse in polygamist sect
10 years for polygamist sect member in sex assault
Witness: FLDS men lead all aspects of sect life
Photos show birthing center at sect's Texas ranch
School district in FLDS area set to emerge from Ariz. takeover
Lawyer steps up for polygamist sect
State releases final report; says 275 children harmed
FLDS: Polygamous sect members rediscover higher education
Polygamous community's homes in jeopardy because of tax liens
Schools in Arizona polygamist town found solvent
Texas judge OKs evidence collected in raid on sect
Prosecutors say polygamist skirted banking law
FLDS exile to offer tour of polygamist communities
Utah judge orders sale of polygamous sect's land
As bills pile up, fiduciary sells off UEP Trust piece by piece
FLDS leader Jeffs starving himself, jail authorities say
Judge resolves final Texas polygamist custody case
Criminal trials set in polygamist case
Utah judge rejects proposed deals on FLDS trust
No deal on polygamous sect rape charge
Division over FLDS land grows wider
Woman says FLDS leaders banned laughter
Utah Seeks Settlement With Polygamous Sect
FLDS: Settlement offered in 4-year polygamous sect property dispute
FLDS warped lives, "Lost Boy" recounts
Child bride offers to settle suit against polygamous church's land trust
Former FLDS member to describe polygamy, abuse
UEP official accepts FLDS check after all
"Apostates" fear a resurgence of FLDS tyranny
Books: Lost boy's story of abuse moves from suit to book
Inside Warren Jeffs' Polygamous Group
Former Colo. Officer Helped Prosecute Polygamists
Woman who left polygamous sect is seeking child support
Legal Fights Strain Polygamist Sect
Judge lets FLDS girl move in with relative
Some fear eviction in polygamous sect's land fight
Mediation talks continue over polygamous sect trust
Polygamous church to negotiate trust settlement
Legislator: Abuse still rampant in Arizona's polygamist communities
Sect members get an earful
Texas to seek permanent custody of FLDS child
Records show Warren Jeffs governed all aspects of life at polygamist ranch
A year after FLDS raid, state says it has no regrets
Life at polygamist ranch was austere, controlled
FLDS: Not appropriate to bury baby in church cemetery
FLDS case had as many complications as wives
Texas child advocates believe system failed after FLDS raid
Board agrees to look for new site for county building in Colorado City
FLDS: Texas judge orders psych exam for polygamous sect teen mom
Listening to the Lord: Jeffs exerted 24-7 control over FLDS faithful
FLDS arrests: Read more about it
State alleges baby brought to meeting does not belong to FLDS teenager
Former sect member's discrimination case settled
Texas: Polygamist sect teen refuses baby's testing
Phoenix author excoriates polygamy, Fundamentalist Mormonism
College enrollment dips in polygamous church town
Polygamist leader quietly awaits trial in jail
FLDS trust's fiduciary files complaint against former child bride's family
Documents: YFZ Ranch was Jeffs' 'center stake,' used to punish and reward followers
FLDS leader's life on the run is detailed in his dictations
Judge Dismisses Motions for 17-Year-Old Girl in Polygamist Sect
Sect mother denies telling daughter to manipulate caseworkers
Report: FLDS child told to manipulate caseworkers
CPS drops case involving FLDS leader's teen daughter
Willie Jessop invokes 5th more than 100 times in deposition
YFZ leader refuses to answer at deposition
FLDS teen disputes mom's book
FLDS leader wants to plead the Fifth
Sect case prompts reform efforts
FLDS plea for understanding from Texas county
Some at polygamist ranch fight label of abuser
Facts don't fit claims of FLDS welfare fraud
On and off compound, West Texas polygamist sect members search for normalcy
Polygamist sect calls CPS report 'fraudulent'
Texas report: Kids in sect suffered neglect, abuse
Utah attorney general will tour polygamous FLDS sect's community
Grand jury on polygamist retreat finishes term
DNA taken from polygamous sect newborn in Texas
South Dakota polygamist ranch quiet
Sealed agreement reached on dispute over FLDS infant
Former FLDS member talks about being kicked out
3 wanted members of FLDS surrender
Raid on sect cost Texas child agency 12 million
FLDS: Judge lifts restraining order on investigator
Teen sect girl, her baby sought for gene testing
Polygamous sect complains, but judge won't stop hearing on land sale
Nine more indictments issued against FLDS members
Decades after Utah took FLDS kids, family waits for an apology
Overseer of FLDS trust alleges a conspiracy
Court ends monitoring of most FLDS kids
Lost Boys shelter undergoing shake-up
Hildale City Council appoints 2 FLDS, says no to nonmember
Former member of polygamist sect recounts horrific abuse
Witness in FLDS leader's case won't meet with his attorneys
FLDS seek to stop sale of temple site
Child welfare agency drops cases for 29 sect kids
Jeffs' appeal rejected in Arizona
More cases against FLDS dismissed
Former FLDS calls new life as single mom 'heaven'
Town's fears of FLDS easing
FLDS girls to attend classes on underage marriage
Judge rules attorney can't flip sides
County Attorney responds in Jeffs case
3 FLDS members surrender, then post bail, in sex case
5 more sect indictments issued
FLDS back out of evidence fight
Speaker to detail life in polygamist sect
FLDS fights warrants; Texas fights back
Canadian seized in Texas set to be free
Not guilty plea entered in false reporting case
18 additional FLDS children released from court supervision
Polygamists say their kids are being educated
Texas drops half of cases in polygamist sect raid
Hearing goes on today on sect girl's attorney
Polygamous church sues to reverse court judgment
Halfway Home: FLDS Lost Boys Find Life Begins at The House Just Off Bluff
Texas: Bigamy Charges Are Added
Texas drops cases involving 49 more kids
Jeffs, 2 other FLDS leaders charged with bigamy
Polygamist sect grand jury issues 3 more indictments
No FLDS insiders expected by grand jury
Records show more Texas sect members wed minors
Polygamist sect: Alleged child bride back in foster care
Texas seeks custody of teen Jeffs allegedly wed
Texas officials want 8 sect kids back in custody
FLDS hearing recessed for possible deals
FLDS Children See Dogs For the First Time in Their Lives
34 more polygamist sect custody cases dropped
FLDS man strikes plea deal in YFZ raid
4 polygamist sect members post bond in Texas
Data bolstering case against Jeffs
Polygamous sect picks tiny, secluded Colorado town for grandmas' refuge
Fight for 8 FLDS children renewed
Ex-wife, kids accuse FLDS polygamous sect foe Fischer of abuse
Anti-polygamy activist pens book on FLDS
FLDS suspect released on bail
5 more arrested from west Texas polygamist sect
Hatch inquisitive but avoids condemning FLDS
Polygamist custody battle now 234 separate cases
Polygamist sects likened to mob
Indicted sect members can hide with ease
Sect kids not being educated, Arizona's AG tells Congress
Polygamous Sect to Defend 6 Members in Court and Its Practices on Capitol Hill
Polygamist sect leader Jeffs, 5 others indicted
Court guardian: Sect girl wed to man
Dairy farm spurs FLDS feud
Judge denies FLDS request to oust UEP fiduciary
Afraid of what sect might do
Authorities use search warrant to enter property
FLDS member's restraining order request granted
Warren Jeffs Released from Hospital
Woman accused of triggering raid on FLDS pleads to other charges
FLDS spokesman tells private eye to back off
Polygamist sect leader swaps jail for hospital
FLDS parenting classes set
Former FLDS Teen Guilty Of Murder And Aggravated Sexual Assault
The Utah dental magnate uses his fortune to fight the sect and to help fellow outcasts.
Cult expert: Texas shouldn't have released FLDS kids
Cost of FLDS raid drowning county
Grand jury adjourns without action in FLDS criminal case
Legal web around FLDS trust growing tangled
Texas judge bars contact from FLDS spokesman
CPS actions in polygamist sect puzzle some child welfare experts
Texans' tab for YFZ ranch roundup tops 14 million
FBI probe in 1980s: Lost chance to curb FLDS leaders?
Judge was under guard during polygamist hearings
Most kids from polygamist sect haven't returned to the YFZ Ranch
Utah, Arizona, Nevada authorities mull cooperative polygamy probes
Child-protection workers have no doubts of raid's necessity
Few willing to break away from FLDS
Willie Jessop has new role in FLDS church
Rick Perry stands by raid of polygamist sect's Texas ranch
Stripped Bare: As FLDS children in Texas begin returning to their parents, ex-sect member Kathleen Mackert asks what future awaits polygamy's children
4 incest charges against Warren Jeffs dropped
Sheriff: Sect members will be charged
Texas says all sect children are back with parents
Judge's orders aimed to protect Jeffs' daughter from sect member
Texas had secret plan to separate polygamist mothers, children
Sect families hesitant to return to ranch
Texas sect children reunited with happy parents
Texas Court Orders All Children From Polygamous Cult Returned To Parents
Sect elder says church to forbid underage marriage
What's next for sect children?
Utahn overseeing FLDS trust wants ranch documents
Deceit big obstacle in sect case, experts say
Snag in deal to return Texas sect kids to parents
Former polygamist sect 'wife' talks to 11 News
Sect leader suspected of marrying underage Eldorado ranch girls
Is sect's West Texas ranch one household?
Warren Jeffs with his child brides
Texas Supreme Court issues FLDS decision
Father, 76, sees four children taken in polygamy sect case
State officials faced culture of lies, religious experts say
Sect case hits CPS staff in the wallet
Texas fires back with photos in FLDS case
CPS agrees to reunite 12 FLDS children with parents for now
Town near raided ranch unwelcoming of sect's return
Appeals Court Rules Against Texas in Polygamy Case
Court order shocking to woman who fled sect
CPS returns to polygamous sect's ranch in search of children
State to Lay Out Steps for Sect Parents to Regain Children
Sect member making home in Lockney
FLDS compound in Black Hills shrouded in secrecy
FLDS: Polygamist sect practices
Judge won't free family of polygamist sect member
Polygamist sect's finances are murky
Neighbors fret over FLDS land
Satan's Accountant
Judge bars CPS from removing child from polygamous mother
Texas: Sect Mother Is Not a Minor
Elissa Wall on 'What it Was Like to Die'
Lost Boys watch Texas raid from afar
The Road to Eldorado: Expelled from the FLDS
Marvin Wyler's family has abandoned him
Church records offer rare look inside polygamist families
State faces new headache over immunizing sect children
Polygamy sect crisis as seen through eyes of Texas mayor
Texas AG office to prosecute polygamist sect cases
Polygamy roll shows 21 wives for one member
Utah, Arizona AGs feel fallout from FLDS raid
Jail takes its toll on polygamist leader's authority
Warrant dropped against man named in polygamist retreat raid
For-prophet organization
Polygamist Sect Newborn Ordered Into State Custody
Officials probing possible abuse of boys in polygamous sect
Arizona, Utah assail senator for polygamy comments
Polygamist sect builds compound in Four Corners
High teen pregnancy rate found at sect ranch
Polygamy cult teen gives birth
Sect doctor silent on abuse question
Lawmakers Want Hearing on Ties Between Sect, Defense Contracts
South Dakota town watches polygamist sect
Mom Escapes Polygamy
Sweep of polygamists' kids raises legal questions
Sect Children Face Another World, but Still No TV
Polygamist sect children present a cultural challenge for foster-care facilities
Appeals court rejects request to keep sect mothers with children
More teenage mothers emerge in Texas polygamy probe
Utah AG says he's loathed by Mormon sect
Woman recalls life in polygamous sect Texas case hits close to her past
Texas court: State can take sect children to foster homes
Utah judge rejects new trial for polygamist-sect leader
Phone number in Texas abuse report linked to Colo. woman
Foster care could be wrenching for Texas sect children
Representing sect's youth proves a complicated task
Polygamist sect children bused to Southeast Texas
Subpoenas to see whether sect's 100M trust was drained to fund YFZ Ranch, improvements
Kids from sect will have a lot to face on the outside
DNA samples taken from polygamists' kids
Short Creek redux? Colorado City historian Ben Bistline on the FLDS, Warren Jeffs, and Yearning for Zion.
How the sect built a fortune and home
Texas sect kicked out its boys as teens
Sect children will undergo genetic tests next week
Sect hearings are a logistical scramble
How a hunting ground became polygamous nightmare
Former sect members recall family unity, oppression
Pentagon paid 1.7 million to firms of polygamy bosses
Pringle a stepping stone to Texas ranch, former sect member says
All sect children go to foster care
DNA tests ordered for polygamist sect children
FLDS Prophet's Nephew Testifies Against Polygamists
Sect members less mature than outsiders, psychiatrist testifies
Expert testifies polygamous sect belief system is abusive
Why Do They Dress That Way?
Official Describes Polygamous Sect Visit
Expert: Many women of polygamy brainwashed, abused
Ex-sect members escape polygamy but not pain
Key players involved in the Texas FLDS case
Sect Members: Brainwashed or Believers?
Opinions differ on FLDS classification
Sect's Moms Separated From Older Children
FLDS appear to be staying put in border towns
Texas sect victims now face a reality shock
Shurtleff connects the FLDS dots
Texas Compound Was Considered A 'Holy Land'
Q & A about the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints
State legislator helped polygamist group buy land for YFZ Ranch
Raid on polygamous sect costing state 25,000 per day
Cyanide Document Found at Texas Compound
Polygamous Sect Encouraged Fear
Expert: FLDS Polygamist Group is A Classic Cult
Officials keep eye on sect land near Mancos
Polygamist Sect's Kids Face Health Issues
Who Foots Bill For Polygamist Communities?
What's Next for the Children in Eldorado
Documents showing abuse released in West Texas polygamist compound case
Sect youths conditioned to deceive outsiders
Affidavit Details Sect's Unions, Pregnancies
Texas group: Religious sect or cult?
Informant: Men had sex with underage girls in FLDS temple
Temple used for sex with young girls, officials say
Late-Night Call Revealed Secret World
Teen mothers reported at polygamist sect's compound
Girl whose call triggered raid complained of being beaten, officials say
Documents: Sect Married Girls at Puberty
Sect Accused of Marrying Pubescent Girls
Affidavit shows abuse claims at Eldorado compound
Jeffs' son is one of two arrested at Texas FLDS compound
Woman describes 'escape' from polygamy
FLDS lose custody of kids
12 attorneys are hired to defend FLDS members in raid aftermath
CPS takes custody of 401 youths from polygamist ranch
Abuse Probed at Polygamist Compound
Children of Polygamy: Life Outside the Compound
Police Continue Search for Abused Teen
Insider's View Of Polygamist Sect
People who have left sect go to Texas to help
Siege on FLDS intensifies
Former polygamists tell of isolation and brainwashing
A chronology of the sect
FLDS leaders sued over farm ownership
Chief, jail officers among more than 30 disciplined by police board
Book excerpt from Daphne Bramham's The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect
2 Counts Dropped Vs. Polygamist Leader
Lost Boys dropping lawsuit against Jeffs, FLDS Church
FLDS-run school is cleared
Ex-FLDS members criticize judge's trustee
Polygamist Sect Leader Pleads Not Guilty
Colorado City polygamist prophet headed to court
Mom's case revisits child-bigamy issue
Jeffs takes Fifth in prison deposition
Polygamist leader Jeff's fasting lands him in prison infirmary
Judge: Officers in polygamous community acted appropriately
Playing against prejudice: Team from FLDS area face plenty of obstacles
FLDS Parents Could Face Charges for Abandoning their "Lost Boys"
Report alleges polygamist welfare fraud
'My husband had five other wives and sex with him was gross'
Helping bridge a religious divide
Lawsuits, taxes, bills dominate UEP report
FLDS 'Lost Boys' home seeks funding
I shared hubby with 5 cult wives
Groups rebuilding library of 2 polygamous towns
Lost Boys' education aided by trust funds
Members of polygamist sect get chance to buy their own homes
Judge adds advisers to oversee FLDS lands
Shops accused of discriminating against ex-FLDS settle lawsuit
100 a month fee for FLDS residents
Polygamous leader Jeffs quits as faith's corporate chief - but is he still church's 'prophet'?
Mother wins custody of kids after fleeing Bountiful
Former teen bride's lawsuit against Jeffs, trust widened
Two Hildale cops quit over questions of FLDS loyalties
Jeffs is now an inmate at Utah State Prison
Papers: Polygamist Leader Tried Suicide
In jail, leader of sect with Texas ties said he was 'wicked' man
Polygamy Survivor Carolyn Jessop
Woman who fled polygamous sect tries for new life
Religious divide stalls UEP reforms
Fund aids former members of polygamous sect
Jurors complain that Jeffs' defense investigator has made harassing contacts
Polygamy: Arizona county plans full-time deputy at state line
St. George drop-in center, home for 'Lost Boys' opens
Polygamist husband in Jeffs trial turns self in on rape charges
Civil Claim From Jeffs Would Help Girls Escape Polygamy
FLDS fences separate members, society
Reluctant polygamy victims problematic
Man Charged in Rape of Teenager in Fundamentalist Sect
Ex-husband charged with rape after verdict in Jeffs trial
Reforms underway in FLDS towns
Recapping the testimony
Polygamist 'prophet' found guilty of aiding rape
Dairy farm sells at auction for 2M
Polygamy Dos and Don'ts
County Claims 500,000 in Losses by Contractor with Ties to Warren Jeffs
The Exiled Children of Utah
Arizona, feds pursuing cases against Jeffs
Jeffs trial offers look inside his church
'Jane Doe' no longer seeks anonymity, shows photo
Hildale, Utah
Arizona revokes badges of 2 FLDS town marshals
Arizona boots polygamist town cops
'Jane Doe' seeking settlement
Motel Offered Privacy for Sect's Secretive Weddings
He was as God to us, woman tells court at sect leader's rape trial
Red tape threatens home for 'Lost Boys'
Polygamous teen bride: Jeffs warned it was spousal surrender - or loss of heaven
Warren Jeffs' 'lost boys' find themselves in strange world
Utah trial elicits scorn, support for polygamy
Despite leader's trial, sect slow to evolve
UEP towns near OK on subdividing land
Girl, 14, fled abuse, 'mind control' of polygamy
Sect leader facing rape trial to use faith as his defence
In Polygamy Country, Old Divisions Are Fading
Polygamous sect ousts boys for worldly vices
Polygamist's Rape Case Set to Begin
Warren JeFFS: Prophet or monster?
Big Love Gone Bad
Polygamist's Rape Case Set to Begin
A year in jail makes Jeffs no less loved
Prosecutors say testimony was for sale, drop charges against ex-cop in polygamous communities
Honors for ex-polygamous wife
Judge interviews hopefuls for UEP trustee positions
On Their Own: FLDS exiles learn to cope with life after polygamy
Polygamist must register as a sex offender for 3 years
Polygamy Prosecutors See Unfinished Job
Ex-worker tells court FLDS forced him out
Judge says polygamous sect leader Jeffs may remain silent in parental rights case
Colorado City police torn between religion and law
Wife of ex-FLDS member wades into lawsuit against Jeffs
Woman describes childhood in polygamous household
Home for 'Lost Boys'
Jeffs stays mum on whereabouts of toddler
Separated by polygamy, reunited by death
Trial for polygamist postponed a month
Judge plans to close courtroom during hearing in polygamist sect leader's case
Judicial ultimatum: Polygamous leader Jeffs ordered to help reunite exiled father, family
Marshal who is FLDS says he would have arrested a fugitive Warren Jeffs
Polygamist towns' marshal sought directives from sect leader
Jailed polygamist leader faces new charges
Former Polygamist Speaks Out
Jeffs' Traffic Stop Ruled Legal
St. George man stumbles across rare FLDS books
Arizona AG sues Colorado City businesses for discrimination
Polygamist community faces rare genetic disorder
Fiduciary's bid wins farm asset auction
Mental state of Warren Jeffs analyzed
Wisan making few friends as trust overseer
Wife of embittered former Warren Jeffs aide casts him aside
Warren Jeffs ruled competent; judge sets September trial date
Utah sect member plans to move family, business to Texas town
Caretaker for polygamous sect leader looks for wife, child
FLDS Outposts
FLDS Church may be expanding in Texas
Sealed competency report filed in polygamist sect leader's case
Mental health of Warren Jeffs may be trial issue
Subpoenas issued for papers found with Warren Jeffs
FLDS Church Possibly Planning a Move to Floyd County
Life on the run
Polygamous sect farm, assets to be seized
Ex-follower: Sect leader took my family away
New lawsuit filed against Jeffs
She escaped polygamy, and has a story to tell
Colorado City polygamist sentenced to probation for marrying teen
Colorado City polygamy case ends in plea deal
Some to get FLDS deeds to homes in polygamous border towns
Power shift for FLDS may be under way
Partial settlement of suit involving FLDS: Lost boys win land, cash
Mystery note: Warren Jeffs may have abdicated polygamist prophet role
A prophet no more? Jeffs called himself a 'sinner' in jailhouse conversation
Polygamy foe worried about mom
Utah police council decides not to discipline polygamous towns' cops
Neighbor objects to FLDS tower in South Dakota
Polygamist sect leader Jeffs faces new charge
Jeffs indicted on new criminal charge
Jeffs, others told to pay 8.8 million
Jeffs and Others Ordered To Pay 8.8M in Lawsuit
Charges dropped against accused polygamist
Hildale factory goes for 1.65 million at auction
Crown Jewel of FLDS Community to be Auctioned
Man Files Suit Against Polygamist Sect to Find Mother
Help for children being abandoned in Colorado City
Factory owned by polygamist church on auction block
Warren Jeffs' Former Home May House 'Lost Boys'
Polygamy: Should towns be put under county control?
'Lost Boys,' other FLDS teens lobby lawmakers
Judge OKs two more parties into FLDS leader evidence case
FLDS towns: Marshals at risk of losing badges
Big homes abandoned in polygamous sect's town
Interested in a home built for four wives and 27 kids?
FLDS Ranch in Texas Sees Surge of Activity
The so-called Lost Boy wants the FLDS leader to approve a reunion
Bateman sentence: 9 months
Polygamist church trust rich in land, but cash-poor
Arizona polygamist sentenced to jail time, registered as sex offender
Prosecutors will have limits in polygamist sect leader’s trial
Former old-timer from polygamist sect offers an insider's look through books about FLDS
Polygamist church battered as April trial is set for Jeffs
Polygamist leader ordered to stand trial on charges of forcing girl to marry adult
Jeffs loyalists vacate homes in polygamist communities
Letter from Hildale and Colorado City Marshal Fred Barlow to Warren Jeffs
Polygamist sect leader had 17 different visitors
FLDS policeman seeks judge's help
Two women who found the strength to defy polygamy
Leader of polygamist sect forced girl into marriage at 14, court hears
Hope for the people in Utah's polygamy town
Utah alleges polygamist leader a 'pimp'
Husband and wives
Polygamy persists despite opposition
Underage marriages arranged with polygamists at motel
South Dakota FLDS compound still growing
Prosecutors evidence against Jeffs included over 1,000 documents
Charges Dismissed Against Polygamist
Polygamous community schooling raises concerns
Boy killed in crash on sect's land
Utah formally seizes sect trust
Polygamist accuser aged 14 when forced to marry relative
Jeffs edict could stall reforms
Warren Jeffs to face another legal battle
Jeffs' accuser in criminal case also has civil case pending
Filing targets Jeffs' property
Former FLDS member wants money found with Jeffs
Arizona Slaps New Charges Against Polygamist Leader
Prosecutors Travel to Texas to Discuss Future of Jeffs' Followers
FLDS keep grip on town's council
Sen. Reid asks for polygamy task force
Justice: The Polygamist's Life
Daughter won't give up on polygamous dad
Jury acquits man on trial for plural marriage to underage girl
Colorado City town deputy resigns
Firm to abandon facility in FLDS town
Jeffs appears via video in Utah court
Jeffs' arrest may lead to an exodus of FLDS
Warren Jeffs' Performed Nevada Marriages
Brother of polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs arrested
Jeffs Still Considered Leader Behind Bars
Jeffs hires Las Vegas attorney, is transferred to Utah
Reluctant child bride was warned she'd lose 'salvation'
Fiscal reforms coming to FLDS
Jeffs Will Be Isolated in Utah Jail
Life goes on in FLDS enclaves
Jeffs wrote decree telling followers to keep mouths shut
Nevada to investigate possible abuses by the FLDS Church
Polygamist leader told followers he'd never be caught
Arizona jail releases six sect members
Polygamist leader's arrest sets stage for cross-border FLDS power struggle
Star witness surprises polygamy prosecutors
Prosecutors find it difficult to get testimony in polygamy cases
From 'nerd' to FLDS chief
Uncertain future for US polygamy sect
Officials hope Jeffs' arrest signals end of tyrannical rule
Police share details of Jeffs' capture
Polygamist Leader Charismatic, Zealous
Authorities: Jeffs Thought He Could Run Forever
Warren Jeffs timeline
Gains cited for school district in polygamist enclave
FLDS trust losing control of Hildale homes
The Hunt for Warren Jeffs
Child-sex case nets polygamist 45 days in jail
Property taxes paid up in Colorado City
Firm with polygamist ties moves to valley
Civil Rights Violations Alleged By Ex-FLDS Man
Jeffs' sermon railed against outside thinking
Family alleges Colorado City polygamist-owned restaurant violated their civil rights
Young Woman Escapes Polygamous Cult
Polygamist leader's brother held in federal prison
Younger brother gets probation for aiding fugitive FLDS prophet
Little help is available for teens leaving FLDS Church
Man with polygamist sect guilty in sex case
Witnesses describe quick, secret FLDS weddings
The lost boys of Colorado City
Trustee trying to modernize polygamy sect
POST Seeks Action Against Cop In Polygamist Town
Judge orders fees paid from polygamist trust
FLDS tax bill to be monumental
New sheriff to monitor secretive group
FLDS' exiles reaching settlement in suit
First Evictions Ordered In Polygamist Town
Town reaches uneasy peace with polygamist sect
Prosecutor: Polygamist sect leader came home for weddings
FLDS towns stay quiet by day ...
FLDS town's mayor arrested
FLDS "Apostates" beginning to return to polygamist community
FLDS ex-trustees sued for conspiracy
Jeffs Likely Funded in Large Part by Nevada Government Projects
Police probing sex abuse raid Colorado City homes
Polygamists: Most Talked About Secret in Mesquite
Polygamist on the Lam
Polygamist released from probation
Dispatch From Eldorado, Texas
Property Tax Demands Met In Polygamist Towns
FLDS Compound In South Dakota Drawing Attention
Sect mum about fugitive sought by FBI
A Family Seized as Church Property
FLDS: Where Few Dare to Disobey
FLDS: Plenty of Parents but No Protectors
Arizona's 1953 Raid on Sect Backfired
Blind Eye to Culture of Abuse
Leader of Polygamist Sect Makes FBI's 10 Most Wanted List
New law guides "Lost Boys"
FLDS trust pursues Hildale's 'cash cow'
Property tax dispute threatens band of polygamists
Brothers of polygamist leader dropped from sex-abuse lawsuit
Environmental fines levied against sect's Texas ranch
Two FLDS men held in contempt
Videotape reveals Jeffs' mannerisms
FLDS: Some members of polygamy sect fleeing as law closes in
Hildale told to pay up or get out
Reclusive, yet neighborly: FLDS settle into South Dakota's Black Hills
FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs accused of assisting in rape of Utah teenager
New Charges Filed Against Warren Jeffs
Teenage girl talks of FLDS wedding
Hildale firm hit with fine of 10,395 for child labor
FLDS-linked cops clam up
Polygamous Prophet Property Report
FLDS enclaves feel the pressure
FLDS enclave grows
Woman Who Escaped Polygamous Sect Revisits Past
Polygamist Cult Operates Farm In Nevada
Doctor: Birth defects increase in inbred polygamy community
Polygamists' property removal halted
FLDS temple appears complete
Disappearing equipment in Colorado City prompts probe
FLDS wants property taken in arrest returned
Colorado City man loses bid to challenge ban on polygamy
Judge denies state request in polygamist case
Judge outlines polygamist church trust reforms
Polygamy bride sues church leader
Arizona will take financial control over polygamist school district
Escape from polygamy
Arizona to take control of FLDS school district
Polygamist's Brother Indicted By Grand Jury
Fugitive Hunt
FLDS members skip meeting with trustee
Wanted: Armed and Dangerous
FLDS board loses power over property trust
Goddard calls for more help from Texas law enforcement
One of "The Two Fawns" Returns To Polygamist Life
Jeffs' Brother Not Working With Authorities
Utah Supreme Court Will Decide if Polygamist May
Ex-Follower Talks About Warren Jeffs' Influence in Community
Polygamous Community Defies State Crackdown
Ex-polygamist wife talks about her experiences
Arizona board strips two polygamist cops of certifications
Arizona seeking a federal probe of polygamist town's police force
Warren Jeffs' Influence Still Affecting Trust
Former polygamous police chief says he never notified authorities of child-welfare cases
Programs will help Lost Boys gain GEDs, academic skills
Fugitive polygamist leader facing more charges
FBI puts polygamist Jeffs on most-wanted list
Ariz. poised to seek receivership for schools in polygamist town
Decision on trustees is delayed
Meet the New Neighbors
Police, resident clash in polygamy enclave
Jeffs is focus of FLDS crackdown
Crackdown brings unease to some polygamists
Church trust worth 100 million
Secrets behind the gate
Majestic temple rises in Texas oil country
Eight hit with teen bride sex charges
Law enforcers swoop down on Colorado City, Ariz.
After Fleeing Polygamist Community, an Opportunity for Influence
Polygamist sect leader removed from church trust
Texas not planning raid to arrest Jeffs
Jeffs' Rise to Power Threw Group Into Public Eye
Shurtleff: Indictment could force Jeffs out of hiding
Buildings disappear after court freezes polygamous sect's assets
Court seizes 100 mil in polygamist sect's funds
Attorney Tries to Wrest Trust From Church
Education Reclamation
Bill passes to control mismanaged schools
Texas Town Wary of Polygamist Sect's Arrival
Board cites Colorado City cops
FLDS added to list of hate groups
Bill targets polygamist sect
Sheriff visits FLDS compound, says all is fine
Audio clips reveal FLDS leader's racist teachings
Eldorado uneasy as big FLDS day nears
Texas legislator moves to keep polygamous group in check
Two polygamous police officers stripped of Utah certifications
Polygamists focus of legislation's restrictions
Polygamists hush on move
'Missing' FLDS leader reported dead
Arrival of splinter Mormon group concerns West Texans
Polygamist officers face loss of badges
State's role in helping boys is tricky
Gideon's Story: A new life
Teen rejected by polygamous family finds new life
Polygamous leader ruled in default in suit
Fighting Over FLDS Church Assets
Have polygamists found their Eldorado?
Surprise by polygamists feared
Polygamous church may pull up roots
Polygamy Leader Apparently Sitting Out of Court Fight
State steps up action on sect
Convicted bigamist still living with two women
Utah judicial commission recommends unseating polygamous judge
Senate panel backs takeover of polygamist community's schools
Suit by dissidents seeks new trustees for assets of FLDS
Lawyer Petitions for Control of Financial Empire
The Texas Prophecy - A Special Report
Colorado City residents grateful for investigator
Some fear polygamists' story will end in Eldorado
FLDS woman defends group's beliefs
FLDS purchases land in Mancos
Woman who escaped FLDS paints terrifying picture
Firm for polygamous sect seeks to withdraw from lawsuit
[Polygamous] Mormons who banked on doomsday find the debt collector at the door
Judge places newspaper ads looking for
church leader in polygamy case

Judge rules man must pay brother before evicting
him from shared home

FLDS Church may be building first temple at its Texas enclave
Polygamy Cult Leader is Hiding Underground
In aftermath of bank closure, critics blame state regulators
Arizona court rules against Colorado City eviction
Law officers to keep eye on polygamists
Rift in FLDS Church raises local fears
Texas town is on edge about Mormon offshoots
Authorities: Colorado City girl is not missing
Police Look for Missing Polygamist Girl
In exile at home
Wary Texans Keep Their Eyes on the Compound of a Polygamous Sect
FLDS to sell 1,300 acres
Polygamists selling Utah-Arizona parcel
Polygamist Church Buying Land in Other States
Colorado City can't pay its teachers
FLDS buys another 60-acre parcel in Mancos
Polygamist sect lands by Mancos
Sect buys Mancos 'hideaway'
Utah polygamist sect buys Colorado `hideaway'
County close to hiring investigator of practices in Colorado City
Allegations Abound: Colorado City's polygamous community comes under increasing scrutiny
Lost Boys Found
Unlikely Allies Battle Polygamy Crimes
Lawsuits and Governmental Scrutiny
Increase Pressure on Polygamist Sect

Religious sect's outcasts caught between worlds
The polygamists down the road
'Lost boys' file suit against FLDS church
Mormon fundamentalists stir suspicion, mistrust in Texas town
Fired worker adds church to civil lawsuit over firing
Former FLDS bishop reported missing
Is Jeffs at Texas compound?
Hotline helps men ordered out of polygamous communities
Flora's War
Troubles dogging polygamy prophet
Polygamist Lawsuit
Suit accuses polygamist of sex abuse, cover-up
Another purge of FLDS members underway
Peek at polygamists' haven
Polygamist sect's purchase of Texas ranch worries residents
Texans wary as polygamous sect moves in
Polygamist settlement distresses residents
Excommunicated member of prominent polygamist family dies
Polygamists in Texas Town
The Polygamists Are Coming!
Texas sheriff pays visit to Colorado City
Fleeing teen turns up in Sandy
Trouble for Texas
FLDS seem eager to fix violations at new site in Texas
FLDS church teachings lead members into financial mire
FLDS no longer says Texas property will be a hunting retreat
Bigamist must complete term
Facing down polygamy
Polygamy Cult Moving To Texas?
W. Texas town fears polygamists
Alleged Jeffs compound found in Texas
Polygamist Compound Being Built in Texas?
Jeffs won't testify in Chatwin eviction case
Author paints image of complex lifestyle in Colorado City
Ariz. mayor exiled by church leaders
Man fighting eviction says he did nothing to lose church status
Two views of runaway 'Fawns'
FLDS towns in turmoil
In land of no first kiss, Warren Jeffs rules Taleban-style
No One Wants Excommunicated FLDS Member's Council Seat
Girls who fled polygamy on run again
'We fear another Waco'
Family ripped apart
A State Run Hotline Offers Help To Polygamist Families
Author of book about Colorado City reports threat to sheriff's office
More FLDS members ousted by Warren Jeffs
Teen who ran away returned to polygamist community
Arizona AG vows action against polygamy abuse
Former Colo. City man alleges death threat
Goddard defends handling of polygamist enclave
New letter fans FLDS dispute
In Arizona town, polygamous Mormon sect tightens its borders
Judge throws out Colorado City girl's protective order against father
Girls flee polygamous sect as leader splits families
Arizona, Utah aid teens fleeing polygamist area
Chatwin served eviction notice
The Eyes of Outsiders Are Cast on a Polygamous Community
Leader of Polygamous Sect Faces Rebellion
Tales of fear, retribution at secretive desert church
Chatwin not first to be asked to leave
Ex-member assails sect
Authorities Probe Arizona Polygamist Town
Push to free kids from sect growing
Teens flee polygamist towns
Colorado City runaway in state protective custody
Colorado City upheaval could be big break
Polygamist community's mayor resigns in apparent power struggle
Anonymous letter decries FLDS leader
FLDS carefully watched
Colorado City called 'tense'
Colorado City mayor quits after FLDS action
FLDS prophet thins flock
Officials decry Colo. City abuse
Shurtleff to hold new meeting polygamy, but leading anti-polygamy group says no thanks
Arizona AG wants safe haven established in polygamous town
Polygamist cop loses Utah certification; others targeted
States turn up heat on polygamists
Wives suing to bring end to abuse under polygamy
'Foreigners in their own country'
Polygamist sect target of Arizona-Utah inquiry
Arizona, Utah plan justice court, sheriff offices for polygamist towns
Victims' Refuge
Polygamy meeting draws sides
Polygamist Women Jam First Ever Summit Meeting
Polygamy drawing scrutiny
Utah Targets Polyg Prophet
Utah Polygamist Convicted of Illegal Sex
Entire Hildale Police force suspended
Eyes Wide Shut
Utah cracks down on multiple marriages to protect underage brides
Bigamy blitz on Mormons
Religious eviction case goes to judge
Hildale woman holds Q&A; session on polygamy
Meeting sheds light on Colorado City polygamist sect
Struggling with Polygamy
Polygamists Probed
Polygamy in Arizona: The Wages of Sin
Fornicating for God
Bound by Fear: Polygamy in Arizona
Case against Holm will continue
Warren Jeffs new head of fundamentalist church
Woman to bring suit against Mormon church
Leap of faith ... to survival
Polygamy Puzzle
Woman faces polygamy charges
Polygamist Cop Charged With Bigamy
Cover-Up (Arizona Attorney General internal memo)
2 polygamous towns investigated
US polygamist sect facing the end as leader dies
Polygamist Leader Rulon T. Jeffs Dies
Polygamist's Custody Fight Raises Many Issues
Polygamist must follow ruling regarding sex
Polygamist Custody Dispute
Judge OKs visitation rights for man married to multiple wives
Custody battle could become criminal case
Government money and public funds pay for polygamy
The polygamist women of Colorado City
A brief history of the polygamists in Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah
Officer Under Investigation for Sex Crimes
Uzona Students Learn Three R's From a Different Perspective
Teen-age girls flee fundamentalist sect to avoid polygamy
Polygamist Flourishing in Phoenix
Polygamy prevails in remote Arizona Town
For one Mormon teacher, worlds did collide
Strange days in Utah
Hildale Schools Are Unusually Quiet After Exodus of Church's Children
Polygamous families empty public schools
Polygamists pull kids from school
Education watched in polygamist town
Couple Fight Eviction by Religious Group
A Shadow Of A School: Polygamists Heed Call; Enrollments Drop
School Funds in Danger After Ruling
SOCIETY'S LURES: Is Polygamous Sect Circling The Wagons?
Schools: Local Control, But Little Local Money
Why Welfare Officials Ignore Marital Status
Rulon Jeffs: patriarch, president, prophet for polygamy
Evictions Follow Bitter Religious Split
Deliverance Day For One Group Of Polygamists

Canadian FLDS polygamists Bountiful, British Columbia

No appeal in polygamy case
B.C. Supreme Court upholds ban on polygamy
Polygamist communities sent teens to work long hours for low pay
Canadian FLDS leader warned of Jeffs and secret recordings 5 years ago
Mounties head to U.S. as part of polygamy probe
Bountiful polygamist wants lifestyle details banned as he faces tax man in court
Bountiful men implicated in human smuggling scheme to send child brides to United States
Polygamy law intrusive, rights group tells court
Polygamaous leaders welcome RCMP child-bride probe
RCMP to investigate eight teen marriages tied to B.C. polygamist enclave
B.C. probing child-trafficking charges in cross-border polygamous marriages
Ex-wife of Bountiful leader speaks on polygamy, midwifery
Polygamous community's schools defended
Polygamous men conspicuous by their absence from hearings
Pressured to procreate
Wife unfazed by husband's 15-year-old bride, court told
Bountiful woman describes life in her 'Eden'
Plural wives recount marriages to older men
The terrible choice: Child bride or plural wife?
Bountiful left brother alienated
Bountiful a 'cult,' says polygamous leader's brother
Former Bountiful resident describes 'cold,' 'isolated' childhood
Babies often tortured by fundamentalist polygamists: Witness
Polygamy on the decline worldwide: Law professor
Polygamy trial resumes with FLDS expert
Adult men 'missing' from Bountiful, polygamy hearing told
Polygamy leaves women worse off, court told
Abused sisters stand as witnesses to harms of polygamy
Boy sent to Bountiful at age 14
Polygamous way of life harmful, former Bountiful, B.C., residents allege
Girls treated like 'poison snakes' in B.C. polygamous community, ex-member says
Polygamy is harmful to society, scholar finds
Sister wives from Bountiful, B.C., offer rare glimpse into 'cult'
The oddball alliances in the polygamy battle
Ex-millionaire polygamist deep in debt
Polygamist leader's funding request has no precedent, just like his unusual case
B.C. government says Blackmore brought polygamy prosecution on himself
Polygamist leader suing B.C. government
Bramham: The hard evidence of polygamy's damage is bountiful
Canada says will not appeal polygamy case
Women Speak Out Against Polygamy
Canadian polygamists win court challenge
Polygamy charges have no bearing on moral advice, Blackmore says
Accused polygamist's 25 brides included four who were 15: Affidavit
The Cult That Wants My Kids
RCMP says Blackmore had 9 child brides
Polygamist wives accused of double-dipping
Canada prosecutors amend charges vs. FLDS leader
Woman who left polygamous sect offers refuge to those who want out
Polygamy issue runs deep in the Blackmore family
North Idaho polygamist sect drawing new scrutiny
B.C. man accused of polygamy plans defence based on gay-marriage laws
A community divided
Polygamy debate brews in Canadian community
'I am what I am,' says accused polygamist
2 leaders of polygamist group arrested in Canada
Bountiful timeline
B.C. Human Rights Tribunal rules against polygamists' complaint
U.S. official vies for control of polygamist private school
B.C. polygamist leader decries sexual abuse as prosecutor investigates
Freed from Bountiful: a mother wins a battle
Polygamist leader says BC attorney general guilty of religious persecution
Canadian province probes polygamous sect
'None of us are even married under ... the law'
Canadian polygamist sect under pressure
Crackdown at the Canadian border urged
The church's building blocks
Polygamist Bountiful, B.C. thrives, despite the law
Divided polygamous community in BC a study in contradictions
Youths' transition to world outside of polygamist compound likely to be rocky
BC premier says province looking at options to deal with polygamist community
Sect needed only a letter to avoid sending children to public schools
Children of Canadian women may be among those seized from Texas sect
B.C. kids were at polygamist sect
What About the Kids?
Canadians were part of Texas polygamous community
Texas fundamentalist mess puts pressure on Oppal
Analysis: Enforcing child protection laws isn't easy in closed religious communities
Ex-sect member urges charges
Children around dangerous work can have tragic results
Exploring polygamy
The polygamist's bride
Report on Bountiful school leaves questions unanswered
Government pledges aid for women of Bountiful
Oppal mulls charges against polygamists
Civil rights group urges B.C. to probe sect
Special prosecutor to look into Bountiful
British Columbia mulling charges against polygamist sect
Complaint letters about polygamist education uncovers hole in School Act
One woman's heroic journey
Polygamist leader wed girls under 16, he tells Larry King
Poll shows support for government intervention in polygamous communities
Lost boys are the forgotten polygamy victims
Police investigation into polygamist Bountiful community now with Crown
Polygamy view blasted
Simons looks a Bountiful sect
Diversion tactics
B.C. commune under suspicion after arrest
Polygamist sect on meeting agenda
Teen killed in isolated Mormon community
Taxes paid on polygamist sect's Canada property
Bountiful Summer-- An afternoon with the children of polygamists
Life offered few choices in polygamous commune
Children key to new beginning
Polygamist group's leader expects to be charged soon
3 Bountiful wives ordered out
B.C. polygamist rift sparks
B.C. polygamists' teen-pregnancy rate very high
Erin Warner, with files from James Wood
Polygamist group 'not welcome here'
Polygamist leader wants 'dialogue' with government
Polygamous mother battles Canada deportation, possible loss of her kids
American wife of B.C. polygamist fights for Canadian legal resident status
Fundamentalist Mormons in B.C. send kids to public school for first time
Woman who left U.S. polygamous cult speaks at Vancouver film fest
The Merry Wives
'Principle' is bedrock law
Polygamist sect moving into north Idaho
Women of Bountiful defend polygamous lifestyle
Polygamists launch a PR offensive
Idaho officials studying polygamists in Bonners Ferry
Making a break from Bountiful
Canadian women 'spilling' into Idaho polygamous
community prompts study

Abbott calls for charges against Bountiful
B.C. polygamists vow to protect children from sexual exploitation
The Battle for Bountiful
Polygamists Torn Apart by Divided Leadership
Polygamist Community Raises Concern in Canada
Cult's women slam Bountiful critics
B.C. woman fears for daughter in polygamist sect
Rights tribunal agrees to hear polygamy case
Investigation launched into polygamous
sect dubbed 'Canada's dirty little secret'

Human smuggling denied
Cult fears ignored
Commune leader slammed by priest
Sex crime task force targets commune
Hunting Bountiful
Tax dollars support school teaching polygamy
Cults abusive to women, children
Where polygamy rules
B.C. women's group calls on government to stop funding polygamist school
Bishop loses Bountiful school case
The Bishop of Bountiful: The Blackmore Family
Winston Blackmore
The Canadian Home of Polygamy
Polygamists in three-way struggle for control of sect
Has Canada become a safe haven for polygamists?
Polygamists from U.S. using B.C. as 'safe haven'
Bountiful, B.C.
13-year-old sent to B.C. for a husband
Bountiful's troubling tradition
Sect leader not worried about polygamy probe
Polygamists deny young girls forced to marry

Latter Day Church of Christ, The Kingston Clan of Utah

Inside 'The Order,' One Mormon Cult's Secret Empire
Patterns of Polygamy - Son of 'Kingston Clan' founder comes forward
Inside story - Kingston member tells a more positive story
Patterns of Polygamy - Religion the 'controlling force' inside clan
Patterns of Polygamy Davis County's Kingston clan - County's polygamy roots run deep
Polygamist's home found in squalor
Justices uphold the return of children to Kingston family
Judge closes the case against Kingston and Foster
Authorities Seek DNA From Kingston Clan
Legal battle involving Kingstons heats up
State appeals Kingston children custody order
Polygamist's child welfare case pricey
Court ends one Kingston separation
Judge Orders Counseling For Kingston
Polygamist couple give up parental rights
Judge orders six children returned to polygamist wife
Kingston daughter fears return to mother
Kingston kids to go back to mom
Bizarre events add intrigue to Kingston family hearing
Therapists testify in hearing for Kingston children
Polygamist fails to regain visiting rights, for now
Mattingly Foster: A judge restricts interactions
to four children at once

Kingston Polygamist Wife Attends Court Hearing
Judge bars polygamist Kingston from visiting children
Union vote to exclude Kingston relatives
Judge Gives Polygamist Mother One More Chance
Kingston Trial Judge Will Not Recuse
Judge doubts mom, kids should reunite
Surveillance gear puts fear in judge
Judge Orders Polygamist to Pay Child Support
Eight children removed from polygamist family in Utah
Kingston kids get little
Judge Orders Kingston to Pay Child Support
Judge Dismisses Suit Against Kingston Beating Victim
Judge Grants Custody of Kingston's Daughter to Other Family
Kingston children get new birth certificates with father's name
Judge Rules Two Kingston Children Were Abused
2 Kingston girls tell of abuse
Polygamist family's lawsuit alleges 'secretive religious society' and economic organization'
2 Kingstons sue former member, claim defamation
Former Kingston's Wife Speaks Out Against Polygamy
Jeremy Kingston Sentenced for Incest
Leader of polygamous church pleads guilty to incest
Women in polygamist marriages fight back
Kingston women shun limelight
Woman sues polygamist clan for abuse, seeks 110 million
Utah: More Polygamy Charges May Follow
Polygamist who had sex with 16-year-old niece
set for prison release

Sexual predator to be released early
David Ortell Kingston loses appeal of sex convictions
Polygamy and profit
When Incest Becomes a Religious Tenet
Kingston Gets Maximum Term, Lecture on Incest
Polygamy Foes May Be Tackling Another Nemesis: Renewed Public Apathy
Kingston Inc.: Polygamy's Entrepreneurial Empire
Polygamy May Bring New Prosecutions
16-Year-Old Girl Testifies Of Beating
Utah Attorneys Key Figures in Polygamist Kingston Clan

Church of the Lamb of God, Ervil LeBaron

Ex-fugitve pleads guilty to contempt in LeBaron slayings case
Polygamist sect leader's daughter sentenced
Texas polygamist deaths suspect pleads guilty
FBI arrests fugitive daughter of polygamist Ervil LeBaron
Ex-Polygamist Speaks Out To Southeast Texans
In killings, sect suffers a new bloody chapter
Protest leader, relative shot to death in Mexico
2 Americans from Mormon sect slain in Mexico
LeBaron brothers team with lawmaker in effort to change incest laws
Two Polygamist Sect Survivors Tell Their Stories
Former polygamist wife: Mind control made me murder
Polygamists from Texas unwelcome in Mexico Mormon community
Former 'plural wife' details life
Tip may help search for woman sought in 'Lamb of God' killings
FBI offering reward for Ervil LeBaron's daughter
Living in polygamy
Former child bride asks for LDS action
Escaping a lifestyle
Polygamous murderer denied parole
Fanaticism and polygamy: A woman's story
Passage from polygamy
Killing for God
FBI seeks polygamist's daughter in connection with Texas killings
Cult leader's son charged with rape
Trial to decide if polygamist leader's power is from God or guns
3 jurors reported "afraid" to convict

Apostolic United Brethren, Allred Clan

Father says his custody rights violated because of Fundamentalist Mormon views
Sect may have to pay more money in lawsuit
Polygamous sect distances itself from FLDS
Group pleads: Not all polygamists are the same
Polygamist group buys up more than 900 acres in Utah
Pinesdale resident disturbed by recent events in Texas
Bluffdale stalls on zoning decision
Bluffdale polygamist group applies for rezoning
Polygamist says he's being true to faith's principles
Polygamous families plan rally
1,300 pay respects to Owen Allred
Polygamist Owen Allred dies
A Holdout Polygamist, 88, Defies the Mormons
Court asked to reopen polygamous church case
Utah and its polygamists race against time to end abuses
Polygamists Meet With Team From A.G.'s Office
Cult expert tries to help girl

Orson William Black

Woman loses custody to 'sister wife'
Polygamist facing charges of sex with underage girls
Man charged with unlawful sex with minors

Tom Green

Polygamist Tom Green out of prison: Now what?
Polygamist Green wants 'a private, quiet life' after Tuesday parole
Polygamist Tom Green Vows to Change Ways
Polygamist Green's release planned
Polygamist's Son Headed to Jail in Utah
Tom Green to be paroled in August '07
State says Green can hold but not practice polygamist beliefs
Utah Polygamist Sentenced for Rape of Child - Wife
Groups Airing 'Utah's Dirty Little Secret'
Polygamist Convicted of Child Rape
Child rape charge for man with five wives
Polygamist Sentenced to Five Years
History piqued Green's interest
Conviction of a Polygamist Raises Fears Among Others
Polygamy Verdict Set Precedent
Green Conviction Makes Polygamous Clans Wary
Polygamy Offensive Not Likely, Green case called an exception
Utah man convicted of bigamy
Utah Jury Hears Polygamist Boast of Five Wives
Utah prosecutes husband with 5 wives in polygamy trial
Green's Wife Retracts Her Abuse Story
Trial to test Utah's 104-year-old ban on polygamy
Thomas Green's trial delayed until January
Judge throws out green's defamation lawsuit
Utah polygamist ordered to stand trial
State Is Afraid to Go After Polygamy's Kingpins
Polygamist Wants Separation of Rape, Bigamy Charges
Juab County man and his 5 wives sue of Utah

Alex Joseph, Utah

Woman shares polygamy tale
Sister Widows: Wives of dead polygamist rebuild their lives

Addam Swapp, Utah

Polygamist Asks for Forgiveness for Deadly Siege
Polygamist clan leader imprisoned in Arizona

Other individual polygamists

Area near Humansville home to fundamentalists
Man with 39 wives
Polygamous sect leader dies in state prison
Ex-Polygamy Cult Member Shares Tale Of Sex, Control
Carving a hedge against doomsday
Prosecutor: Polygamist Killed One Of Two Wives In 2003
Polygamy Possible in One Las Vegas Neighborhood
Mormon 'prophet' charged with rape, molestation
Polygamist guru faces new child sex charges
Transient accused of abducting official of communal-living town
Christian polygamists on the move
Wife who got away now leads battle against polygamy

Polygamy and the Law

Polygamy fine with feds, papers reveal
Utah Supreme Court Upholds Polygamy Ban
Judge shoots down challenge to ban
Utah state lawmaker defends polygamy
Ron Barton Goes From Polygamy Czar to Tree Czar
Arizona Governor Signs Bill Targeting Polygamy
Utah Polygamy Ban Challenged
Leavitt adds new polygamy offense to crime books
Utah Legislature Adds New Polygamy Offense to Crime Books
Coalition to Battle Polygamy
Marrying Minors Into Polygamy May Become Crime
Political Polygamists Coming Out of the Closet
House Nixes Bill To Fight Crimes By Polygamists
Polygamy: Former Wives Demand Action
Prosecution of plural marriage a thorny issue for courts
Weird Utah Laws
A Chronology Of Federal Legislation On Polygamy
Utah Demos: Fight `Polygamy Abuse'

History of Mormon/American polygamy

FACTBOX: Polygamists in the United States
Most polygamists trace lineage to 1929 group
Plural lives: the diversity of fundamentalism
The modern raid on polygamy
Sunstone examines Mormon polygamy's history
Mormon polygamy stirred anger from the start
Polygamy's Odyssey
Roots of polygamy go beyond Utah
Polygamy: the Guiding Principle
1852 acknowledgment of doctrine was like tinder in parched land

General Information

Malaysian polygamy club 'encourages group sex'
Polygamy is harmful to society, scholar finds
New Research Reveals Secrets About Psychology of Polygamous Sects and Their Leaders
Survey shows fundamentalist Mormon numbers up
Program increasing services to polygamous groups
Polygamous fundamentalists baptized by proxy into LDS Church, researcher says
Quest to legalise polygamy in Utah
Polygamy uncovered: What's it really like for the women who have to share a husband?
Utahns say fed help OK against polygamy
Utah official lectures at seminar on cults
FLDS sect: MSNBC asks 'Religion or Mind Control?'
Polygamists are urged to make public statement
Arizona law remains fuzzy on polygamy
Polygamy-issues panel has new leader
After raid, other polygamists fear they're next
Modern history of polygamy
Special prosecutor targets polygamy 'epidemic'
Raid on Sect in Texas Rattles Other Polygamists
Life on the rock: A different brand of polygamy
Many polygamists blend into modern society
Polygamy gains popularity; About 37,000 people in North America live with multiple marriages
Couples search online for spare wife
Funding approved for polygamous 'Safety Net'
Doctrine: Latter-day Saint schisms hinge on priesthood, salvation
Latter-day Saint offshoots revere plural marriage
Polygamy remains at large in Utah
Appeals court rules against polygamy suit
Growth lacking among Fundamentalist Mormon groups
37,000 'Fundamentalists' Counted in and Near Utah
Polygamist numbers broken down by group
Suburban polygamy
Two cousins, two countries: A family split in half
Some polygamists say they're not like Warren Jeffs
Child-custody bill tied to polygamists is dead
In Secret, Polygamy Follows Africans to N.Y.
Arizona lawmaker targets visitation by polygamists
Many polygamists don't want to be lumped with Jeffs
The life of a 'sisterwife'
Polygamists Fight to Be Seen As Part of Mainstream Society
U student advocates polygamist lifestyle
All my moms love me, Utah kid tells polygamist rally
'Primer' details intricacies of polygamist life
Hit show gets to dark heart of polygamy
LDS Church criticizes media FLDS stories
Scrap polygamy ban: Study
Trapped wives the unseen victims in Mormon TV show
Drama about polygamy causes stir in Utah
LDS splinter groups growing
Meeting brings polar views on polygamy
Polygamy primer gets admonished
Panel to probe polygamy
Polygamy hurts - in the pocket
Anti-polygamy refuge finds slow going
Grant helps polygamous violence victims
Polygamy victims share their horror
Three wives will guarantee you a place in paradise
Hatch pressed to take stand against polygamy
Billboards Promote Pro-Polygamy Book
Utah Paying a High Price for Polygamy
Escape to Babylon
Hinckley Attacks Polygamy on National TV

Rulon Jeffs--married 19 women, fathered more than 60 children and became president and prophet of the largest polygamist church in North America.

Warren Jeffs, FLDS "prophet"

FLDS compound in Texas dominated by concrete Temple

Jeffs charged in court

Winston Blackmore, Canadian polygamist leader, has 26 wives and some 80 children

Ervil LeBaron

Tom Green and three of his wives

Brigham Young had 50 wives

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