Transcription of Kenny Burrell’s Solo Guitar Chord Melody Intro to ‘Tenderly’

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Kenny Burrell has been one of my favorite guitarists ever since I first started getting into jazz. To me pretty much everything he’s played on is worth hearing, but if you haven’t listened to him much, I recommend the albums ‘A Night at the Vanguard’ and ‘Soul Call’ as good starting points. This transcription is from an album called ‘A La Carte,’ which is a duo recording with bassist Rufus Reid. The album seems to be out of print, but this version of ‘Tenderly’ is available on an album called ‘Laid Back,’ which is a compilation from a few different albums of his from the 70’s that are not in print. It’s a great album and I highly recommend it!

About the Transcription
This is a solo guitar chord melody that he plays before the playing the melody again once the bass player comes in. There’s a four bar intro before the melody begins. Also, rather than resolving to the I chord, C, at the end of the melody, he plays another four bar intro to lead into the restatement of the melody with the bass player accompanying.

Up until what I labeled the ‘intro to head’, the chord melody is played rubato. I did the best I could with notating the rhythm. I’m fairly certain that all of the chord voicings are correct, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the rhythms through listening to the recording of the song. Also, the names I chose to give to some of the chords are subjective, and I chose to use names that reflect the chord changes of the song. For example in measure 4 of both the A and the B section, I called that chord an F7 (9,#11) rather than an Eb major7#5.

Here are the links to the transcription:

Kenny Burrell – Chord Melody Intro to ‘Tenderly’ – Page 1
Kenny Burrell – Chord Melody Intro to ‘Tenderly’ – Page 2

Enjoy and please feel free to write or leave comments if you have any questions. Also, feel free to link to this transcription, or to my blog in general. And, finally, if you’re interested in guitar lessons in Chicago, please get in touch.

Thanks for taking a look!

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  1. I can’t agree enough on how great Kenny is. His rendition of “Over the Rainbow” is fantastic and so is everything else he’s done.

  2. Incredible, Roger, thanks

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