Kelly Stevenson

My childhood was slightly abnormal but incredible. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. I grew up in show business...not the usual show business but professional ice skating shows. My mom and step-dad decided to start their own company and produce professional ice skating shows. Thus, Rosstyn Ice Shows and Rink Designs was born.  My summers were spent performing in the shows at various state fairs, theme parks, and corporate events.   Along the way, I learned some pretty amazing things: skating choreography,  costume design, and all about the entertainment business from the ground up and in all sorts of  angles.  I would say this is how I decided that show biz is the ONLY way of life for me.   If my parents can do it so can I.  Their shows become bigger and better every year, which has been truly inspiring to me to start with a dream and follow it through.

 My No. 1 influence is my mom. She is the most positive and creative person I know.  I have learned so much from her and I wouldn't be here without her (literally and figuratively) and with a positive state of mind that I attribute to her.    All of my family has been very inspiring and were are all very creative human beings. I have four younger brothers and each one is so very special to me. As for role models in the business, I have two redheads – Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett  – and two “Amys” – Amy Poehler and Amy Sedaris...They are all hilarious to me. I was always inspired by Lucille Ball, in fact at a skating competition when I was younger I performed a routine to a Lucy song ( "Oh, Ricky you're so fine!" instead of Micky). I always loved how she was labeled as "Brave."Kelly Stevenson in HUGH AND I.Kelly Stevenson in HUGH AND I.

I moved to New York two years ago and started training at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (formerly SFT). I had some of the best teachers. My improv and comedy training in New York started with Joe DeGise II and Judith Searcy.  I just finished a Music Improv class with Rob Schiffman at Chicago City Limits. All of my teachers have been so great, but in particular I really have to thank Judith for always pushing me and believing in me. She is the reason I auditioned for Sunday Night Improv.

I am so thankful to be a part of Sunday Night Improv jams. I have worked with some of the best improvisers and learn so much from them.  I have received other opportunities by doing the jams such as, Murder Mystery Shows and now short films with Apar films (Hugh and I and A Girl Like You),  with Tom Soter and Christian Doherty. I remember my first time doing the show, I was so nervous. When warming up I freaked out during the  opening song and was sure I was going downhill the whole night, but after a motivational talk from the “Toms” (Soter and Carozza) I was ready to go. I relaxed and just let myself go.

While at school I met some of my best friends and roommates. We all help to motivate each other and I love them so much. As advised by Tom Carozza, this year my roommate Jessie and I will be creating a two-woman act centered on our favorite characters we have created, “Riley and Kiley.” We will take them on all different adventures and bring in our other favorite characters. In the future, I hope to one day be on Saturday Night Live and follow up with films and/or TV.  So I’ll go from SNI to SNL. That would just be... AH..AWESOME!