WHERE WERE YOU BORN? I was born in Madison, Wisconsin on Easter Sunday in the mid 1970s.  I grew up in Madison until the age of 13 then moved to Phoenix, AZ.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN IMPROV? A friend was taking classes with Kim Schultz Improv, and it sounded like so much fun.  After being envious for several months, I realized I could take classes, too.

WHO WERE YOUR ACTING/IMPROV INFLUENCES, ROLE MODELS? When I go see Improv, I go see Baby Wants Candy, the Improvised Shakespeare Company, and TJ and Dave.

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF PERFORMING? Always a rush.  And a ton of satisfaction from those magical moments of building something with my scene partners.  And once I got a Tom Carrozza CD.

Took Kim Schultz Improv levels 1 - 4 in 2008
Started performing with Kim Schultz's Under the Street Improv show at Comix in 2009
First SNI show in May of 2009
Started performing with KSI's House Team, Hi Robot, in 2010
Currently performing with indie team Tri-Robot

Kim Schultz, Tom Soter,  Michael Gellman of Second City Chicago, Gary Austin, founder of the Groundlings, David Razowsky of Second City L.A., Armando Diaz of the Magnet, Rachel Hamilton of the Magnet, Scotty Watson of Artistic New Directions

WHAT DO YOU GET FROM DOING SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV? IS IT FUN? Fun is the biggest thing I get from SNI.   And because I'm always performing with a different line up of performers it's a great chance to be spontaneous and just play - because there's no other way to do it.  I love having the chance to do musical improv, and I can always count on being impressed by my fellow improvisors on any given night.  

DESCRIBE YOUR MOST CHALLENGING IMPROV MOMENT? I was in a piece directed by Gary Austin where our team members would be paired up by the audience and engage in a romantic (very likely in a physical way) scene.  I was paired up with the largest man in the group.  Our scene ended up being a really rewarding challenge and was met with enthusiastic applause.

YOUR MOST REWARDING IMPROV WORK? Being asked to guest host SNI's "Time for Movies."  Performing 15-minute short plays for Michael Gellman.  Really truly playing when I was just a beginner and had no expectations of myself.

DONE ANY WORK IN TV? FILMS? SCRIPTED THEATER? Just shot a pilot with Richard Klein, still best known as Larry on Three's Company.  Performed in a version of Alice in Wonderland at the Soho Playhouse last month.   Will be appearing in "Champions" as part of Turtle Shell Productions' Summer Shorties 10-minute play festival at the end of July.

WHERE DO YOU HOPE TO GO WITH THIS? I hope to have a lot of fun because I won't make a lot of money doing improv.  But I'll keep doing improv to make sure honesty and spontaneity are always part of my acting.  Which I do hope to make a lot of money doing!

WORST IMPROV EXPERIENCE? Being first out on my first SNI "Do Do Run Run"? Actually, it's impossible to have a bad experience with improv.  If you're really improvising, every moment is brilliant, right?