Leo Jenicek

WHERE WERE YOU BORN? On the 4th planet, of a distant, dying star WHEN? Time has folded and shifted since then, but I can drink and vote legally. WHERE GREW UP? Lots of different places. I was raised by carney folk. HOW'D YOU FIRST GET INVOLVED IN IMPROV? I needed to be able to think on my feet,  to avoid a beating from Fagin. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF PERFORMING? The temporary feeling of self-worth that only laughter and applause give me. DETAIL, CHRONOLOGICALLY, YOUR IMPROV RESUME/CAREER? I’ve been an improviser since birth.  Later,  I was asked to join the Chainsawboys. WHO WERE YOUR TEACHERS? Sir Beswick Figglestick,  Madame Dul La Touserant,  Master Sun Shan, who later  became my deadliest foe. Also Tom Soter. WHAT DO YOU GET FROM DOING SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV?  A big fat check! Wait, we don’t get paid? Man… Then the joy of performing with a shifting group if funny people. I guess. DESCRIBE YOUR MOST CHALLENGING IMPROV MOMENT? Performing Shakespeare.  It seems most directors want you to stick to the text. YOUR MOST REWARDING IMPROV WORK?After a really great show, I was given a goose that laid golden eggs. Just chocolate wrapped in foil, but still pretty cool. DONE ANY WORK IN TV? FILMS? SCRIPTED THEATER? I was in the BBC's longest-running series, Down The Copperwhithe. Five whole episodes! Then there was my one-man show, Chuck Todd Talks Filthy. WHERE DO YOU HOPE TO GO WITH THIS? To a small island in the South Seas, where I’ll drink everything out of a coconut except coconut milk. WORST IMPROV EXPERIENCE? When I chat up a woman, and she won’t yes and me. BTW, a “yes and” is illegal in most states. ANY OTHER THOUGHTS? Bacon makes everything better.