Rt Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst, MP

The CPA Chairperson, Sir Alan Haselhurst

Rt Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst, MP, a Member of the United Kingdom House of Commons, was elected as the new Chairperson of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Executive Committee at the Association’s General Assembly held in London on 27 July during the 57th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. He succeeds Hon. Dato’ Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal, MP, of Malaysia.

Sir Alan has been a Parliamentarian for almost 40 years and served as Senior Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Ways and Means. Sir Alan is a Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of Saffron Walden in Essex, England. He continues to play an active and influential role in the strengthening of the U.K. Parliament: currently, he chairs the Administration Committee, and is a Member of the Liaison, Finance and Services, Ecclesiastical, and Works of Art Committees. To learn more about Sir Alan, please visit his biography pages here or at the United Kingdom Parliament’s website.

In addition to his role as Chairperson of the CPA Executive Committee, he continues to serve as Chair of the CPA U.K. Executive Committee. During his years as a Member of the CPA, he has visited Australia, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa and Tanzania. In addition to his Commonwealth interests, he is also active in the areas of education, aerospace, aviation, youth affair, agriculture and community development.

The Chairperson of the CPA Executive Committee plays an important role in the leadership and governing of the Association. His or her term of office is three years during which time he or she presides over meetings of the Executive Committee, provides policy guidance to the Secretary-General and is the official spokesperson of the Association on all matters affecting the policy of the Association. To learn more about the constitutional role of the Chairperson, please click here...