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We have, unfortunately, yet another family health crisis here–one that’s not entirely a secret, as I’ve been semi-discussing it on Twitter and Facebook–that could be the most serious of all. That said, I’m hoping we get a plan in the next few weeks and I can go back to blogging as usual.

Just as I was starting to get some traction in my life (including blogging), a large earthquake hit Japan which resulted in a tsunami warning for Hawai’i. Destruction here was minimal, but we did have to evacuate from home to about a mile inland (we live less than 500 feet from the ocean and although we are not technically in an inundation zone, this is the second natural disaster in the over thirty years my family has lived here where we were asked to evacuate) at the unfortunate time of 1:30 am.

Fortunately, we just hung out in an elementary school parking lot and returned a few hours later, and we are all safe and sound, as are my friends in Japan whom I regularly communicate with on Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, many others are not. I’m sure by now you’ve seen tthe devastation in Japan and heard of the loss of life elsewhere.

I’m still gathering up how to help best–I have already pledged that my March blog and clinical supervision income will go to relief efforts in Japan–but in the meantime my friend Brian Dote is compiling a list at his Skip A Lunch blog.

I’m going to do what I can to help those in Japan. Just because my family, my friends, and myself are safe doesn’t mean it’s over.


Back With a Limited Schedule

While my cousin hasn’t been buried yet (it’ll be a few weeks apparently), it’s time to get back on the blogging horse. Lots of unanswered questions remain; my cousin was an athlete (a surfer) who was young (in his mid 50s), so this is not a typical situation.

Still grieving, but needing to get back to work.

I came home on Friday afternoon from work to my sister’s car trouble continuing, my niece’s MSI Wind netbook no longer operating, and the sad, serious news of one of my cousins passing away unexpectedly.

Expect sporadic posts while this is sorted out. My apologies.


Enjoy the Long Weekend!

As I desperately try to regroup and catch up after many, many weeks of life happening too fast for me, I’m taking a few days off to catch up and run the Great Aloha Run (as well as do a hike). Have a great weekend!

…means a day off from blogging. No, it’s not my wedding, but I need to be there at something like 5:30 am to help with the technical aspects. Back to blogging tomorrow!


Happy New Year!

Taking a few days off to enjoy the holiday. Back on Monday.


Best Holiday Wishes to All

Gonna take a few days off from posting to try to catch up at home. 2010 was very eventful and while I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals, it’s come at the expense of falling behind on other things.

Blessed holidays to all.

No post today, but blogging going on behind the scenes…


Here We Go Again

It’s been a year for family issues, and we’ve got another one here. My aunt just got released from the hospital and since she lives alone she’s staying with us–at least for awhile, although this could end up being permanent. As I adjust, expect posts to be sporadic over the next couple of weeks. My apologies.

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