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       2009 April 1st (Wed)

  Now, I'm updating from my cellphone.      2009 April 1st (Wed)
I was a bit hungry so
when I tried eating some ice cream
a huge thing happened.

From tomorrow I'll enjoy life without a PC!!!!!

  Night!      2009 April 1st (Wed)
I've been having fun like this everyday so
Old Man, too,
please be watching over me.

  Germany fell asleep      2009 April 1st (Wed)
We finished talking about work!
This time for sure all that's left to do is sleep!

Tomorrow's me will be cool, too!!

  You huh!!!      2009 April 1st (Wed)
Just when I thought I'll go to sleep a visitor?!

It couldn't be helped since he came to talk about important work but I grapple with my drowsiness.

  I'm sleepy.  2009 April 1st (Wed)
Today, too I was awesome all day.

  Beh   2009 April 1st (Wed)
Since he stuck his tongue out at me, I stuck mines out at him back!

My beh has 100 times more the power!

   A photo from when I went to the beach appeared.      2009 April 1st (Wed)
When I was fiddling with my camera, a picture from when I went to the beach appeared.

At this time, I had a swimming showdown, even now it's so vexing having lost to America...

The sea. It's so great, isn't it.

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  Cleaning is annoying   2009 April 1st (Wed)
Today,too I'm cleaning with West, cleaning.
There are so many rooms that need to be cleaned, it SERIOUSLY troublesome.

  Canada... I want to send you the "Ore-sama" Honor Award   2009 April 1st (Wed)
Canada, what monstrous thing have you invented!

I became happy with just this. Delicious.

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  もうその手は効かないぜ!    2009 April 1st (Wed)
That jerk Canada brought what he says is "Maple Syrup that surely bring happiness to the people who eat it."

He said he'd give it to me for free so I took it but, it's probably another April Fool's joke...

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Yo! Big bro, Prussia!

  Tonight I'm going to eat dinner at Italy-chan's place.    2009 April 1st (Wed)

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Hey hey.

 Advertisement     2009 April 1st (Wed)
*This advertisement as an act of harassment will only be displayed on the blog managed by Prussia.*

660 B.C on sale!

Vocaloid specializing in Japanese folk songs and schmaltzy Japanese ballads,
Niholoid finally on sale!

Other than them, he can also sing Japanese popular songs from the Showa era and anime songs, but if you forced him sing Hiphop or R&B songs, he would wear a deadly troubled look.

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