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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Elmo Pattern, yay!

After posting cookie monster on craftster, all I heard form people was, "you have to make Elmo" and "pattern please" so two birds, one stone, I made Elmo and wrote the pattern, if you make him then let me know how you get along. Can't wait to see what you guys think.

You will need:
Red Fuzzy wool
White, Black and Orange DK or WW
3.5/E Hook
Sewing needle
Stitch marker
10mm pair of black eyes

NOTE: this is an intermediate to advanced pattern, if you are having problems check the comments below the pattern as the answer may be there or there is always Google.

Head and body:
R1, 6sc in ring
R2, inc in every st (12sc)
R3 sc in first st, inc in nxt, rep around (18sc)
R4 sc in first 2, inc in nxt, rep around (24sc)
R5 sc in first 3, inc in nxt, rep around (30sc)
R6 sc in first 4, inc in nxt, rep around (36sc)
R7 sc in first 5, inc in nxt, rep around (42sc)
R8 sc in first 6, inc in nxt, rep around (48sc)
R9-13 sc around
R14 inc in first st, sc 23, inc, sc rest around (50sc)
R15 inc in first st, sc 23, inc, sc rest around (52sc)
R16 sc in first 2, ch 23, skip 23 st, sc 28
(The chain creates a gap in the head for you to sew the mouth onto, on the next round you single crochet onto this chain and continue with the rest of the head and body. You sew the mouth in after you have completed the body.)
R17 sc in first 2, sc 23 on chain, sc 17, dec, sc 8
R18 sc 3, dec, rep around, sc 1 (41sc)
R19 sc 2, dec, rep around, sc 1 (31sc)
R20 sc 1, dec, rep around, sc 1 (21sc)
R21-23, sc around
R24-25 sc around inc 4 times evenly spaced
R26-27 sc around
R28-29 sc around inc 4 times evenly spaced
R30-32 sc around
R33 sc around in 4 times evenly spaced
R34-40 sc around
R41-45 sc around dec 5 times evenly spaced
R46 dec until closed

Mouth (make 2 with black yarn)
R1 4sc in ring, ch 1, turn
R2 inc in every st, ch 1, turn
R3 sc in first, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R4 sc in next 2, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R5 sc in next 3, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R6 sc in next 4, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R7 sc in next 5, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R8 sc in next 6, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R9 sc in next 7, inc, rep around, ch 1, turn
R10 sc around in red coloul, FO red, not black

sc across flat edge of half circle in black, FO
Sew together the flat edges with black, sew top part of mouth to head with red and stuff body, continue to stuff body while sewing on bottom of mouth. you may want to add two half circles of card of shaping before sewing.

Eyes (make 2 with white yarn)
R1 6sc in ring
R2 inc around (12sc)
R3-5 sc around insert safety eye in ring
R6 dec around, stuff firmly
dec untill closed and FO
Sew eyes together then sew to top of head.

Nose(with orange yarn)
R1 6sc in ring
R2 inc around (12sc)
R3 sc in first st, inc, rep around (18sc)
R4-6 sc around
R7 sc in first, dec in next, rep around
R8 sc around, stuff
R9 dec around
R10 sc around
dec untill closed and sew to head

Legs (make 2)

R1 6sc in ring
R2 inc around (12sc)
R3 sc in first, inc in next, rep around (18sc)
R4 sc in next 2, inc in next, rep around (24sc)
R5 sc in next 3, inc in next, rep around (30sc)
R6-7 sc around
R8 sc in first, dec, rep 6 times, sc in rest (24 sc)
R9 dec in next 6, sc in rest (18sc)
R10 dec in next 3 sc in rest (15 sc)
R11-30 sc around. Stuff FO leaving tail to sew

Arms (make 2)
R1 6sc in ring
R2 inc around (12sc)
R3 sc in first, inc, rep around (18sc)
R4 sc in next 2, inc, rep around (24sc)
R5-8 sc around
R9 sc in first 2, dec, rep around (18sc)
R10 sc in first, dec, rep around (12sc)
R11-26, sc around, stuff

FO leaving tail to sew
Sew arms and legs to body and enjoy your new Elmo!


Maria said...

Thanks he's awesome!

Sheila said...

I would love to make Elmo, I just love him. I do not have a printer so I won't be able to make him. He is just adorable. Thanks for sharing. Sheila

Draegonflies said...

What a great pattern, many thanks for sharing your talent and pattern!

sukigirl said...

Oh he's perfect....thanks so much for sharing him!

edie22 said...

He looks awesome!!

vhenning said...

Awesome can we get a Kermit and a MIss Piggy now ,please :)

blueberryjunkie said...

I love your pattern...thanks for sharing. My 21month old son is crazy about Elmo...I think I might surprise him with one.

Bubbles said...

This is amazing! I would like to know how big please. One day I will make this. Thanks again!

The Royal Family said...


TriniBean said...

Gorgeous! Love your work!

peyjad said...

I love it! My special needs daughter LOVES sesame street! Do you have any other charactor patterns you'd like to share????:) like cookie or grover or....! Thanks for sharing!

Rosa said...

gracias por el patron.espero hacerlo muy pronto

Rosa said...

gracias por el patron.espero hacerlo muy pronto

For the Love... said...

Too cool! SIL wanted to get the giant Elmo for my Niece but they are over $100...may try your pattern with some super bulky yarn and see how close I can come!

Dovneskid said...

what does ch stand for in R16 of the head and body? Is it chain?

Maggie said...

yup ch stands for chain, hope you enjoy making him :)

Dovneskid said...

Thank you. Just one more question: The gap for the mouth is 23 st across, right? But when I make the black halfcircles for the mouth, I get 36 st in R10. Isn't it supposed to be just the 23?

For the Love... said...

I just finished my giant one and he turned out beautifully! I posted pics and a link to your site on crochetville, in show and tell under toys...

He ended up being 36inches long and is wearing a pair of 2T pjs in one of the pics...my niece is going to love him!

thanks again for the pattern!

Maggie said...

Dovneskid: yup just follow the pattern and it will work out ok :)

hunnybunny21 said...

Thanks for posting this up. One of my girl friends loves Elmo and she has a huge collection of them so this will be a great addition to it.

justjody said...

Question: I am planning to make this for my daughter and was looking at wool stuffing and wondering if you thought 1 lb of it would be enough to fill this doll or if I should get more. This will be my first project (my grandma will be assisting) and I'm ordering the wool online so I can't get an idea in my mind how much 1 lb actually is. I figured you, being more experienced and knowing the size and density of this doll, would know the answer to that. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Maggie said...

Justjody: hey, Stuffing is very light so I think a pound of stuffing will be enough to last you for many projects. Hope you enjoy the patter

kennysbabydoll said...

Ok, I am a newbie and this is causing me problems. When you u say increase... do you mean to add one stitch extra? example R3 scin first 3 inc next stictch... does that mean 2 stitches there?

Maggie said...

kennysbabydoll: yep you got it right, to increase you do two stitches in the one space

Schrodinger said...

This is great! Thank you for being generous enough to share. Can't wait to start him tonight :)

kennysbabydoll said...

Thanks Maggie, not only are you generous but you help those of us who are newbies!!! HUGS!

kennysbabydoll said...

R16 sc in first 2, ch 23, skip 23 st, sc 28

Ok...you single crochet in the first 2 sc then you are just going to go off the second sc and chain 23 then skip 23 of the sc that you had done in the previous row and then start your sc in the chain that you just did, then you go back and start sc in the next 28 sc. Right? I hope that made sense to you because I am not sure it does to me. THANKS! kennysbabydoll@yahoo.com

Maggie said...

When you do the chain and skip the 23 st you carry on going round as you have done for the previous rounds then on the next round you sc on the chain you just made. Hope that helps :)

schrodinger said...

Just wanted to let you know that I finished Elmo. He's a big hit. Info & pics are on my ravelry - http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Schrodinger/elmo

Anonymous said...

I'm having a problem with the same row as the above one. But I have no problem with chain 23 skip 23..it's the sc 28. Because I only have 27 sc left before the start of the next round. 2sc+23ch(sc)+28=53. Am I missing something? I tried skipping this one stitch but the other rows are based on this extra stitch. So I counted, and I have 52 sc like it says, but when I put that extra stitch there and move my marker, I only have one sc before the 23 chain and it says sc 2...what am I missing? Lol.

Maggie said...

I think one stitch isn't going to make much of a difference but you could always randomly Inc somewhere and that will give you the right amount of stitches :)
I'm sorry that some of you are having problems with the pattern. My approach to crochet is very slapdash

Anonymous said...

It's if it were for you, I wouldn't have any idea what to do. I was going to buy my son something for his birthday party in 5 days but I think something homemade would mean something more to him. I did what you suggested and it worked, thanks! Body is done and on to the parts...lol. There are a couple patterns for knit but I'm faster at crochet and with only a few days, this was a lifesaver.

Lily Bermea said...

Hola, me encanta tu blog y en especial tu patrón de elmo, he posteado tu entrada en mi nuevo blog, espero no te moleste te dejo el link. http://inspiradapor.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you, a friend of mine LOVES Elmo, she will be so happy when I make this for her :)

Anonymous said...

Love your elmo and cookie monster, I am making them for my nieces along with matching afghans! I assume the pattern for elmo and cookie monster is the same just different yarns and noses, right? How much red (for elmo) and/or blue (for cookie monster) yarn is needed? No place in my town has the cookie monster yarn so I have to order it and I want to make sure I order enough.

Maggie said...

I think I used about 200g of eyelash yarn when I made cookie monster. I'm looking for blue eyelash yarn so if you see any let me know :)

Anonymous said...

FYI I found some at Michael's craft store! I believe it was $3.99/skein

Anonymous said...

Ok so I made the Elmo...so cute! Now I am going to do the cookie monster but I have a few quiestions...
1. still use a size E hook with the eyelash yarn?
2. do you work with 2 strands (one strand eyelash and one WW) or one (one strand eyelash)? Just wondering if the eyelash will be dense enough to hold the stuffing?


Carolyn said...

I have been looking for a free cookie monster pattern for my granddaughters, how can I get a copy of the one you posted earlier. My email address is: sweetcaroline.cm@gmail.com Thank you for any help.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ninja! I found your pattern accidentally and I'm so glad I did! I run a home daycare and I have 3 little friends that are in love with Elmo. I made 1 and I loved him so I'm making 6 more to give to all of my little friends for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

Maggie said...

Wow, you are going to be busy!

Anonymous said...


Little Hugs said...

I made Elmo for my friends son! I ended up making the mouth smaller because it wasn't coming out just right for me. I think I crochet tighter in the round then I do with the turning. Here is a link to my Elmo I made if you'd like to see : http://littlehugscraftingblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/crocheted-elmo.html
Thank you for sharing this pattern, I'll be making my son an Elmo for Christmas as well!

Dianna Boerner said...

I love elmo and would like to find the patterns for ernie bert and cookie I am a grandma raising 2 disabled grandkids and they love homemade toys! Can you help find? email @ dianna98@live.com thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello ninja! so happy to have found your blog, and the pattern for Elmo, I am making it for my grandson and for our children's hospital, but having a problem with row 16, I am confused,could ypu run through it with a little more explanation for us newbies, thanks so much you are so kind to put your patterns up. God Bless! Anne

daperfectmix said...

My son would so love this!! I'm going to try this after I finish my big project that I'm working on.. thanks for sharing your patterns

Cora said...

Found you through the AllFreeCrochet Newsletter. Your Cookie Monster was also featured. Love these guys!


♥Piper♥ said...

You already know I believe you are talented, but I just posted a blog entry for a friend who wanted some Amigurumi links, and I added links to this pattern and the cookie monster on that post, just wanted to let you know, I linked to you and gave you the credit because you deserve it. I hope it brings you traffic from my readers. Here is the post, have a blessed day.

vicki said...


wha tdo I do with the chain (rows 16 and 17?) does the mouth attach someway? help

thanks vicki

Maggie said...

Thank you piper, your kindness knows no bounds.

Vicki: in round 16 the chain makes the gap for the mouth. In round 17 you single crochet on to that chain then carry on as normal.
I hope that helps

vicki said...

maggie, after I get the head and body done, (r46)., I then take the chain from the opening and attach the mouth? sorry I'm so dense. the chain is pulled out before you close up (r46), is that correct? I really can't get it inmy head how to do this one step. after r23, I still have this chain sticking out of the opening, ohhhhh I am confused. sorry ha ha.
thanks so much for ans. my first question.

vicki said...

adding to my post of 16:14 today. what I have after working 5 or so times (thru row 23), looks like an upside down cornucopia with a sc handle. is this what it's suppose to look like.? everytime I rework it, it comes out the same.

Maggie said...

Ok, after making the chain in round 16 you then single crochet on to each chain stitch. The chain should not be loose at the end.
If you look at the picture of the doll you'll see a nice round head with an opening for a mouth, it comes in at the neck, out at the shoulders, a nice round body then closed off with a round bottom. I have no idea how you got a cornucopia shape.
I really hope this explains it for you

vicki said...

thank you so much for your help...... you would NOT believe what I can come up w/sometimes!!! It's not your pattern, pls don't think that, it's the way I interpret it, I am working my way to Elmo, I hope it turns out 1/2 as cute as yours. Hope I didn't cause a migrane. the cookie monster is next. your website is awesome

vivian said...

How much red thread does this take? How big is it when finished? My 6 month old keeps trying to take her 4 month old cousins elmo away. Money is tight I can't buy her an elmo and I have some red thread. Hoping its enough to make her one. Thanks for the pattern.

Maggie said...

I used about 200g of double knie or worsted weight yarn and he's about 12 inches tall. I'm sure you kid will love this

vivian said...

Thanks :)

Sharon said...

Thank you SO much for posting this pattern and making it free to all of us. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated finding it and your site. My grandson is going to LOVE him!!!


Anonymous said...

I've just found your patterns and I love them!!!! I have a 1 year old daughter who will just love Elmo and plan to make Cookie for my son who is due to be born in September. Thank you soo much for sharing x


Living by the Pen said...

Yes, but does it come with it's own Kevin Clash??? :D

Amelia said...

So, I am in the middle of making this. Great pattern, by the way! But what on Earth are safety eyes? And how do I attach them on row 5?

Anonymous said...

Oh, nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

made elmo on my 4th one ty, but i had to alter the mouth it was way to big to fit the opening..

Mary Jo said...

I have seen the Angel Tooth Fairy Pillow which is beautiful with a white crocheted angel attached to a pink crocheted pillow. Do you have a pattern or know where I can get one for the Elmo tooth fairy pillow?
Thank you.

Bobbie Jo Castner said...

I am having a slight problem with the step 24. Basically:
R24-25 sc around inc 4 times evenly spaced

R28-29 sc around inc 4 times evenly spaced

R33 sc around in 4 times evenly spaced
I tried to increase once 4 times and sc in between them even amount of times and the body was too skinny. Then I tried it again Increasing 4 times then sc evenly in between each set and the body was too big. The one that says five times I did 4 increases 5 times with single crochets evenly in between each set. I hope that made sense to someone. And I hope smeone can help me make sense of this one. I learned to crochet from videos and pictures mostly and never seen this type of direction. I really want this to come out good for my great nephew for Cristmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi, inc 4 times evenly spaced just means increasing 4 times on that round and making sure you dont have the increases near each other. Just follow the number of increases indicated on each round and the shape will be right

Bobbie Jo Castner said...

Thanks for the reply. So it is increase one time in 4 different places on those rounds. Like one increase on each side as if it were a square.

Anonymous said...

defintly having some confusion got to the last of the decreases for the head ? now how am i supposed to crochet the body when the only gap is for the mouth ? ..... + the gaps for the mouth are seperated by a chain (23) is this right ? and if so how do i sew the mouth to it ?

Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

Hi.. I'm new to crochet and I'm trying to do this cute little Elmo but I'm having difficulty in Round 16, my SC is just 27 not 28. Round 15, i have 52sc and i was able to make that round. Round 16 said sc in first 2, ch23, skip 23 st, sc 28. I keep on doing it.. sc is just 27.

Margaret said...

My granddaughter loves Ernie & was wondering if you had a pattern for him. I love the Elmo & Cookie Monster. If so would you send it to miss_doned2006@yahoo.com? Or send me the link where I can get it. Thanks so much.