Bill Of Rights Is No More

by Chuck Baldwin, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Montana, ChuckBaldwinLive

While most Americans were celebrating the holidays, President Barack Obama quietly signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), otherwise known as the “Indefinite Detention Act,” into law. Obama had initially said he would veto the bill which contains the draconian language authorizing the US military to seize and incarcerate US citizens without warrant, due process, trial, etc. Of course, Obama quickly changed his mind after the bill passed both houses of Congress. Continue reading

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Obama loses dismissal plea. Orly Taitz can now depose Obama.

Some Republicans gave up. Other Republicans kept fighting, and today they won a major battle. Obama, mighty Obama, has struck out! – Ed

On December 15, 2011, Defendant, President Barack Obama, moved for dismissal of
Plaintiffs’ challenge to his qualifications for office. The Court has jurisdiction to hear this
contested case pursuant to Chapter 13 of Title 50, the “Georgia Administrative Procedure Act.”
For the reasons indicated below, Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss is DENIED.

Read the whole article on Stand Up America.

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Chuck Baldwin Endorses Ron Paul for President

Support Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin, Montana’s “Ron Paul” candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. Continue reading

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In Memory of Ava Walters

by Clarice Ryan

Ava Walters was an outstanding person, dedicated to the principles of the Republican party.  Throughout many years she provided support for its candidates, its elected officials and their ongoing role in government.  She performed in official leadership capacities organizing and presiding at meetings, acting as Central Committee Chairman, attending party conventions, and managing the Republican Party election office.  She made every effort to assure that GOP focus and performance constantly adhered to the guidelines of the state and federal Constitutions. Continue reading

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Ron Paul: Indefinite Detention Act (NDAA) Is Very Dangerous

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Choose your Gubernatorial Candidate Wisely

by Mae Woo

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,

As we start this New Year 2012, I ask you to consider the precarious state of our freedoms.

This year, we will be electing a new President as well as a new Governor and Lt. Governor for Montana.

In looking at the field of possible candidates, there is only one candidate, Bob Fanning, not a politician, who has the qualifications, executive ability, and hard business and finance acumen to lead our state during the coming hard economic and political times ahead. Continue reading

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A Response to JB Williams’ Article on Ron Paul

by Timothy Baldwin, J.D., Liberty Defense League

J.B. Williams’ article attacking Ron Paul, released on December 30, 2011 on, perhaps deserves (I use the word loosely) a response. Williams’ assumes a lot and qualifies virtually nothing. He takes for granted the meaning and understanding of words like “conservative” and “liberal” and uses them to pigeon hole politics and pit people against Ron Paul. It is this kind of miniscule attention to detail that spreads misinformation and disinformation masqueraded as “fact”.

Let us consider Williams’ attacks on Ron Paul in order, and I will offer a critique for the sake of integrity in journalism and truth in politics. Continue reading

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Will The Wolf War Escalate In 2012?

by Toby Bridges, Lobo Watch

The short answer is…count on it!

One thing is for certain, the residents of the Northern Rockies will make it forever more difficult for pro-wolf groups and organizations to continue doing business in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  The efforts of so-called “environmental” organizations such as the Defenders of Wildlife and the Center for Biological Diversity have shown the world how little they really know about the wild world – and how their constant meddling can wreak havoc on wildlife populations which took decades to rebuild. Continue reading

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The Inauguration of Police State USA 2012: Obama Signs the “National Defense Authorization Act ”

by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

With minimal media debate, at a time when Americans were celebrating the New Year with their loved ones,  the “National Defense Authorization Act ” H.R. 1540 was signed into law by President Barack Obama. The actual signing took place in Hawaii on the 31st of December.

According to Obama’s “signing statement”, the threat of Al Qaeda to the Security of the Homeland constitutes a justification for repealing fundamental rights and freedoms, with a stroke of the pen. Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne by Sissel Kyrkjeba, Norwegian soprano

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Republicans and Risks

by Oliver North, Fox News, Stand Up America Kitchen Cabinet – October 31, 2011

Editorial Note by Paul Vallely – Lt. Col. Oliver North, along with MG Paul Valley, former Congressman Duncan Hunter, Lt. Gen. Boykin, David Keane & Wayne Lapierre of the NRA and many friends and associates arrived home this weekend from the 2011 Freedom Cruise. Reporting from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, SUA Kitchen Cabinet Member Oliver North penned the following article after discussions with fellow cruise members about the now impending troop withdrawal from Iraq and our overall readiness.

The noteworthy assessment he gives pertains to the lack of leadership in office today, and any similarity to truly great leaders like Ronald Reagan running to be the Republican Party’s nominee to run against Obama in 2012 seems non-existent. Again, it is clear, unless we are secure as a nation, all else takes a back seat. Unfortunately, few understand this foundational philosophy, in either major party. ___________________________________________________________

Continue reading

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Following the money backwards leads to President Reagan, Russian rubles and Ambassador Leo Wanta

From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:

Ambassador Leo Wanta is the lawful “principle” and “trustor” of funds stashed in accounts all over the world.

Editor’s note: The story of how Ambassador Leo Wanta was commissioned by President Reagan to make $trillions for the American people in shrewd (but legal) currency trading that concentrated on buying Russian rubles at a discount to destabilize the Soviet economy surfaced in 1992. The Wanta story was recently revived on the Investigative Journal by Greg Syzmanski through interviews with Ambassador Wanta broadcast on the Republic Broadcast Network. Continue reading

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Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who “Gets It”

by Chuck Baldwin, ChuckBaldwinLive

The recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the reaction–or better, lack of reaction–by the GOP’s Presidential candidates is a perfect example of how it will not matter to a Tinker’s Dam which Republican candidate wins the nomination, unless that candidate is Congressman Ron Paul.

This is what so many people within the so-called Religious Right and establishment GOP just do not understand: they do not understand the fact that America is in the throes of a burgeoning police state. They have buried their heads in the sand for so long that they wouldn’t know what tyranny looked like if it came up and bit them on their blessed assurance! Continue reading

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Why solar power, as a source of energy for the power grid, will simply never work

by Porter Stansberry, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

[Porter Stansberry has given PolyMontana his personal permission to republish this article. Here, Porter describes why solar energy cannot compete with carbon fuel energy. Porter not only shows his excellent insight into investment research but also his excellent understanding of physics and thermodynamics. - Ed] Continue reading

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How a few saved Montana from the Climate Change Scam

by Ed Berry, PhD, Director Climate Physics Institute

With the help of about 120 dedicated Montanans and Climate Physics Institute, Montana’s Climate Change Freedom Day occurred on June 15, 2011. Here’s the story of how it happened.

As you read my story, I hope you will press the Donate button and help reimburse Climate Physics Institute for the legal fees and costs of its Motion to Intervene and to give Climate Physics Institute the monetary base to defeat future scientifically-unfounded actions. Continue reading

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Candidate for Montana Attorney General, Jim Shockley, Holds Shocking View of the Constitution

by Timothy Baldwin, J.D., Liberty Defense League


Candidate for Montana Attorney General, Jim Shockley, stated while sitting in his official capacity as Montana Senator that original and true meaning of state sovereignty, as expressed in the tenth amendment of the United States Constitution, was changed and ridded by the Civil War. Shockley’s position is completely incorrect constitutionally and historically. Moreover, it is dangerous to Montana’s rights and to the liberties of Montanans. Any attorney holding this view of the constitution does not qualify to serve as Montana’s next Attorney General. Continue reading

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CFACT skydivers force UN to consider Climategate 2.0

This week, CFACT’s skydiving team parachuted past COP17 onto Amanzimtoti beach. The divers trailed smoke and banners proclaiming “Climategate 2.0, Science Not Settled” and “No New Treaty.” Multiple media outlets showed up to record the event, including the AP, BBC, and South Africa’s national news network. It was a huge success! Climategate 2.0 can not be ignored! Watch the video below: Continue reading

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Citizen Gun Group Endorses Ron Paul for President

Missoula, Mont. – The Montana Shooting Sports Association announced today that it endorses Congressman Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for President.  Citing continuing high poll numbers in spite of a media blackout, MSSA says that Ron Paul is the only candidate who offers a chance to save our Nation as a country of free people. Continue reading

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Journalism Gone Bad: The Southern Poverty Law Center

by Attorney Timothy Baldwin, LibertyDefenseLeague

If you do not know of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and their more than questionable tactics, allow me to give you a glimpse of their bias and hate agenda in light of its recent article against me and others. New American magazine has written more than one article about the SPLC’s sinister purpose. Continue reading

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No Wonder America’s Founders Distrusted Standing Armies

by Chuck Baldwin, ChuckBaldwinLive

It is well documented that many of America’s Founding Fathers had a very real and deep-seated distrust of standing armies–and for good reason. They had just fought a costly and bloody war for independence, which had been largely predicated upon the propensities for the abuse and misuse of individual liberties by a pervasive and powerful standing army (belonging to Great Britain) amongst them. Listen to Thomas Jefferson:

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” Continue reading

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Rick Hill leads Republican race for Montana governor

November 30, 2011

The poll released today by Public Policy Polling of North Carolina shows Montana Republican governor results as follows: Continue reading

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THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano

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An Effective Campaign to Eradicate Poverty

by Tom DeWeese, AmericanPolicyCenter

There are many efforts underway to focus attention on world poverty. In a world of massive government spending that is supposed to be used to help the poor (at least that is the popular excuse), the statistics on global poverty are staggering.

According to the United Nation’s Millennium Project, there are currently 1.2 billion people living in poverty. 50,000 deaths per day occur worldwide as a result of poverty. Every year more than 10 million children die of hunger and preventable diseases. More than half of the world’s population lives on less than $2 per day and 800 million people go to bed hungry every night.  Continue reading

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Chuck Baldwin: My Thanksgiving Prayer

by Chuck Baldwin,

That first Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621 saw about 50 Mayflower Pilgrims and 100 native Indians come together for a celebration feast consisting of a variety of homegrown vegetables-including corn, squash, beans, barley, and peas-along with wild turkey and venison. The precise date is not known, but it is believed to have taken place in late October or early November. Historians record that the Massachusetts weather was crisp, but not cold-and the fall foliage dazzled America’s newcomers with a cornucopia of color. Continue reading

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Ken Miller: A Time for Thanksgiving

Dear Montanan,

As the Miller family gathers for Thanksgiving 2011, we have so much to be thankful for. First is our country and our many freedoms. We truly live in the best state and the best nation on earth, and it is a tremendous blessing to be an American. We are thankful for all those that fought — and many that died — to give us those freedoms. Continue reading

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Ron Paul talks the solution

In Montana, Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin talk the solution.

Continue reading

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Jay Scott Berry hits another Milestone

“Solitary Man” Accumulates 10,000 Spins 

Los Angeles, CA — International singing sensation Jay Scott Berry hit another milestone this week as his second single, “Solitary Man,” continues to steamroll up the charts.  Berry’s fresh take on the Neil Diamond tune broke through the 10,000 spin barrier this week, gaining another six stations. Add that to the 30,000 spins attained by his first hit single, “Please Come to Boston,” and it totals up to Berry receiving over 40,000 spins at radio since his album Keepsake debuted in April. [Play the track on upper right.] Continue reading

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The Governor’s Race, Montana, USA

by Dr. Ed Berry

For good reason, the race for the next governor of Montana, USA, is already grabbing national attention. Although Montana is the 4th largest state in America and has less than 1 million citizens, all political pundits recognize the importance of its next governor, lt. governor, attorney general, and other key state offices.

This Montana race will be the ultimate battle between liberals and conservatives, between RINOs, neocons and constitutionalists, between environmentalists and resource businesses, and between federal control versus state sovereignty. The results of the June and November 2012 elections will determine the future of Montana and America. Continue reading

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Montana Governor candidate Robert Fanning announces his Lt. Governor running mate is Dr. Chuck Baldwin

by Dr. Ed Berry

Governor candidate Bob Fanning told the audience at the Gubernatorial Forum in Billings, Montana, on November 12, 2011, that 2008 Presidential candidate Dr. Chuck Baldwin will be his Lt. Governor running mate.

Fanning and Baldwin issued the following statement:

Montanans are hungry for genuine community relations, individual liberty, limited government, and sensible solutions to our problems. Thankfully, our ancestors bequeathed to us the platform to accomplish these priorities. Continue reading

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Critique of WSJ article: Take Action Against Global Warming

by Joseph Bast, President, The Heartland Institute

Mr. Herron,

I appreciated the careful tone of your article in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Energy Agency Warns Governments to Take Action Against Global Warming.” Rather than repeating the discredited claims by environmentalists of a “consensus” on either the role of man-made emissions in causing climate change or its future trajectory, you were careful to say “many scientists” believe or see things the way environmental advocacy groups and the IPCC present the issue. Continue reading

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Fast and Furious was NOT botched

by Gary Marbut, President, Montana Shooting Sports Association

The BATFEEE gunrunning fiasco that delivered thousands of U.S. firearms to Mexican drug cartels, operation Fast and Furious, is commonly referred to in the media as a “botched” federal operation.

Let’s be clear about this.  Fast and Furious was NOT “botched.”  It did exactly what it was intended to do.  It delivered thousands of untraced U.S. guns to criminals at the behest of the BATFEEE and with the knowledge and assumed approval of top Justice Department and other administration officials. Continue reading

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180 – The Movie

“Nearly 60 million Americans have been slaughtered by abortion, and that’s ten times the number of Jews who died under the Nazis. So as far as numbers are concerned, there is no comparison.”

“If you can change someone’s mind about abortion, you change the way they vote. And that’s a huge threat to a billion dollar business.” Continue reading

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HR 1505: Statement of National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

by Zack Taylor, Vice Chairman,

[Note: Mr. Taylor is referring below to articles by Berry and Baldwin, and letters by Bullock and Tawney. PolyMontana welcomes opposing opinions as shown here. My rebuttal is in preparation. - Ed]

I am writing for National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, (, concerning HR-1505, found here:

HR-1505 is a mere three paragraphs long. Note that the law sunsets after five years and it only exempts Customs and Border Protection from the environmental laws enumerated in HR-1505, none of which existed when The Immigration and Nationality Act was passed. Continue reading

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HR 1505: Giant Land Grab For The Police State

by Chuck Baldwin,

Montana Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg lent his support for ceding more power and authority to the federal government’s emerging police state by supporting HR 1505, the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act.” This monstrous bill empowers the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to confiscate to itself tens of thousands of acres of land across the US northern border. This is for “national security” reasons, of course. Gag! Continue reading

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HR 1505 is a fatal betrayal of America

by Dr. Ed Berry

America is defined by its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution. America is further defined by its English language, its Christian heritage, and its culture of achievement.

Politics is a triangle.

Many people think politics can be described by a horizontal line between left and right. In fact, this horizontal line is but the base of the political triangle. At the top of the political triangle is our Constitution. Those who support our Constitution, left or right, rise above the horizontal line in the direction of supporting true America. As they reach the peak, they converge. Continue reading

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The Threat to Freedom: The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Homeland Security

by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center

Briefing to the Tea Party Caucus of the US House of Representatives February 17, 2011 By Tom DeWeese:

My name is Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, and according to the Southern Poverty Law Center I am a right wing extremist, a racist and a potentially violent terrorist.

In March, 2010, SPLC issued a report entitled “Rage on the Right: The Year in Hate and Extremism,” in which groups opposed to issues like the Obama health care plan and illegal immigration were lumped with white supremacist groups like the National Socialist Movement and Skin Heads. Continue reading

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Constitutional Convention Cannot Be Controlled

by Tom DeWeese, AmericanPolicyCenter

As Americans become more frightened by the disastrous direction our government is taking, and more frustrated that elected representatives are not listening to them, the demand is growing for drastic action. In recent months the action most heard in state houses across the nation is a rising call for a new Constitutional Convention (Con Con).  Continue reading

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Tennessee Joins TSA In Creating Random Check Points

by Chuck Baldwin,

In 1836, former frontiersman and congressman Davy Crockett led a band of volunteers all the way from their home State of Tennessee to San Antonio, Texas, in order to join up with William Travis and his small company of soldiers, and help defend the Alamo–and Texas independence–from Mexican General Santa Anna and his army of over 5,000 seasoned troops. Continue reading

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I have a plan to destroy America

by Richard D. Lamm, former governor of Colorado

I have a secret plan to destroy America. If you believe, as many do, that America is too smug, too white bread, too self-satisfied, too rich, let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. History shows that nations are more fragile than their citizens think. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and they all fall, and that “an autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.” Here is my plan: Continue reading

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Help Congressman Rehberg move in the right direction

Some readers have asked,

Why do you support Congressman Denny Rehberg’s proposed amendment to HR 1505 when HR 1505 should be voted down?

I ask:

Why do you cheer your football team when they make a 15-yard gain but did not score a goal?

While I do not support HR 1505, as I will explain more in a following post, I do support Rehberg’s attempt to move the ball in the right direction.

Look at what we accomplish when we support Rehberg’s new amendment. Continue reading

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Dump the Democrats, Save Lot’s a Money

The Democrats and Liberals are keeping really quiet about this.

Remember the violent and disgusting demonstrations over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker doing away with collective bargaining for Teacher’s unions?  The results are in.  Some school districts went from a $400,000 deficit to a $1,500,000 surplus as a result.  They
are even hiring new teachers, not firing like the Liberals said would happen.  Why? Continue reading

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Congressman Rehberg goes to bat for Montana on HR 1505

by Ed Berry

Although I still do not like HR 1505, I appreciate Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg’s proposed an amendment to HR 1505 that has significant advantages for Montana, assuming HR 1505 eventually passes. His proposed amendment would recognize the county sheriff as the highest law enforcement officer in his county, even above a federal marshal, but excluding the FBI which is needed to stop corruption in our local law enforcement. Continue reading

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Ron Paul blows away Blitzer

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Ron Paul ad gets it right

More reasons to support Ron Paul: Continue reading

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Federal Reserve “loaned” our $16 Trillion to bailout Fat Cats

Duh … Doesn’t this mean the Fat Cats owe us money? $16 Trillion would bail out our national debt. – Ed

The first audit of the Federal Reserve shows the Fed gave away $16 Trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and big businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Continue reading

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PolyMontana editor files ethics complaints against Democrats

PolyMontana editor Dr. Ed Berry filed ethics complaints last week against

  • Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Dave Gallik
  • MEA-MFT (teachers’ union) Committee On Political Education (COPE).

alleging violations of state campaign finance law. Since Berry’s complaint was filed with Gallik’s office, Gallik said he will recuse himself and appoint a deputy to investigate Berry’s complaint.

The MEA-MFT complaint alleges the union failed to list contributors during each of four reporting periods in its political action income from donors last year. Continue reading

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Barry Soetoro becomes Liberal-America Messiah

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Wake up America: Do you want China ruling your life?

Beware – viewer discretion advised!!

Two-year-old Yue Yue was walking in a hardware market in Foshan, Guangdong province, on Thursday, about 100 meters away from her home. A surveillance camera shows a Yue Yue getting run over by two separate vehicles and people do nothing to help her. Continue reading

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Who will help Ron Paul get elected?

by Ed Berry

Ron Paul and his supporters accuse the media of marginalizing their candidate. But it is Ron Paul and his supporters who have done more to marginalize Ron Paul than the media has.

Stay with me here, Ron Paul supporter.

As you can see by my previous article, “Ron Paul will risk his life to reduce your Federal Reserve debt,” not only do I believe Ron Paul is the best candidate to save America, but I have given you a peak into how he and we can sell him much better to other voters. Continue reading

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Nullifying Obamacare is a matter of national survival

by Dr. John Grady

Across the nation, right now, and without your knowledge, billions of dollars are being spent to implement the monstrosity called Obamacare.  Physicians and nurse supervisors with whom I am in contact attest to this.  I assure you that this system, bigger than anything you can  imagine, will be on you before you know it, and you will be very sorry.  In fact, if you do not do everything in your power to stop and reverse this life and death controlling  law, you will one day pay for it with your life.

Cincopa WordPress plugin
Continue reading

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