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2nd-9th Feb 2012
2nd-9th April 2012

Special Offers

First 12 people that book an NLP Course get a Free iPAD

Be in the first 12 who book an NLP Practitioner Training and get an Free iPAD

To qualify for this offer, you need to:

  • Be in the first 12 persons that apply for a NLP Practitioner Course in 2012
  • Qualify for this course
  • Pay the full course ammount
  • Do the course and receive the free iPAD and Practitioner Certificate at the end of course.

NLP Training for Personal Development, Business & Coaching

NLP provides powerful personal development & business tools for those involved in HR, sales, management, coaching and therapy. You may ask yourself, before I book this course, "what will I learn and do NLP Scotland's courses include NLP certification & Hypnosis Certification"?

Firstly NLP can help to:

  • Identify, develop and implement long term success strategies
  • Create confidence in customers, colleagues and peers
  • Define and programme goals that guarantee success
  • Gain instant rapport and trust
  • Uncover customers' buying strategies and market preferences

NLP Scotland are a leading NLP Certification provider in the UK and for many brings new meaning to life or career.

What else do I get on this NLP course?

In addition to the pre-study you receive

  • 8 full days of training
  • Certification as an NLP Practitioner
  • 4 hours one-to-one coaching with a certified NLP Trainer
  • Learn additional skills in personal or business coaching
  • Extra master classes in online/website marketing
  • Free page on our own Google optimised website
  • This course comes with a full mentoring programme designed to fast-track your personal and career goals.

How can I learn more?

On the NLP Practitioner course you will learn tools and techniques that show you how to tap into your own inner resources to overcome life's obstacles and achieve personal growth. Telephone 07877 537 856 to find out more...

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