Energy Healing on a New Level

Tibetan Yogi

Tibetan Energy Healing is a system of ancient sacred energy technologies that work directly to correct 5-Element imbalances of Body and Mind.”

Why Energy Healing?

All the great medical systems of the past—of India, China, Greece, Rome, the Middle East, European Herbalism—naturally took the great truth of the 5 element energy healing as the basis of diagnosis and treatment. Particularly, the elemental secrets of ancient India, Persia and Mesopotamia were refined and perfected in the isolated valleys and snowy ranges of Tibet over a thousand year period. And while this precious knowledge faded from Western culture, the wisdom of the 5 Ways of Power and the inner meaning of the 5 elements was carefully preserved and transmitted.

… And Today

Now these practical teachings on healing body, mind and spirit are once again available to the modern world in a highly accessible form. This is the ultimate system for both self-healing and healing others. And while it can be used as a stand-alone approach, it also greatly increases the impact of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Shamanic healing and literally scores of other methods of working with the energies of body, mind and spirit.


Healing the Elemental Body

The Well Body

The fundamental basis of our physical form is the five elemental forces, and Tibetan energy healing works directly with these. From these underlying principles arises our vitality, our health and all our illnesses. Each element contributes to our health with its dynamic characteristics: the stability of Earth, the suppleness of Water, the mobility of Air, the warmth of Fire and the encompassing nature of Space. Their balance is the basis of health, longevity, immunity and vital strength on every level.

The Sick Body

The underlying basis of all illness is imbalances and distortions of the basic 5 Elements. The endless variety of diseases can all be helped by using a non-invasive approach that reinfuses the body and mind with the original strength and power of the elements. Using visualization, meditation and mantra, the original pattern of health and vitality can be reinstated.

Tibetan Energy Healing and Mind

Elemental Psychology

The template of the 5 elements is the basis of all mental phenomena, all emotions, all joy and all suffering. This fact makes it possible to understand the most intricate and subtle aspects of human motivation, actions and inner experience. It also allows the most direct and powerful transformation of human emotion, reinstating the original structure and purity of mind’s essence.

The Three Phases of Energy Healing

While all joy and positive qualities, such as fearlessness, compassion, love and strength arise from the mind’s elemental Power, all suffering, lack of confidence, inner vulnerability and depression stem from elemental Loss. And all negative motives, actions and characteristics arise from the distorted elemental Shadows. Power, Loss and Shadow are the basis of elemental psychology, and the key to our possibility for genuine inner freedom and wholeness.

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