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Paragon Space Development Corporation Joins SpaceX
Commercial Crew Development Team

Tucson, Arizona: June 16, 2011 – Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon) is proud to announce a place on the SpaceX Dragon team in support of their Commercial Crew Development Round 2 (CCDev2) Space Act Agreement with NASA.  Paragon joins the team as an Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) subject matter expert to assist in the maturation of the crewed SpaceX Dragon capsule, through the CCDev2 milestones. 

SpaceX was recently awarded a Space Act Agreement by NASA to accelerate the development and availability of commercial crew transport services to the International Space Station.  As part of this effort, the crew cabin and crew accommodations, including ECLSS, will be matured and technical risks associated with these critical subsystems will be retired. “Leveraging our successful CCDev1 effort, we are very pleased to join the SpaceX team to provide technical expertise and input into the development of the Dragon vehicle.” said Taber MacCallum, Chief Executive Officer of Paragon.  “Human commercial spaceflight is here and the SpaceX team is well poised to bring safe and efficient crew transport systems into reality.”

ABOUT PARAGON: Paragon is the premier provider of environmental controls for extreme and hazardous environments. We design, build, test and operate premier life support systems and leading thermal control products for astronauts, contaminated water divers, and other extreme environment adventurers, as well as for unmanned space and terrestrial applications.  Founded in 1993, Paragon is headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with additional offices in Houston, TX, Denver, CO and Washington, DC.


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